Rams use their franchise tag on Trumaine Johnson

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The Rams have made their decision between their free agent cornerbacks.

And they picked the one with the agent at the moment.

According to Albert Breer of the NFL Network, the Rams have chosen to use the franchise tag on Trumaine Johnson, guaranteeing him $13.952 million as soon as he signs. They can still do a long-term deal between now and July 15.

That means they didn’t elect to use it on Janoris Jenkins, a process made more complicated when Jenkins fired his agent over the weekend, leaving him in negotiation limbo.

Johnson is the bigger player of the two, and apparently they deemed him tougher to replace, since Jenkins is now free to test the market.

13 responses to “Rams use their franchise tag on Trumaine Johnson

  1. Jenkins is gone. Someone will overpay him. Good young CBs rarely make it to free agency. If the Rams didn’t have to tag Johnson they probably would have tagged Jenkins.

    I’m predicting the Titans with a back-loaded deal around 5 yrs $60 million.

  2. Great move, in my opinion we picked the right one.

    PS Everyone forgets about EJ Gaines, who was the actually the best corner of the three back in 2014 (although Tru was hurt)

  3. EJ Gaines is a playmaker, the Rams didn’t need all three of those guys (except that they have a pretty rough injury history at cornerback).

    But those cap dollars are badly needed elsewhere.

  4. Jenkins is as good as gone. Up until a few days ago the thought pained me….but then he said “disrespected by the lowball” offer by the Rams of 5 years and 45 million. If that is his attitude then good riddance. He is supremely talented and last year he was pretty close to being a lock down CB but the fans of whatever team he picks better pray he doesn’t go back to his old ways of going for the “big play” and biting on every double move. Trumaine Johnson is the smarter player of the 2 and as other posters alluded to EJ Gaines is more than capable to step in provided he is healthy. The money they were going to spend on Jenkins can now partially be put towards locking down Mark Barron at LB.

  5. Wow, disrespected. $45 million…disrespected. Think about that when you write your check for season tickets.

  6. 3 points… #1 the rams drafted jenks when his baggage was very scary, (he finished his football career in college at alabama state after being tossed from florida) #2 while gaines probably would be as good the rams still need a 3rd CB due to all the sub packages and so many slot guys to cover in the league) so he should still be on the rams radar. and #3 with regard to disrespect 45 mil for 5 years may be a bit of a low ball but that is how negotiating is done if the rams were willing to go 5 yrs and 50 mil should that have been their first offer?

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