Report: Dolphins restructuring Koa Misi’s contract

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There’s been talk about the Dolphins restructuring defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh’s contract in order to create more cap space to use this offseason and it looks like he’ll have some company should that come to pass

Alex Marvez of FOX Sports reports that the Dolphins are close to an agreement on a revised contract with linebacker Koa Misi. Misi has two years left on the four-year deal he signed with the team in 2013.

Misi is set to make $4.275 million in base salary in 2016 and $4.175 million in 2017. There’s no word on whether Misi would be converting money to a signing bonus to spread out the cap hit or if it will be a straight pay cut. If the Dolphins released Misi, they would get over $3.7 million of cap space.

Misi started all 11 games he played last season and made 78 tackles. He’s started 70 games overall for the Dolphins since joining the team as a second-round pick in 2010.

16 responses to “Report: Dolphins restructuring Koa Misi’s contract

  1. Koa is very underrated. He has played with injuries the past 2 seasons. However, he is capable of playing much better. Happy to see him renegotiating rather than getting cut.

  2. “It better be a hell of a pay cut, this guy is mediocre”

    You’ll be saying the same think about the Suh contract in the near future.

  3. It better be a hell of a pay cut, this guy is mediocre

    Could have said that about Suh last year.

  4. Good player and good locker room presence. A restructure makes sense. get it done and keep this guy…then draft another LB with our first rounder. Misi is not a bad Mike. Jenkins lines up and is best at will. Draft a stud Sam that can stuff the run. Then the D would be in business.

  5. Not sure what to think about Misi. He’s hurt a lot and when he plays he tends to disappear at times during the game or will make an average play like a tackle a rb for a 3 yard gain.

  6. I almost wish Miami would reconsider and not restructure Suh’s deal. If they get through this season the rest of the contract is tolerable. We will be rebuilding anyways so why not get it out of the way instead of kicking the can a bit further down the road?

  7. He seems likes a smart boy able to keep his mouth shut. If I was Ross I would offer him a nice package when he retires and take a team friendly restructure just like Krafty does with his boys.

  8. I have fallen off the bandwagon on him. And don’t like it no sir. He seems mediocre at best. And you can find the same talent almost anywhere.

    Those trolling on Shu should look up his ratings before posting and making yourselves look like uneducated dolts.

  9. In all honesty he is a depth player. None of our freaking LBs can make game changing plays, even behind the dline in the beginning of the year when they were healthy.

  10. His best quality is not being terrible. It better have been a paycut, as doing more of the same clearly isn’t working. “Ok” is not good enough and they need to start getting rid of guys like him and taking chances on younger players that haven’t had a chance to show what they can do.

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