Shaun Draughn staying with 49ers on a one-year deal

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Shaun Draughn filled in reasonably well for the 49ers last year, so they decided to give the project another shot.

According to Adam Schefter of, the 49ers have brought Draughn back on a one-year deal.

Signed last November after a rash of injuries, he started six games late in the year, and had a reasonably productive time for a fill-in (3.5 yards per carry).

He’s bounced all over the league in his career, spending time with the Chiefs, Ravens, Bears, Browns, Chargers and Browns again. But this offseason, he gets to stay put.

7 responses to “Shaun Draughn staying with 49ers on a one-year deal

  1. number1hawkfan says:
    Mar 2, 2016 8:50 PM
    The final piece of the puzzle is in place. Nobody has it better??


    Posts on almost every article about the 49ers. Even the most trivial ones about who the 9ers signed as the Tight End coach’s assistant to the assistant or the re-signing of a journeyman RB for peanuts who played fairly well as a fifth string fill.

    Who’s got waaay too much time on their hands??

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