Jerry Jones tells Gil Brandt he’s not taking a quarterback at No. 4


It’s clear that the Cowboys need to draft another quarterback, especially if they want to create the kind of Brett Favre-Aaron Rodgers handoff that owner Jerry Jones dreams of.

But if they’re picking one this year, it may not be with their first pick.

Tucked into a story about developmental prospects at the position, Gil Brandt of offered a revealing nugget of information about their plans, alluding to a conversation with Jones.

“Jerry told me recently that he will unequivocally not take a quarterback at No. 4, where the Cowboys draft this year,” Brandt wrote. “I believe him.”

Brandt’s long-standing history with the Cowboys gives him a unique viewpoint on their dealings. And his position with the league’s own network when it comes to all things draft makes him a useful bullhorn with which Jones can broadcast that information.

It’s easy to talk about using a second- or third-rounder on a guy and stashing him for a few years and hoping he turns into Tony Romo for a clean baton pass later, but harder to pull that trick off. The thing about the Favre-Rodgers transition was that the Packers had to be willing to bypass immediate need in 2005 for a player talented enough to make it go smoothly down the road.

It’s also easy to look at the Cowboys roster, and see more holes that could be filled with the fourth overall pick, which makes such a pick a bit of a luxury in the short-term.

At least until Romo breaks a collarbone again, and the Cowboys are faced with another lost season like the last one, when they may wish they’d have used a high pick on a quarterback when they had one to use.

40 responses to “Jerry Jones tells Gil Brandt he’s not taking a quarterback at No. 4

  1. and of course what any GM/Owner/Coach says about their draft plans can be unequivocally accepted as gospel this time of year.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t intend to take a QB @ #4 based solely on their evaluation of the ‘big 3’ QBs as not meriting the 4th pick.

  2. The difference is that Rodgers was taken at 24, not 4. Had the Packers been picking that high, they might have chosen Demarcus Ware, or some other player instead of the luxury pick of a QB they assumed would be sitting for a few years.

  3. I guess Jerry won’t be telling Gil any more secrets, or maybe he was just using Brandt to spread false rumors. But considering Tony Romo wasn’t even drafted, the Cowboys know that you can find good QBs after the first round. Just think about Jerry Jones for a minute and one particular QB comes to mind. I know who he’s going to draft, but unlike Brandt, I’m not going to gives away Jerry’s secrets. But it shouldn’t shock anybody.

  4. Jerrah is the worst GM in the league. He doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. The Cowboys need a QB badly but he doesn’t even realize it. What a joke.

  5. There is no QB worth drafting in the 1st round this year..this is a QB class that is being built up just like the gabert locker and ponder draft and you see were those clowns are now

  6. Let’s not forget the Packers got Rodgers in the 20’s after a free fall. They didn’t grab him at 4. Stop pretending they were prescient when they were really just opportunistic.

  7. I don’t think it’s fair to use that Farve-Rodgers comparison considering the fact that at the time when that occurred, the Packers had a championship with Farve, and they were most successful at that point, where taking a player like Rodgers was a luxury that they could afford….

    Fast forward to the Cowboys today, Romo has not made it to a Conference Championship game let alone a superbowl, he has dealt with some debilitating injuries, and the team around him, with the exception of the 2014 season, has not been able to carry enough of a load to allow Romo to be an asset. He has carried this franchise for years, in the mist of all of our mess, and I think it would be a slap in the face to say hey Romo, let’s take a quarterback with our 4th pick, oh and still try to make us a superbowl contending team, with a high investment in a quarterback we don’t plan on using for the next 3-4 years.

    Look at the Broncos for example, the right free agent moves, along with the right drafting, will allow for a better overall team for the Cowboys to help them get the superbowl they have been hoping for.

  8. Take any information you get before the draft with a grain of salt. Things are leaked all the time with the intent to throw off other teams. That said, I hope they don’t take a QB. There are so many other needs on defense.

  9. hes going to take either jack or bosa when he should be taking jalen ramsey!!!!!!

  10. He was 2014 nfl executive of the year..he has 3 super rings..he has the #1 valuable team in the nfl..he is far from stupid..injuries cost dallas last year and a poor call cost them the year b4..that was a catch..only people who dont watch football call jerry jones stupid

  11. This from the owner that wanted to waste a 1st on Johnny Manziel when everyone but the Browns had the good sense to stay away.

  12. Dallas needs a young quarterback who will develop into a star–Romo is on the decline. Dallas should take a quarterback at #4 only if they feel he has that potential.

  13. I’m thinking it will be Bosa. I’m hoping Ramsey falls to the Jags at 5 but that’s looking less and less likely the closer we get.

  14. laxer37 says:
    Mar 3, 2016 9:42 AM
    This from the owner that wanted to waste a 1st on Johnny Manziel when everyone but the Browns had the good sense to stay away.

    0 0

    He drafted zach martin instead..was is the best guard in football..such a hater its funny

  15. Patriots bandwagon fans your rock bottom is coming soon ..but it wont matter cause all of you will find another front runner to claim has been your team since birth..

  16. Darin Gantt at it again. How would taking a QB 4th overall help avoid a “lost season” if Romo gets hurt again. A rookie QB is no more likely to get the job done than a veteran Brandon Weeden or Matt Cassel. Dallas needs an IMMEDIATE backup upgrade no matter what, and NO DRAFT PICK this year is going to get that job done. So, draft someone to develop (aka not in the 1st round) and sign a solid backup.

  17. it’s a top-five pick
    your current QB’s health is dicey.
    your current QB’s age is… getting up there.

    Take. A. Quarterback. Jerry.

    You can go back to being stupid with the rest of your picks.

  18. Jerry is going to move up to number one and pick Wentz right under the Browns noses you heard it here first

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