Report: No Peyton Manning decision this week


The Denver Post may have to re-re-revise its report regarding Peyton Manning’s retirement announcement.

With the Post changing but then doubling down on the report that Manning will announce his retirement this week, removing and then re-inserting an assertion from Woody Paige that two unnamed sources have said the announcement is indeed coming, James Palmer of NFL Media reports that Manning’s decision should not be expected this week.

Palmer also says that Manning will meet with both G.M. John Elway and coach Gary Kubiak later this week.

As it relates to Manning’s future with the Broncos, there’s really not much to discuss. They surely don’t want him back at $19 million, and there’s a chance they don’t want him back under any salary, preferring instead to hand the offense to Brock Osweiler. But Denver is committed to showing extreme respect and deference to a guy who rescued the franchise four years ago from Tim Tebow and ultimately delivered two Super Bowl appearances and the team’s third Lombardi Trophy, albeit without doing all that much to earn it in 2015.

The Broncos need to clear Manning off the roster by the close of business on Tuesday, March 8, in order to avoid his $19 million salary becoming fully guaranteed. Manning’s slow pace of resolving his position on whether he’ll play could mean that Manning will request a release in lieu of retiring, so that he can consider other options elsewhere, now or later in the offseason.

If other teams are interested, they’re keeping their cards close to the vest. Four weeks ago, a report emerged that the Rams could be interested in Manning. Since then, there has been no report or speculation of any other team wanting to add Manning for what would be both a debut season and, most likely, a farewell tour.

30 responses to “Report: No Peyton Manning decision this week

  1. This OVER RATED,,EGO,,still coming down off an HGH rush,,,is going to milke this until 3:59 PM on Tuesday the 8th,,,so he can make all the cameras “look at me”
    It probably fries his ass that Brady just got a new contract!!

  2. Read my comment from the last post. He’ll never voluntarily retire, the lure of $$$ is too great. He’ll force them to cut him before he gives up that salary.

    And if anyone does pay him for next year, he’ll be “injured” and sit on the bench and collect the cash. Actually, he’ll probably off doing a commercial to rehab.

  3. Another record Peyton will break of Brett Farve’s: drama queen.

    Had lots of respect for this man and enjoyed watching him play for many years, but he has stuck around too long. I can’t help believing if he had retired when he should have and not selfishly stretched out his tenure for his own stats, none of the allegations that have permanently tainted his legacy would have surfaced.

    I’ll never look at you the same again, Peyton.

  4. Say it already Peyton. Your career is looking more like a circus now than the greatness you earned.

  5. This somehow worse than Favre to me even though the whole Favre retirement bs lasted yrs. This is just annoying, it’d be one thing if he could still play.

  6. If he were retiring, he would have done it by now. This is about his ego. He’ll force the Broncos to release him and then run a reality TV like search for his next team. Watch. This is where it’s headed.

  7. They would be nuts to keep him on the roster. Dump the salary, deal with the fallout. Come week 4, no one in Denver will care about Paycheck Manning, especially if they’re 3-1 or better. Spend money on the defense that won a SB.

  8. If he was being fare he would announce his retirement and let them move on. He doesn’t fit what Denver wants to do. He doesn’t have to file his paperwork. He can do that when he’s ready. But putting everyone else on hold out of pettiness or trying to make them look bad by cutting him makes him look bad.

  9. Get it over with Manning then Brady can take the next three years to take over the all time Passing Yards (4600 yards/year needed), Passing TDs (37 TDs/year needed), Completed Passes (449 completions/year needed) and of course the all time Wins records (15 wins to take over the regular season record and 06 wins needed to take over the combined regular season & playoffs wins record).

    It’s just a matter of time before your records fall to the Greatest Of All Time… Mr. Tom Brady!

  10. Typical Manning. Drama Queen. It’s always been about him – taking more of the salary cap so the team was injured unlike others of his generation. What a spotlight lover! He’s trying to take the record from Farve.

  11. It is amazing to me that people don’t realize upper management lies all the time. You have to take anything they say with a grain of salt. Are they showing respect to Manning, or would they like the extra time to check out all of their options (Kap, RG3, etc.). I think if they wanted Brock, he would be signed. They may sign him later if they can’t do better, but do know this, upper management lies just about every time they move their lips and this applies to all corporations.

  12. Oh goody. The doping sexual predator/academic fraudster soap opera can continue a little longer. The idiot is just dreading being out of the spotlight and dragging this out as long as possible.

  13. Brady will need to play a lot longer to break Manning’s passing and TD records. Which means Manning’s records will look more impressive since he achieved them in a shorter timeframe.

  14. So sick of hearing about what a class act [Peyton Manning] is. I punked that guy when he was in college at [Tennessee]. In 20-whateve, my buddies and I went to [Memphis, TN?] to watch our [Pick a useless Division II team] play his [Vols]. After the game, we were hanging out at a bar when this clown showed up, started acting like he owned the place, and said he was going to “whoop on everyone” in our group for not giving him “respect”. Him being whatever height & lbs. and me 6’6″ 250 lbs. I confronted him and changed his attitude very quickly. I’m just glad my friend deleted the video before he sent it to anybody, out it on social media… “:^)>

  15. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    Mar 1, 2016 11:29 AM

    Brady will need to play a lot longer to break Manning’s passing and TD records. Which means Manning’s records will look more impressive since he achieved them in a shorter timeframe.
    Since Pay-a-ton has played 3 years longer than Brady has to date, Brady will have them before his current contract expires. That’s only 1 year longer than Pay-a-ton. Brady will have the all-time total Wins record next season, barring unforseen circumstances, should have the regular season wins record if not next season then certainly in 2017.

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