Kirk Cousins has the NFL’s second-highest base salary


NFL free agents usually prefer not to get the franchise tag. But Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins couldn’t wait to sign it.

That’s because Cousins figured a one-year guaranteed base salary of $19.95 million was an awfully good deal. And it is: Cousins has the second-highest base salary in the entire NFL this season, second only to the $23.485 million base salary for Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. If Suh restructures his contract, as some expect him to do, Cousins will have the highest base salary in the league.

Cousins’ cap hit is the same as his base salary, and on that scale he ranks 12th in the NFL, behind Suh, Calvin Johnson and nine other quarterbacks. (Some of these numbers will change; Peyton Manning’s cap hit is currently slated to be $21.5 million, but when he retires or the Broncos cut him, his dead cap will be only $2.5 million.)

For Cousins, the franchise tag is a pretty good deal. After only one season as a starter, he’s getting paid a million and a quarter dollars a game. And next year, he either gets a long-term deal, becomes an unrestricted free agent or gets the franchise tag again, which would guarantee him a base salary of at least $23.94 million next year. Cousins is doing well for himself.

22 responses to “Kirk Cousins has the NFL’s second-highest base salary

  1. After this and Flacoo, those Rodgers and Wilson deals are looking mighty good (Brady too but everyone knew it at the time).

  2. Since Cousins has the highest QB salary…then what “salary” does the NFL use to calculate the franchise tag?….cap hit?…average annual salary?…

  3. Any of you guys watch “Seinfeld”?

    Ever see the one where Jerry is in “bizarro world”

    Kirk Cousins has the NFL’s second highest base salary.

    We are in bizarro world.

  4. Holy crap people it’s a one year deal franchise tag, they even state in the article his cap hit is 12th in the league. Least the skins have a qb, which is more than half the league can say.

    “If you don’t have a quarterback you’re looking for one” -Pat Kirwin

  5. And over the course of last season he was a top 5 qb so what’s the problem? Jump Ball Joe was barely top 20 before he got hurt and look at him now.

    oh wait, it’s just MDS stirring the pot again because he doesn’t like the name Redskins even though he’s hella white.

  6. Of course he signed it.

    Set for life if you’re smart and frugal and he is both.

    Under the worst of circumstances (career ending injury) he will be 28 y/o with approx. 12 million in the bank, give or take a few.

  7. I realize this is a franchise tag situation, but still there is something fitting about a Danny Snyder team paying a salary that is not exactly commensurate with actual performance.

  8. It will be that much sweeter when the NFL breaks him, and the Redskins settle comfortably into last place.

  9. $1,250,000 per game is insane when you put it that way!
    Especially when they won a grand total of 0 games against teams with winning records. We shall see if the $20 mil man can live up to his salary with a first place schedule this season.

  10. The Skins have only themselves to blame for getting forced into this situation. Cousins has more failures, terrible performances in games than he does good ones. No way he’s proven worthy of this type of contract.

  11. Kirk Cousins 2015:

    29 TDs 11 INTs 4166 YDS 101.6 QBR

    Aaron Rodgers 2015:

    31 TDs 8 INTs 3821 YDS 92.7 QBR

    Peyton Manning in his fourth year:

    26 TDs 23 INTs 4131 YDS 84.1 QBR

    Not saying he’s Rodgers or Manning…yet. But the numbers don’t lie.

  12. If Cousins gets $20 mill per year, then Rodgers should get $40 million, at least.

  13. Help me out here. 4th rounder that sat on the bench watching RGIII get the story and the glory. After the fall, he is asked to come in and save the team when he wasn’t told until after training camp he would be starting and had not practiced with 1st team. Made minimum NFL salary for 4 years and would have become a free agent without franchise tag. 20 mil? Hellyea!

  14. winskins says:
    Mar 3, 2016 11:20 AM
    Kirk Cousins 2015:

    29 TDs 11 INTs 4166 YDS 101.6 QBR

    Aaron Rodgers 2015:

    31 TDs 8 INTs 3821 YDS 92.7 QBR

    Peyton Manning in his fourth year:

    26 TDs 23 INTs 4131 YDS 84.1 QBR

    Not saying he’s Rodgers or Manning…yet. But the numbers don’t lie.

    Numbers don’t lie but they do mislead.
    Kirk Cousins never has had a victory against a playoff caliber team. Not just last year but his entire career. Kirk played anextra soft schedule last compared to Rodgers and Manning. Fluff can inflate stats but plays win games. Rodgers beat the Redskins with far less offensive weapons. His best reciever, Jordy was on IR. The Packers secondary played back ups. No Mr. Shields. And Peyton is at the end of his career. And always remember, 2 of the 3 qbs you mentioned have Super Bowl rings. Don’t ever put Kirk in the same sentence with these guys ever again.

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