Report: Buccaneers won’t tender linebacker Danny Lansanah

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Linebacker Danny Lansanah is one of four players who are restricted free agents for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

But despite started 22 games over the last two seasons, the Buccaneers are not expected to tender Lansanah a contract before the start of free agency, per Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times. Lansanah being non-tendered effectively makes him an unrestricted free agent that can sign with any team once the new league year begins on March 9.

Restricted free agents can be tendered contracts at three different levels – a first-round, second-round or original round/right of first refusal tender. Each level comes with a specific contract amount and the right to match any offer extended by another team in free agency. If a player leaves after signing an offer sheet, the former team would be entitled to possible compensation.

None of that will factor in with Lansanah not being tendered by the Buccaneers. They would still be free to sign him an unrestricted free agent.

Lansanah compiled 137 tackles, 2.5 sacks, three interceptions and a forced fumble in the last two seasons with Tampa Bay.

8 responses to “Report: Buccaneers won’t tender linebacker Danny Lansanah

  1. Guy was a UDFA, so not sure how the original round tender would work there; he was never drafted to begin with, so I guess right of first refusal is probably just a generally low amount.

    He’s not a great player, he’s functional, and he didn’t really “start” last year; he was the third LB on a team that ran a lot of nickel, and he played maybe a third of the plays. He had some splash plays, but, outside of a few big moments, didn’t really stand out. Still, he seemed good enough to keep around on the cheap for depth if nothing else, so I’m kind of surprised he’s not getting retained at all.

  2. Just read an old feature about him online. UDFA with the Packers who blew his chance by letting it get to his head. Played in the UFL. Sucked it up and took a 9-5 job in his hometown working with kids. Lightning struck and he got a chance after 3 years out of the league and took advantage of it. I’ll root for this guy to get another chance, absolutely. He went to UConn. His old coach just got signed by Detroit to do… something. Maybe he could end up there.

  3. I guess reporting facts like what linebacker position he plays is old school. Who watches the bucs really. Thanks for the article.

  4. Poor Tampa Bay..What can one say? This sorry franchise has a history of doing wrong things. Now, they are about to let one of their most valuable assets..RB Martin get away. WHY? Because they are..cheapo’s! They hired am near all Ex ATL Falcon coaching staff to replace Lovie Smith and will probably sign washed up ex-falcon Roddy White. That same coaching staff could not get it done in ATL. They give hired coaches 2 yrs to win then fire them. To hell with building a team. That concept is foreign to them.What makes the Bucs think they will get it done with ex ATL staff there? They have virtually no pass rush and a QB who is good but has to throw zillions of yards just to cover a Sorry A..Defense. Sad man…truly Sad.

  5. That same coaching staff had success in Atlanta until the end.

    And the Bucs ain’t cheap. They’ve spent out the nose for years. They just haven’t spent wisely.

    But you just go ahead and underestimate them. That way it will hurt more later.

  6. Tampa Bay has nice young core developing (granted they still have a long way to go), but a huge issue for them the last few years has been building depth. This guy could’ve brought some depth.

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