Several teams, including Cowboys, in play for Adam Jones


There’s been plenty of talk in the past day or so about the Cowboys possibly making a play for cornerback Adam Jones, who spent a season in Dallas earlier in his career. And, yes, the Cowboys are in play for a reunion. But other teams are, too.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Cowboys, Raiders, Dolphins, Vikings, and Browns also are in the mix for Jones. The Bengals likewise hope to retain him.

Jones has spent six seasons with the Bengals. He heads to free agency after his first career Pro Bowl berth. In 2014, he was the first-team All-Pro kick returner.

During a Tuesday appearance on PFT Live, Jones said he expects the Bengals to turn their attention to trying to get him re-signed soon. He added that his agent already is hearing from teams that would be interested in signing Jones, if he doesn’t return to Cincinnati.

He’s admitting that tampering is happening. But here’s a shocker: Tampering is happening. It has been, and it will be. It’s a way of life in the NFL, and it allows everyone to know what a player’s options are before he signs a contract.

39 responses to “Several teams, including Cowboys, in play for Adam Jones

  1. LOL! Meet your team leaders: Hardy, Gregory & PacMan!

    Why does Romo even want to return to this joke of a franchise?

  2. Dallas would be an interesting destination. Adam Jones going up against Odell Beckham twice a year would be outstanding to watch.

  3. cowboysallday says:
    Mar 2, 2016 12:36 PM

    If he’s smart he’ll follow zimmer to the Vikings.
    If he’s like most he’ll follow the money.

  4. LOL….he’ll fit right in with Hardy and Gregory. How predictable that Dallas would chase this guy. They probably won’t be able to sign him though. They probably won’t have the cap space to afford what he’s likely going to be asking.

  5. Something else to consider. He had an All-Pro year last year and coincidentally it was a contract year. Any team that gives him a contract for more than a few years will likely get the “Make it rain” Pacman because there will be no motivation for him to pretend to try to control himself.

  6. Goodell’s first target was Pac-Man 10 years ago. The fact that Jones is still around proves one thing: We watch the game to see the players, not the commissioner.

  7. ebdug says:
    Mar 2, 2016 1:24 PM
    Goodell’s first target was Pac-Man 10 years ago. The fact that Jones is still around proves one thing: We watch the game to see the players, not the commissioner.

    I think Odell Thurman was one of the first people to feel the burn of the awesomeness that is Roger Gooddell, it’s a shame because he was a heck of a player.

  8. Other than the boneheaded penalty at the end of the steelers playoff game, Adam jones has been a top notch corner, with no off the field incidents For a long time.

    He’s a good punt returner, and has a few years left in him.

  9. If he wants to win it would be the Vikings, but not sure if he’ll fit in the locker room. Zimmer would be the only coach to get him under control.

  10. Tough to imagine him in Oakland after the way he went after A. Cooper week 1 last season.

  11. The Jones family just loves signing these head cases. Didn’t they see Pacman give the game away with a stupid penalty? No way the kick is good 15 yards back and the refs knew that this was the game and his conduct was so egregious that they called it anyway. After just earning a #4 pick in the draft with a disastrous season, they want another huge problem?

  12. bigugly2005 says:
    Mar 2, 2016 2:21 PM

    …and Tom Landry rolls over in his grave again. The stain of Jerrah continues to tarnish the Star of the Cowboys.


    Tom Landry wouldn’t care and would probably be laughing. After the disgraceful way that Jones treated him, Landry became a fan of the rival NY Giants for the remainder of his life.

  13. Does he mind doing returns? Is that something he would want to keep doing? The Fins have been looking for a returner and a match for Grimes. Also the ties to Gase.

    There is hub bub that the Cowboys have an interest for Vernon who got more sacks last season than Greg Hardy and Randy Gregory combined. Maybe a 3 team trade?

  14. Per a source with knowledge? Obviously that source doesn’t have enough knowledge to know that the Raiders have ZERO tolerance for domestic violence issues. Remember Greg Hardy? “Raiders would be a great landing place for him.” They wouldn’t touch him. Not happening. In case you need to educate yourself on why, look up the story of Fred Biletnikoff’s daughter. Zero tolerance.

  15. No one seems to be noting that Zimmer, a coach with a history specifically in defensive backs, was Joneses coach for 4 years with the Bengals. If anything, I’d think Zimmer would have the most sway over Jones if the Vikes really want Jones.

    Though we can improve on our corner game still, we feel we already have the right pieces in place. What we need is another great safety. So unless Jones can make that conversion so late in his career (and considering his behavioral history) I also don’t believe the Vikings will try too hard to get him. But, if there is any one coach that could keep Jones under control – AND get him to sign – it would be Zimmer.

    And if Zimmer signs him, I trust Zimmer to get him to produce and keep his crap under control.

  16. Plus you don’t need to do too much convincing to show him that the Vikings are a winning team with a real chance. We improve that line and get a shiny new wide receiver in the draft – ooooh baby!

  17. as bad as the Raiders need CB/DB I would never want them to sign this idiot.

    The Raiders finally have a good thing going, bringing in a guy like this would be a step backwards, and would only hurt any young talent who might think this idiot is worth listening to.

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