NFL finds no gambling policy violation on Gronk cruise


Conflicting information arose in the aftermath of Monday’s hearing in the case involving Tony Romo’s fantasy football convention regarding whether Rob Gronkowski’s recent cruise is under investigation by the league. Here’s the short-answer effort to harmonize the reports: Gronkowski’s cruise was under investigation, but the league found no violation of the gambling policy.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy tells PFT that the lawyer representing the league at the hearing made reference to testimony in Romo’s case that the NFL had informed the league and Gronkowski’s agent that the trip was being reviewed under the gambling policy. (The testimony, per a source with knowledge of the litigation, came from NFL executive Adolpho Birch.)

According to McCarthy, the league found no violation of the gambling policy.

Romo’s National Fantasy Football Convention recently made Gronkowksi’s cruise an issue in the litigation by pointing to the fact that the boat had a casino. Romo’s group contends that the NFL shut down the fantasy football convention because it was being held at a convention center owned by a Las Vegas casino.

The lawsuit pointed to other alleged inconsistencies regarding the application of the gambling policy. However, a judge granted the league’s motion for summary judgment on all but two of the claims. Romo’s group will appeal.

40 responses to “NFL finds no gambling policy violation on Gronk cruise

  1. It amazes me how consistently patriots skirt the rules and just barely get away with it. i wonder how much weight the “deflator” has lost

  2. Enough, please.
    How many articles have to be written, videos of Gronk dancing have to be watched, or podcasts heard about a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas without event?

    Why not bring Ted Wells back for a thorough investigation?

  3. Also, after an exhaustive investigation, the NFL still can’t decide on Johnny Manziel. There appears to NOT be enough to go on.

    Raise your hand if you think they ever really considered any violation for Gronk. Now go tell mom, you want your breakfast.

  4. Romo’s Fantasy Football Convention was entirely about gambling on the NFL. Gronk’s Party Cruise was about partying with a little gambling on games unrelated to football and the NFL like blackjack, texas hold-em, craps et al.

    Entirely different.

  5. Remember you are talking about Gronk here, Gambling would not be on his radar…..Partying, Dancing, Girls, etc(repeat 100 times) before gambling

  6. Gronkowski is pretty much the only redeeming feature of the entire Patriots franchise and network. You just can’t hate this guy. Hard worker, hard partier, a do gooder, doesn’t talk smack.

  7. Duh, Romo! That’s because the NFL’s no-gambling policy only covers sports (i.e., football and related), and not gambling in general. Even the anti-patriot NFL’s keystone-cop “investigators” could be expected to figure out that a mid-atlantic ship’s roulette hall, in the off-season, is not betting on any NFL games.

    But if the NFL had a policy against off-season drinking games…

  8. Romo’s main problem is trying to find some logic in the league’s decision making process.

  9. Romo is a RAT. Nice try loser. Gronk is smarter than he acts. Well, not really. But I guess his family is. International waters… Where Gronk can act like Gronk with impunity.

  10. There really isn’t much the NFL could do because the NY Jets have a team sanctioned cruise this month on Celebrity and there will (shocked!!!!) gambling aboard that Celebrity ship. Gronk probably did not get involved in any gambling related activities on board. He is also not a big spender, other than his partying.

  11. Would it be asking a lot for the NFL to have explained the difference between the two cases as to WHY one violated the policy and the other didn’t ? Maybe it’s like the Catch Rule…just a “judgement” thing…the NFL knows a policy violation when they see it…

  12. Odd thing was is Gronk wanted all the life rafts deflated a little below legal.

  13. The guys on Park Ave. don’t care about a cruise ship full of meatheads playing $5 blackjack and hustling octogenarians on the shuffleboard court.

    The Romo event was focused on Fantasy Football, and that’s what the league was “worried” about. It was just easier for them to use the excuse of a casino-owned convention center than to explain their real reason, which is cashing in on the fantasy sports market themselves. (They have to pay Goodall’s salary somehow)

  14. Man I miss football! This article sucks, even worse than the one of marshawn lunch riding a camel using bad English to describe it on social media… at least they aren’t talking politics I suppose

  15. Woah woah… Giving up so soon? How about some investigating? Some expensive litigation? Yeah you’ve got the text messages, but what about the phone of the other guy receiving the text message? Maybe they say two different things? How are we supposed to even understand what a casino is without a multi-million dollar scientific study and report edited in secret by Jeff Pash?

    What’s the world coming to??

  16. I would give anything for a short clip with Douglas C. Neidermeyer, Sergeant at Arms, describing “more than two dozen reports of individual acts of perversion SOOO profound and disgusting that decorum prohibits listing them here” as part of the League’s investigation into the Gronkowski family cruise.

  17. But, but, but wait a sec here. I thought the NFL was on a witch hunt to destroy the Patriots. What gives?

    On an unrelated note, Brady extends contract another 10 years in hopes of breaking all Peyton Manning records. Sad.

  18. You know there were drugs, cheating at the blackjack tables, stolen nautical charts, deflation in the swimming pool, under the table payoffs at the dance contests. Where is Ted Wells? Goodell being in the Patiots back pocket just looked the other way.

  19. I was just on a cruise.

    There is no sports gambling. A few blackjack tables, some slots, a couple roulette wheels.

    Nothing sports related.

  20. By the way the “deflator” has lost about 50 lbs…no Kidding, it was about weight all the time.

  21. jchipwood says:
    Mar 1, 2016 6:23 AM
    Of course they didnt. Goodell and Kraft were probably celebrating their 9th year of cheating together on the ship.

    44 years and counting since the Dolphins were relevant

  22. 44 years and counting since the Dolphins were relevant

    How relevant were they to you in week 17? No home fraud advantage to cheat your way to more titles. It’s ovha!

  23. If all the players were held to a “no gambling” rule then that would mean they could never go to Vegas, Atlantic City, etc. and play cards or slot machines. GET REAL!!

  24. Surprised the NFL didn’t ask Grigson or Pash to hide a FB card under Gronk’s pillow.

  25. “Attending legally operated casinos and horse or dog racing tracks and wagering on casino games or races on personal time is not prohibited by this policy.”
    — Clip from the NFL Gambling Policy.

    As an athlete or employee if your betting has nothing to do with sports then you are fine. Kinda ironic since a bunch of NFL partners have Fan Duel sponsorship but this is Goodell and all logic and reason need not apply.

    Move along folks, nothing to see here. 🙂

  26. In reality, it was … NFL unable to fabricate gambling policy violation on Gronk cruise.

  27. “Kinda ironic since a bunch of NFL partners have Fan Duel sponsorship ”

    Sponsorship ? Wrong, those sites are outright owned by the NFL. And that shadow ownership leads to billions more in profits they are hiding while continuing to try and extort stadiums from cities and states.

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