Peyton Manning says he’s given no thought to post-football life


Broncos (for now) quarterback Peyton Manning is thinking about retirement. But he isn’t thinking about what he’ll do after retirement.

Manning, the subject of much “Will he or won’t he?” speculation over the last week, shed no light on whether he will retire when he spoke in Jacksonville on Wednesday night. He did say, however, that he hasn’t a clue what he’ll do next.

“It’s hard to say,” Manning said. “I think the one reason I’ve enjoyed my current job so much is I’ve been all in on it. I have not thought much about anything else beside the job that I was currently employed to do. I understand we’re closer to that point in time now, but I felt like I owed it to the teams that I played for, I owed it to my teammates, my coaches, to the fans, that I was 100 percent all in on this current job. When that stops then I’ll kind of move to plan B.”

Manning will have plenty of opportunities. He could go into coaching or working as a team executive, and he’d be highly sought after as a TV analyst. He won’t be hard up looking for work.

The job he has now, however, remains quarterback for the Broncos. He’ll only have five more days in that job before the Broncos need to cut bait on his $19 million 2016 salary, and he sounds like a guy who won’t have his mind made up by then.

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  1. Manning is screwing with you guys. He knows exactly what he is going to do but is one of those people who keeps his options open as long as possible. It is in his interest to retire as a free agent rather than on the Denver roster. That way, if he decides to unretire, he can go anywhere he would like. So he will wait until the Broncos cut him and then retire.

  2. EGO,,,and a big mellon head..he is furious that Brady got another contract and he didn’ he would rather look like some pathetic has been for another year or two…SB had the lowest offensive output by the winning team in the HISTORY (50 yrs) of the Superbowl..194 yards of offense..
    Game was a snooze fest as opposed to SB 49..DRAMA till the last 21 seconds!!

  3. Don’t know what he will do??? Maybe high voice Peyton should consider some commercial opportunities. How about another Budweiser beer and a Papa John pizza, humming the Nationwide jingle as you watch TV on your phone. Or you could just drop your pants and head into the moonlight.
    Chicken parm you taste so good…

  4. I get it — it’s really hard to say goodbye to the only career you’ve been super passionate about. I get it.

    But, if you can’t see that you were given an absolutely gift-wrapped perfect storybook ending… if you can’t see that a terrific defense is the only reason you were saved from an otherwise disaster of a season…

    If you don’t feel the HGH and sexual assault scandals hovering around your once pristine legacy like vultures…

    Then maybe you deserve the embarrassment of a 2016 season that will include getting cut by the Broncos, more and more legacy-tainting scandal exposure, signing somewhere dumb like the LA Rams, and awful on field play that (ironically) could only be saved by PEDs

    Please, just retire Peyton

  5. This is because he has no desire to retire, he still thinks he can play because for whatever reason the Bronco’s insisted that last season’s bad performance was injury related and not due to the fact that he is over the hill. The Bronco’s will cut him and some desperate team will sign him for next season. sad but true.

  6. Brady>Manning no matter how many years Manning plays. Brady will always be the better QB. Brady has always done more with less. Maybe when they both retire they can have one of those flag football games and Brady will still be better.

  7. Why would he retire and just give up all that money? He’s definitely gonna wait for the Broncos to cut him.

  8. Well when he’s cut and NO TEAMS call him maybe then he’ll realize it’s over.


    ridiculous, if the Broncos cut him, he’ll have a job as a starter the same day

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