Ozzie Newsome: Ravens’ success is on Joe Flacco’s shoulders

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Why did the Ravens commit to quarterback Joe Flacco for three more years and another $66.4 million? Because they believe he’s the reason they’re a successful franchise.

Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome said at a press conference today announcing Flacco’s big new contract that the Ravens believe they owe a huge share of their success to Flacco.

“On his shoulders stands the success of this organization over the last eight years,” Newsome said. “Having Joe for the next six years, I think his best football is ahead of him. Some of the better quarterbacks in the league played their best football in their 30s.”

Flacco won a Super Bowl MVP award with the Ravens, but he has had some down years, including a mediocre season last year before he was lost to a season-ending injury. But Ravens coach John Harbaugh said he thinks the 31-year-old Flacco’s best days are ahead of him.

“I believe it’s only going to get better because of how hard he works,” Harbaugh said.

The Ravens are investing the kind of money into Flacco that suggests they think he’ll lead them to another Super Bowl.

45 responses to “Ozzie Newsome: Ravens’ success is on Joe Flacco’s shoulders

  1. The ravens are 15-17 in the last 2 years.

    I guess the standard for a successful franchise in Baltimore is a little bit different (lower) than other places.

  2. Translation?

    My drafts have sucked since 2010, we lose players left and right due to cap hell, so I am doubling down and putting more pressure on Flacco because I lost all of my leverage for not paying Flacco before 2013, originally.


  3. too bad he doesnt have Boldin to save his jumpshots anymore.
    he got lucky in the playoffs, and now you see what you got.
    Gonna be some sad years coming up for the Ratbirds.

  4. If they really believed that, they would have properly paid him $50 million a year instead of going cheap. Flacco should be insulted.

  5. Joe Flacco is very good, but.. he is not elite. Hopefully he can bounce back after injury, and have a good year. I just don’t know if Flacco is the kind of player that makes others around him better.

  6. Ozzie is a genius. This is why we win championships.

  7. Just looking at the Ravens win v loss record from last season, you would think the Ravens were garbage…but if you truly watched the games you would know the Ravens were let down continually by the Defense late in every game. Every fan base will support a winner and Flacco is the QB the Ravens want and believe in…He does have the resume to show he can hold up the Lombardi.

  8. Who else on the team can you put it on? Flacco is really the only established leader on the team other than Suggs, and you’re not putting all your eggs in that basket.

  9. Baltimore fan here…not excited about throwing so much money at flacco. I know I know, he’s good, and he’s the reason we won a SB, but Oz has had really bad luck the last 5 years w/signing players to big deals who can’t stay healthy and have an impact on the field…this would be the ultimate poison pill if he fails and we are on the hook for 6 years of wasted cap dollars. Kinda wish we let the whole thing go, started Mallet or someone else, and spent the money on players who can actually make it on to the field.

  10. I am by no means a Ravens fan, but Flacco has earned my respect. I remember laughing out loud during the prime-time interview, where he said “I want to get paid the most because I believe I am the best” (paraphrasing here). Then he went out and played lights out in the Super Bowl. Trash talk doesn’t bother me if it is backed up by action.

  11. Guess what Clowns…. Joe and Ozzie don’t care what you have to say because all they know how to do is win. with the exception of Brady Joe is just as good as any other qb in the league if you care to win on the field and not fantasy.

  12. Ozzie is a genius. This is why we win championships.

    Not lately. Off season you win every year… Regular season every ten to twelve years. Ozzie was good once…. Like Kodak cameras.

  13. Flacco won a Super Bowl MVP award with the Ravens, but he has had some down years, including a mediocre season last year …


    Usual argument in support of Flacco is that he’s constrained by the system around him and/or the receiving corps that he’s had to work with over the years. Fair enough.

    Only problem is that argument, or some variant of it, is starting to come up every year now. At some point, if you’re not going to put the blame on Flacco, then you have to put it on the staff (including Newsome and Harbaugh) who are responsible for the system or personnel that are supposedly limiting him.

  14. Yes, it is a lot of money. Yes, it is probably too much. As a Ravens fan I am not going to sit here and call out Ozzie and the franchise who have spoiled us, and apparently everyone else around the NFL, with so many winning seasons and the winning culture we have in Baltimore. There are one or two teams who have had the kind of consistent success we have had since 2000 and they don’t even seem to be the ones hating. Everyone else, I guess just hate on….

