Tom Coughlin on departure: “Do I agree with the move? Of course not”

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No matter how the Giants worded it, it’s clear that former coach Tom Coughlin was pushed out the door.

And it’s equally clear he wasn’t thrilled about it.

During and interview with Jay Mohr on FOX Sports Radio, Coughlin admitted he wasn’t ready to leave coaching after 20 years, the last 12 of them in New York.

Hey, do I agree with the move? Of course not,” Coughlin said, via the New York Daily News. “It hurts. It hurts. Former is not a good word. I don’t like the word but that’s the way it is.”

But he did dispute the notion that he snubbed owner John Mara as he walked out of his farewell press conference brusquely, saying he simply walks out of farewell press conferences brusquely.

“I did not snub Mr. Mara if that’s what you’re insinuating,” Coughlin said. “That’s the way I leave press conferences. Why should I hang around to answer one more less-than-glamorous question?”

He spoke of his looking for other work, saying after an interview with the Eagles “it did not materialize.” But after he was hanging around the Combine as a member of the league’s Madden committee, Coughlin certainly gives the impression of a man who wants to coach again.

41 responses to “Tom Coughlin on departure: “Do I agree with the move? Of course not”

  1. Of course he snubbed Mara, he walked right past him when the guy was expecting some sort of hand shake or something like that. Coughlin didn’t even bother to look at him. Not sure what that has to do with him refusing to answer one more question.

    That said his reaction is perfectly understandable and there was no need for Mara to try to paint this “we’re all professionals, let’s shake hands and get out of here, good luck and hopefully you don’t stay unemployed for too long” crap. They shouldn’t have put Coughlin in that situation where he has to act for the cameras like everything is fine.

  2. Wait, are you saying Mara is sleazy?
    The NFL should give the Giants an extra home game and take $36 million from the Redskins and Cowboys to make up for their hurt feelings.

  3. So the Eagles fail to sign the over the hill coach that no one else wants. Ended up signing the younger coach that no one else wanted. Resigned the QB that determined the Eagles were the only ones stupid enough to give him that much money.

    I liked that they resigned the young talented players but everything else has been a head scratcher.

    They are going ultraconservative after the failed Chip Kelly experiment. Not going to make waves, not going to take a chance on anyone or anything. Bland is the word of the day and bold has been removed from their vocabulary.

  4. Maybe you shouldn’t have turned down the Eagles job. Good luck with retirement.

  5. take $36 million from the Redskins and Cowboys to make up for their hurt feelings.


    Honestly, still the most mind-boggling penalty I’ve ever seen. Saints & Pats fans can argue all you want but the Redskins & Cowboys literally did not break any rules & were penalized heavily.

    -Not a Cowboys/Redskins fan.

  6. It isn’t a “snub” to spurn the fake (purely for the cameras) nicety of someone who just sacked you out of your 8yr, 2 SB, HC job! It looks like a snub from Coughlin, yes – and I’m sure Mara wanted it to look exactly that way – but it isn’t really a snub because you can’t snub someone who is in reality already snubbing you.

  7. “Ornery old SOB whose best days have past him by

    He is a coach whos best players he used to have are no longer with the team. successful coaches best days are never in the past unless they have alzheimers,if they dont have really good players they wont win and that has been this coaches problem for a long time.

  8. 7-9, 6-10, 6-10 … with several of those losses directly attributable to poor game day decisions. He was fired for poor performance.

  9. Coughlin is like a lot of politicians: They just don’t know when to go home.

  10. Well I, for one, will be a little sad not to see Coach Coughlin with his school marm stance on the sidelines twice a year. Seems like a good man.

  11. As a Giant fan, I was upset about TC being fired!
    Might be better off in the long run for him, because I see the Giants going down hill in the foreseeable future.
    Tom can then say, see, I was the best you had!

  12. Tom should be pissed, I would be if the GM too a 2-time SB winning team and gutted it with poor talent evaluation. You can only coach so much out of bad talent – Coughlin got the most out of we had. Reese should have been dumped, not Coughlin.

  13. He won 2 super bowls against the Patriots as an underdog no less and with Eli at the helm.

    No other coach has won 2 super bowls lately (besides belicheck ).

