Broncos raising ticket prices for fifth straight season

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The Broncos assured that linebacker Von Miller will be making a lot of money in 2016 on Tuesday by using a franchise tag on the impending free agent that will pay him more than $14 million if the two sides can’t agree to a long-term deal that will guarantee him even more.

They also moved to ensure that the team itself will be taking in even more money in the year to come. For the fifth straight season, the Broncos will be raising season ticket prices. The increase will be $3 per ticket or an average of 3.05 percent, which will bump the average price of a ticket to a Broncos game to $101.49.

“We feel like the value proposition is fair to the fans. We want to continue to drive revenue to compete on the field and enhance the fan experience,” Broncos’ senior vice president of business operations Mac Freeman said, via the Denver Post. “The secondary market continues to give us real clarity into the true value and demand for our tickets. Tickets are sold at an average of two to three times their face value on the secondary market.”

The Broncos will be dropping the prices of preseason games with tickets that used to go for $50-180 going for $27-$93 as they join other teams in charging less for tickets to games populated by the soon to be unemployed.

13 responses to “Broncos raising ticket prices for fifth straight season

  1. Did he basically just say that since scalpers sell their tickets for 2-3 x face value that they should raise prices? Nice sound reasoning and a really nice thing to do to your fans after you’ve already done it four years in a row. I used to live in CO and I was just in Denver a couple weeks ago and it’s becoming a very unaffordable place to live. Soon it’s going to be like the Bay Area. The traffic congestion and sheer number of hipsters is sickening.

  2. More money to cheat the salary cap with!

    3 tainted SB “wins.” ***

    Dirtiest franchise in NFL history! Rabid Donkey fan working as a replay official refuses to overturn an obvious catch. The next play was the fumble. That was the turning point of the game!

  3. Games will still sell out. But I for one have not gone to a game for years. Football is now a watch the game from home sport. Can get some food, put your feet up and not worry about over priced crappy food and waiting in long lines.

  4. I don’t want to hear about “competetive product on the field.” in 2014 the salary cap was $133 million. Teams got $226 million from tv revenue. So if not one fan showed up, the teams made $100 million dollars. but you’re gonna shove $3 a ticket in the name of a “competetive product on the field?”

    Just say you want more. At least that’s honest. Jesus…

  5. How do you take your kids to a game at a hundo per seat? If you bring your wife your looking at $500 at the least. You will have to start saving on the 4th of July

  6. This is just one more example of the corporate culture that’s beating the crap out of America every year. Yeah these are the guys who need huge tax breaks too, and you’re a tool if you really think that. I won’t be going to any games unless I win free tickets from a radio station.

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