Thomas Davis back in the weight room after breaking arm

Getty Images

After the Super Bowl, Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis shared a picture of his swollen, stitched-up right arm to show the “amazing job” that medical personnel did to get him back on the field a week after he broke his arm in the NFC championship game.

Davis was at a charity basketball game last Friday and David Newton of ESPN reports that the swelling in his arm has gone down considerably while the stitches are barely visible. Davis’ recovery hasn’t been just superficial as he told Newton that he’s already back in the weight room working toward a full return for next season.

“It’s a 6-8 week healing process. I’m going through it right now, but I’m also starting back working out,” Davis said. “We’re behind everybody else in that sense. I look at Instagram to see a lot of other guys working out and I really can’t stand it. I know we were told to take some time off, rest your bodies up. For me I can’t sit down a long time. It’s right back at it, right back to work. I can do some things with it. I can’t lift a whole lot of heavy weights. I’m just taking advantage of what I can do with it right now.”

That timeline creates little doubt that Davis will be ready to go for the Panthers’ offseason work and training camp, which may make Luke Kuechly’s recovery from shoulder surgery the most pressing health issue at linebacker in Carolina as the offseason progresses.