Rishard Matthews doesn’t want to be lower than a No. 2 receiver

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In February, word out of Miami was that the Dolphins were talking to wide receiver Rishard Matthews about a contract that would keep him from hitting the market as an unrestricted free agent next week.

During an interview on WQAM with Joe Rose and Curtis Stevenson on Tuesday, Matthews confirmed that he’s been talking to the team and that he thinks the team’s direction with a new coaching staff “sounds good.” He adds that he’s “excited” about hitting free agency, however, and explained what he’s looking to get out of the process.

“Opportunity,” Matthews said. “Wherever I go, I’m competing to get on the field right away. I don’t want to be looked at as a guy that’s anything less than a 2. Wherever the opportunity is, that’s where I’m going.”

That could be an obstacle to his return to Miami. The Dolphins drafted Jarvis Landry and DeVante Parker early in the last two drafts and also traded for Kenny Stills last year, which probably doesn’t guarantee Matthews the kind of placement on the depth chart that he’d like heading into next season. There’s no guarantee the open market will bring such a role either, but it’s a pretty thin receiver group at the top end in free agency and that may serve Matthews well.

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  1. I think he proved himself last year. He proved he is a solid #3 and should get paid accordingly. On a lot of Teams he could be a #2. The Dolphins have holes everywhere except WR. I would love him to stay, but don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Matt Hazel is drooling for the opportunity you had last year.

  2. Dumb mindset. With the way offenses throw the ball there really is no such thing as a #1, 2 or 3 receiver. Those guys are on the field most plays. Miami overused Landry IMHO, and threw way too many balls short of the LOS. Matthews finally looked good last year. Before that he had some flashes but was often not where he was supposed to be. Add in his poor attitude and you see why he didn’t get on the field much before 2015. I believe Matthews, Parker, Landry and Stills could be a very potent WR group as long as none of them diva and want the glory. Holding Philbin’s tendencies against the fins is a dumb thing for him to do. Based on his comments, he is still immature and could easily become a distraction. I would like the Dolphins to keep him but if he wants too much cash or personal glory then do not even bother.

  3. Does not matter who is coaching Dolphins…as long as the team owned by Ross and run by Tanny….they will fail….period.

  4. Not this again. C’mon Landry is the slot you and Parker are the sides. It can be a terrific trio.

    Don’t make demands and cause distractions. The team has other needs just make your way back on it.

  5. Not going to happen with Landry and with Parker coming on at the end of last season. He is good though, solid #2 guy. I think Carolina should get him paired with Benjamin, that would be a good pair for Cam to overthrow.

  6. I don’t blame him. He wants an opportunity. Plenty of players just care about the zeroes. Not everyone focuses on the impact.

    What team wouldn’t want a player to have that mindset?

  7. Matthews definitely better than Hazel but there’s only so much you can do. He wants that opportunity. Landry and Parker are above him on the depth chart. Stills is equal but has a completely different skill set. So Rishard is not going to be full time as a third receiver. He can get that elsewhere easily.

  8. There was a lot of hype around Hazel last training camp. I would like to see what he can do. Nobody thought Matthews would be productive until he got the chance to show it. He had plenty of catches before he got hurt. It’s not like he was rarely used.

  9. Kid has proven himself as a legit #2. Non MIA fans would know this if he had any QB but Tannehill throwing to him. He’s the perfect guy for ATL, NE, HOU and BAL (lots of others too) and he’s capable of catching 70 balls for 1000 yards assuming he gets a better QB (hard not to since RT is bottom 1/3 in the league).

  10. This was the guy to franchise tag not Oliver. 8th pick you get low cost DE rookie and go pay Oliver to stay with him, Suh, and the new rookie DE and rotate Wake.

  11. Wasn’t he Kapernick’s guy at Nevada? And doesn’t Kap need some help in SF?

  12. I actually think he’d be a good fit as the number 1 receiver in Green Bay. He has all the qualities that Ted “another draft bust” Thompson thought he was getting with “feet for hands” Adams. But it’s far-fetched that he’d land there.

    That cheap-o Thompson will have to loosen his grip on his checkbook. It will take serious guaranteed money for a receiver to risk a career altering injury jumping for a pass that’s 20 yards off the mark. But no matter how much money, I don’t think that’s a smart risk to take for such a young career.

  13. It amazes me how people hate on this guy for asking for a better opportunity and tell him to put the team before himself.
    This is the NFL and a business, the “team first” mindset does not exist in the offseason for pending free agents.

  14. smarterfootball says:
    Mar 2, 2016 8:02 AM

    It amazes me how people hate on this guy for asking for a better opportunity and tell him to put the team before himself.
    This is the NFL and a business, the “team first” mindset does not exist in the offseason for pending free agents.

    In this guys case his higher income position to the other WR is not a need. And there are many other needs. If that was not the case and there was competition I would side with that. And he already pulled that card last season to get to where he is now.

    It would be best for him to be a team player to get into a loaded receiving roster for the betterment of the team. There should be enough to go around. He found that out last season after he threaten to walk.

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