Jermaine Kearse isn’t planning on returning to Seahawks

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In January, wide receiver and Lakewood, Washington native Jermaine Kearse said that he wouldn’t give a hometown discount to the Seahawks in free agency.

Kearse said he has “put in too much hard work” to do that in what will likely be his best opportunity to strike a big deal on the open market. The Seahawks have been the only team that Kearse can talk since that point and it appears that any conversations they might have had didn’t convince Kearse that they’d meet the price he could earn on the open market.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Kearse is not planning on being back with the Seahawks for the 2016 season and that he’s “looking forward” to finding a new team. Kearse had 49 catches for 685 yards and five touchdowns for the Seahawks last season, which marked career highs for a player who signed with the Seahawks as an undrafted free agent in 2012.

With Alshon Jeffery franchised, there’s not a lot of star power in this year’s free agent wide receiver class. Kearse ranks fifth among wideouts and 73rd overall on PFT’s list of the top 100 free agents.

The Seahawks have Doug Baldwin, Tyler Lockett, Kevin Smith, Kasen Williams and Paul Richardson under contract at receiver among players who caught a pass for the team last season.

34 responses to “Jermaine Kearse isn’t planning on returning to Seahawks

  1. not awesome – he doesn’t get much separation, but he’s tough, sometimes pretty clutch, and has been on the field for all of the big battles over the last few years. no joy in losing him, if that’s in fact what happens.

    salary cap blues.

  2. Time for Williams, McNeil, Smith, fuller, and Richardson to get a shot. Don’t be surprised if the hawks draft a reciever first early as well.

  3. Nothing wrong with that. Already part of a SB winning team that should of been a 2x SB winning team as there is no reason for that slant on 2nd & goal with 25 seconds left but I digress (eagles fan btw), he’s made won a superbowl which is the highest point you can get WHILE playing.

    Time to try to make that money and cash in. Once in a lifetime opportunity after all.

  4. Thanks J. Kearse, but you know what they say, the grass is always greener near the septic tank…
    stick it to your next team- don’t see you doing much better than last season…

  5. He deserves a look at the market and not one hard feeling with his solid business-like approach……..I hope he does well.

    If nothing develops that he likes, I hope he comes back as the #4 WR…….Yes, I said #4…..that’s because I want the Seahawks to find another WR that is better than him and Baldwin and Lockett are #1/#2……

  6. Too many teams have money to burn…somebody will overpay for him.

    He’s made some clutch catches for the Seahawks, but I think they’ll be able to replace his 3 catch – 43 yds (per game average).

    Good luck Kearse, got get your big payday.

  7. Hard working guy, so happy for him he gets a chance at big money. I won’t be surprised at all if he puts up 8 TD 800 yds in the right offense.

    Seattle will always be run first and young Mr. Lockett is a star who has risen. There was nothing wrong with Jermaine this season, just not enough touches left for him.

  8. Nobody is going to over pay for Kearse, nobody. Still wish him the best of luck. I do not hold one thing against any player trying to get the most they can get.

  9. I’ll miss the big plays he made at crucial times as a Hawk, but let’s be real…he isn’t worth the 4 mil price tag being rumored. I wish him the best but won’t miss him not fighting for jump balls that turned in to picks.

  10. The guy made some huge plays for the Hawks when they needed it most. Richardson will be back and hopefully retain the speed he flashed before his injury, plus Baldwin, lockett, graham… I think Hawks will be fine, but I am not happy he’s gone if that’s how the rock tumbles.

    Good luck Mr. Kearse. You deserve it.

  11. He is an adequate WR, no more no less. He is at best a 2 or 3. Somebody will probably overpay him but on a decent team he would be the QB’s 3rd or 4th choice.

  12. Lol no one gives hometown discounts anymore. People need to stop with that nonsense.

  13. Yeah good luck finding another QB who will go to you in the endzone with time running out in the 4th, knowing full well that your 4 previous targets that went for INTs.

    You think i’m making this up… playoff game vs GB

  14. Not a great receiver by any means, but he has more career playoff touchdowns than Terrell Owens. The guy balls out when it matters.

    I wish you well Mr. Kearse.

  15. He’s made some very clutch catches, and fights hard for the ball.

    He’s spent his entire football life in Washington State. He’s still prety young. Go get paid for whatever you feel happy with. This might be your only opportunity to make decent, to pretty damn good money, by NFL standards.

    Thanks for the memories at UW and the Seahawks.
    Happy trails and best of luck!

  16. Decent receiver. Too inconsistent, His drop near the ten yard line in the fourth quarter of SB 49 when the Hawks were up 10 was a dagger. You can say all you want about Bevell’s terrible play call and Wilson’s bad pass, but if Kearse does his job and catches a ball place perfectly into his hands, game never comes down to THE PLAY. Hope he does well for himself.

  17. whiteybulgersson says:

    Come to New England and win a ring with Tom Brady.
    Or, stay in Seattle and win 3 more rings with 27 year-old Russell Wilson.

  18. He can thank Tyler Lockett.

    If Paul Richardson can stay healthy there are going to be a lotta Wilson bombs dropping because nobody is going to be able to cover all three receivers. Too much speed.

  19. As a Seahawks and UW Huskies fan, I like Kearse. As a football fan, why does everyone talk about him like he isn’t just a third or fourth wide receiver? He never was the Seahawks #1 and their receiving corps has been pedestrian for years. Excited to see Lockette get more touches as a result!

    I don’t see big money in his future.

  20. Kearse is totally clutch.
    BUUUUUUT, 49 catches and less than 700 yards doesn’t smell too fresh when playing for a 4000 yard passer.
    If Kearse isn’t with the Seahawks next season, it is because the Seahawks do not need him, not that they got out bidded.
    I love Kearse. He is part of the Team. He was a huge part in both Super Bowl Runs and especially the one win.
    But, as a fan, I have to put team in front of player.

  21. Kearse is a #3 or #4 WR on any other team that doesn’t have garbage WR’s like the Seahawks. He’ll end up being surprised at how much he doesn’t make in FA.

    He should know that there is a minimum base salary in the NFL and he couldn’t give a discount from that if he even wanted to.

  22. I like Kearse and don’t blame him one bit for trying to get as much money as he can, when he can. He can be clutch, but he benefits from Wilson’s scrambling abilities more than anybody. He’s too slow to consistently beat corners and a good chunk of his catches and yards come from broken plays. I definitely wish him the best, he’s a solid #3 or 4 receiver. I hope for him that he gets it but if anybody pays him 4mil/year they’ll likely be overpaying.

  23. Kearse has been clutch in many big games and even his Super Bowl catch which often gets forgotten is one of the greatest catches in the playoffs.

    That being said, he disappears weeks at a time and struggles to get separation. Partly I believe it was play calling because Doug Baldwin (one of NFL best route runners) had the similar stretches early in the year.

    Paul Richardson – its time to shine or time to be labelled a bust. It feels like Deon Butler all over again for me.

  24. I’m not sure how much he’s thinking he’s worth when his best season is being tied for 74th in the league in number of catches, and 56th in number of yards. His 5 TDs was tied for 42nd in the league.

    One would think he’d be grateful for the opportunity that Seattle gave him, considering he was an UFA. But good luck to him.

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