Owens fires back – just via Twitter – at Marvin Harrison


First, newly elected Hall of Fame wide receiver Marvin Harrison had some sharp words for Terrell Owens. Then, Owens took to Twitter with a pretty sharp comeback.

Shots fired,” Owens wrote atop a tweet that quoted Harrison Thursday afternoon, adding some fancy laughter emojis for effect.

Kids these days.

It’s pretty clear that Owens was making an oblique reference to Harrison’s alleged involvement in two Philadelphia shootings, and possibly the incident during which someone shot at Harrison last year. Owens has almost 1.5 million Twitter followers.

In a recent and rare interview, Harrison said he wasn’t at all concerned about Owens’ gripes regarding last month’s Hall of Fame vote — or anything else — and said Owens “can talk all that other bulls— like he’s been doing. That’s on him. But I’m in. My jacket is gold. I will look in the rear view for nobody.

“So he can get his ass in whenever he gets in…if he gets in. If he doesn’t get in, too bad. The hell with him.”

Amazing that people regard wide receivers as divas, isn’t it?

53 responses to “Owens fires back – just via Twitter – at Marvin Harrison

  1. Owens belongs in the Hall, bad attitudes have nothing to do with performance, like him or hate him, he was a very, very good WR…

  2. So one guy is an idiot on the field and in the locker room, and the other guy is an idiot during the off-season. I agree with the HOF voters on this one.

  3. Harrison couldn’t hold TO’s jock.

    Cotton candy WR who owes half his numbers to PM and the other half to Bill Polian’s rule changes. I don’t care for the diva stuff, but I watched TO singlehandedly keep his team in a super bowl with a broken leg. Plus he never shot anyone.

  4. Owens played two more seasons than harrison yet still did more with mess catches. In fact his last two seasons meant nothing.

  5. Marvin Harrison was a product of Peyton Manning, playing in a system that overinflated his statline. For all his warts, T.O. was a self-made WR who made the QBs he played with better than they would have been without him (minus his mouth, which everyone could have done without).

  6. Nothing against TO, but if someone more respectable than Marvin Harrison had said what he did re: Owens and the HoF, then everyone would have been agreeing with him.

    Also, being a cancer in the locker room or having a bad attitude might not have anything to do with performance, but considerations about one’s leadership does (or should) factor into HoF considerations. Kind of hard to be a leader when you’re constantly complaining or trying to make every situation about you.

  7. Dont be surprised if someone takes some shots a Owens in the near future….Harrison is a bad and terrible human being, human life means nothing to him…..he is Aaron Hernandez that didn’t get caught…..yet…….

  8. T.O. was a 1st ballot hall of famer and the powers that be got it wrong all because of his “antics”…truly sad. he’ll get in next yr tho

  9. If TO had Manning as his QB WHOA …look at the QBs Owens had to deal w/ besides an old Steve Young.

    I would take TO in his prime over the Wide eyed harrison.

  10. TO is being stupid….Wide outs don’t get into the hall 1st ballot, easy to understand…Ask Carter, Brown, Risen…Moss wont get in qst time either

  11. If the Hall voters are going to keep T.O. out for “behavioral” issues in the locker room, on field, off the field…

    …Why the heck didn’t they consider all the dark, dark clouds that surround Marvin Harrison’s past, with alleged criminal activities that are far, far more terrifying than anything TO has ever said or done?

  12. Neither one has any class. They both could learn something from Edelman, Amendola, or any current Patriots receiver. All classy guys.

  13. To say Marvin was a “Product of Peyton is dumb…. Marvin was a beast. I would take Marvin or Reggie Wayne over TO. Class acts compared to TO. Always put the team before themselves too. Marvin is right there with Jerry rice for receptions.

  14. Google this

    “Again, Hall of Fame Snubs and Insults”

    and this

    “What Separates Players? First-Ballot HOF or not?”

    Owens not a 1st ballot player

  15. If TO had Manning as his QB WHOA …look at the QBs Owens had to deal w/ besides an old Steve Young.


    It’s unlikely that Manning would have put up with TO’s crap for very long (no one else did). Besides Young, TO played with Romo, Donovan McNabb, Frank Garcia, Carson Palmer. Not Peyton Manning…but not bad.

  16. Harrison’s statement: Bitter, angry, weird, defensive.

    Owens’s statement: Clever, sharp, cool.

    Owens is the better receiver, too.

  17. Zac Jackson said: “Amazing that people regard wide receivers as divas, isn’t it?”

    You would have to search NFL films for a long time to find evidence of Marvin Harrison as a diva. You won’t find a dance, or a chest thump, and when he scored he just handed the ball to the referee. Owens, well, enough said.

    All of this other stuff about killing a man, well, says you!

  18. First, TO should be in the HOF along with Harrison in my opinion.

    Second regarding Peyton to Harrison…Owens didn’t have an all time great as his QB, but he didn’t have Danny Kannell either. He had an old Young, Jeff Garcia, McNabb, and Romo. None of them all timers (other than Young) but all really good at one point in their careers. His numbers would be a little better with Peyton. Not as much as most people are making it out to be.

  19. Many people are talking about T.O.’s bad and selfish attitude as a good reason to keep him from being a 1st ballot HOF but no one wants to mention Harrison’s off the field stuff (Peyton wins again) but yet he still gets in. That’s a slippery slope that could have the PF HOF turning into the Baseball HOF aka the Moral HOF

    I think 9 out of 10 people would take T.O. over Harrison without hesitation and it’s not even debatable.

  20. HOF are for players with the Stats to get in. But then you have the media who will attack players because their feelings were hurt. So what’s the penalty? Deny them getting in initially, but the Stats will eventually get them in. But TO was Gifted but a pain in the A** :/ That should have nothing to do with getting into the HOF.

  21. Marvin Harrison was never a diva but he was a huge prick. In the entirety of his career he almost never talked to the media; I mean, who does that–besides Lynch? Grow up. Loved him as a player, but a loser off the field.

  22. Never a TO fan but truth be that as a Giants fan the guy scared me to death, something Harrison never did. Attitude trumps talent on this vote. Hope you get in next time TO. You deserve it.

  23. I missed it when Harrison was convicted or acquitted of murder charges. Accused, yes but convicted or acquitted? No, it didn’t happen.

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