    And you fire him?

    Thank you……

    – pats nation

  14. Mara is one of the worst NFL owners. He basically inherited the job. Did no hard work of his own.

  15. boobsanders says: Of course he snubbed Mara, he walked right past him when the guy was expecting some sort of hand shake or something like that.

    That was classic. Good for Coughlin too.

    Not only does Mara have bad judgement on Coughlin, he apparently still supports Goodell, despite the fact that the owners own rule says the Commissioner “shall be a person of unquestioned integrity”

    When the NFL offices and owners themselves are corrupt and unfair, we have to be very concerned about the future of the game

  16. “Honestly, still the most mind-boggling penalty I’ve ever seen. ”

    It wasn’t any sort of penalty. They just had to apply the money they paid to their cap like every other team in the NFL. They tried to cheat … got stopped … and then pretended it was some sort of penalty.

  17. You were a horrible coach for the majority of the last 7-8 years.

    The players were not disciplined and the players were not healthy. People say the coach can’t stop injuries, but they’re in charge of these things. That means even simple things like managing practices weren’t done correctly.

    Many teams would love to have Eli Manning for the last 5 years, even current Manning. Odell Beckham is an elite receiver. The defense has a lot of talented parts, it is Coughlin’s fault it couldn’t gel. He’s had multiple coordinators and been in the war room on draft night. That blame is on him.

    You were lucky to last this long. Just shut up and appreciate the fact that the New England Patriots played two of their worst games at the worst possible time and you have Super Bowl rings.

  18. and what did the Giants gain??? Not much in my opinion. Change would have meant a complete clean slate of coaches instead of selecting an over rated assistant!

  19. Not a Giants fan, but this guy should already have a new job. Plenty of teams could use him.

  20. Listen I love TC. I truly do but it was clear to me from the mistakes in game one that he just lost that special touch. I don’t know if McAdoo is gonna be better at it or not but Tom’s magic was gone.

  21. Ageism is the last acceptable form of prejudice in American no matter what party you align with. You cannot buy the kind of experience and wealth of knowledge that an older person has acquired. When that knowledge is inside a body that hasn’t started shutting down – and they still have a burning passion to work – you can’t find value like that anywhere.

    People these days think that just because they have a crazy old, uneducated uncle who can’t even turn on his computer, that all older people are that way. That’s more a reflection on the ignorance of younger people than the incompetence of the senior.

    If Coughlin still wants to coach, he would do a damn sight better job than that guy now in San Fran with the little boy nickname.

  22. Lost a lot of respect for him during that Carolina game where he refused to bench Beckham. For a coach who has been known as a disciplinarian, by-the-book kind of coach, that was a sign of the years that have eroded the man. I wish him all of the luck in the world but even the great ones lose their edge…

  23. kevinlawrencecantor says:
    Mar 2, 2016 10:10 AM
    The defense has a lot of talented parts, it is Coughlin’s fault it couldn’t gel.

    That D had next to nothing for talent. That TC is gone and Reese is still there is ridiculous. Reese’s pieces deserve the lion’s share of the blame not TC’s coaching. That said, given the lack of discipline the team displayed all too often it was probably time to move on. Sometimes even the best of coaches get tuned out by players, it happens a lot more readily on losing teams without enough talent though.

  24. I like Coughlin’s personality and no nonsense style, but was the full body of work of his tenure really that good where Giants fans should be too upset with a fresh start? Things broke right for the Giants during those two SB seasons, and that can never be taken away, but seems to me that there were a fair amount of mediocre years outside of those championship seasons.

  25. Respect him and think he shouldve been hired by the Eagles, but alas, H Roseman in that way as always.

    But I’d love to think of an “old guys” coaching staff. Let’s get this thing started!

  26. I understand the only 2 years they made the playoffs they went all the way and I get that. 2 magical runs. Could have been maybe three until Plax shot himself. But the record speaks for itself.
    That first game vs Dallas was every indication of what the season was. Winning late and then blowing the game. But I blame a lot on the losses on the defense too. They were horrible and that didn’t help TC either. But Reese should have been gone too.

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