    Flacco has a lot to prove when he gets back from injury and I hope he is up to the task. I have watched us win a lot of games with him at the helm and hope to watch a lot more. We have lost a few hall of famers in recent history and will lose another one or two moving forward, we can handle it. We have our QB, a couple solid O-Line pieces and a young stud MLB. Lets build around them. I believe that has worked for us before….

  15. This locks in for the next 5 years, when cap numbers will rise dramatically (b/c of the revenue added in after NFLPA won vs NFL in arbitration). He’s going to be a bargain in years 3-5, while being fairly compensated in years 1 & 2.

    If the D improves, mostly in the secondary, this is a playoff & perhaps championship level team.

    In week 1, Steve Smith dropped a game winning TD pass at Denver & on the next play Flacco threw a pick (where the DB nearly tackled the tight end & a blatant DPI call was missed) & the game ended. They lost by a couple points (with 2-3 close opportunities to win it) to the eventual Super Bowl champs in an away game. This team isn’t as bad as non-Ravens fans think it is.

    Harbs/Flacco have been together 8 years. 6 playoffs appearances, 3-4 AFCC games, 1 SB win with an 8-8 & injury ravaged 5-11 as the down seasons. Consistency wins in this league & this deal provides 5 more years of it.

  16. Joe Flacco has more Super Bowl rings than Tony Romo, Philip Rivers, Matt Ryan, Carson Palmer, Cam Newton, Matt Stafford, and Andrew Luck….combined.

  17. Heck, go even further down the road (Car,Atl,NO,Jax,Ten,TB,Mia,NYJ,NYG,Buf) and think about the fan bases that would kill for record we have over the last 20 years…

    Yes I stopped at NY on purpose… don’t like them, but you have to respect what they have done up there.

  18. The Ravens won’t win anything until they rebuild that D. Flacco might be a pretty good QB, but he can not regularly win shoot outs and carry a team…

  19. Worst GM in football period! Ozzie has singlehandedly made your team the laughing stock of the NFL… keep being clowns hahaha just can’t help but laugh at this mess so great!

  20. mmmpierogi says:
    Mar 2, 2016 3:02 PM
    Usual argument in support of Flacco is that he’s constrained by the system around him and/or the receiving corps that he’s had to work with over the years. Fair enough.
    The past 5 seasons, he has had Anquan Boldin, Torrey Smith, or Steve Smith Sr.

    Those are VERY good WRs granted most of them arent with the team anymore and are up there in age but 2 of them may be argued as HOFers, there are QBs out there doing more with less like Russell Wilson, who would LOVE to throw to someone as talented as them, or atleast a TRUE No.1 WR…

    I respect how the Ravens tried to bring Flacco along, they went and got good WRs that can help him develop when he was young, and hopefully he can turn the corner and make the WRs better one day. He needs to show that NOW… he is 31 and the QBs that usually have the abiity to make players around them better usualy start showing before then.

  21. Cousins 19.5 Million, Bradford 18 Million, Flacco 20.8 million (average).

    If that is the going price, I think they had no choice but to pay Flacco. How can you risk having to pay a guy like Cousins.

    Teams with mediocre QBs may want to take their chances in the draft every year on QBs until they find the right one instead of paying a guy like Cousins.

  22. Ozzie should know what a top QB looks like after catching passes from Bernie Kosar in one of the Raven’s previous heydays.

  23. Hey, Johnny Manziel, pay attention and you could get rich. put the bottle down son and pick up a playbook.

  24. All the pieces are falling into place. Championships are won this way.

  25. Go back in time to after their Super Bowl win and playoff run…

    So many on this site and others were saying how great Flacco was, how he got paid what he deserved etc…

    Some of us said he wasn’t elite and that he was overpaid on his new deal he got after that playoff run.

    The comments are almost all in agreement and unison that while he’s good, he’s not elite and this wasn’t a good decision by the Ravens.

    Well, it wasn’t a good decision last time either but the majority said it was…

    The same applies to Eli Manning too. He’s good, but he’s not elite.

    Teams win Super Bowls.

  26. I’m wondering if Ozzie shouldn’t have been in the concussion protocol at about the time negotiations were going on…. and the subsequent comments.

    This is Anti-Ozzie. Maybe it works out for them?

  27. He is great, he just needs help….the Ravens coaching staff & FO have failed to protect him

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