Sam Bradford: “Huge relief” to remain with Eagles

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Quarterback Sam Bradford made the move from the Rams to the Eagles last offseason, but he said Thursday that he had no desire to head to another team this offseason.

Bradford won’t be moving on after signing a two-year deal with the Eagles this week. Bradford said at a press conference to discuss the deal that there was “never been a moment I haven’t enjoyed it here” and that he told agent Tom Condon early on that he wanted to remain in Philadelphia.

“This is where I wanted to be,” Bradford said, via “I wanted to be back here. I knew that. To finally get it done, to know I was going to be back here and not have to worry about anything else, it was a huge relief.”

Bradford said he wasn’t concerned about the span of the deal because he feels that his contract “will take care of itself” if he continues to play the way he did at the end of last season. The Eagles have changed coaching staffs since then, but that he likes what he’s heard from new coach Doug Pederson and called it “a huge advantage” to be heading into the offseason without any health issues that will keep him from focusing on the offense.

That upswing in the second half was the latest change in fortunes for Bradford in a career filled with them. The deal he signed with the Eagles is a bet that he’ll be able to hold onto that form and break that cycle once and for all.

14 responses to “Sam Bradford: “Huge relief” to remain with Eagles

  1. I’m sure it was a huge relief that someone would give him a truckload of money for an oft-injured, mediocre QB. Since it’s a two-year deal he’ll probably miss most of the next year on the sidelines.

  2. translation: Bradford’s agent “huge relief” that eagles are stupid enough to sign this perpetual injury. The rest of NFC East is pleased too!

  3. Is there any player with a greater inverse ratio between guaranteed money and on-field playing time & success?

    I wish him well, and hope he fulfills all his potential, but wow, has he ever had a legendary string of financial good fortune.

  4. I suspect most everyone would be hugely relieved after they signed a document that had “$26,000,000 guaranteed” above the signature line.

  5. Rumor was that Bradford’s agent wasn’t getting much interest in during the tampering period but was releaved that at least the Eagles were willing to meet his asking price.

  6. Crazy to think that this guy will have made almost $100 million dollars without a pro bowl or playoff appearance while missing more then 2 full seasons from injuries.

  7. Apparently the Philthydelphia Football team does not require the services of a competent QB. They’ve locked in a joke for two years.

  8. Sam’s had his share of bad luck, injuries especially, 4 different head coaches and coordinators, very few playmakers and bad offensive line play. He wasn’t the first overall pick for lack of talent, now he has an opportunity to earn that money, it’s up to the coaches to put him in position to win. The receivers are mostly there, the RB’s, now the line needs more talent and depth, another receiver, maybe another TE or fullback. The D is in pretty good shape. Dlinemen are better fit for 4-3, especially Cox, Graham and Curry. More depth at LB needed, another safety, and another quality corner. It’s not going to matter what Bradford does if the D and running game doesn’t take a step forward. Nice to see the haters are all over anything Philly, keeps us in the front of your minds, there’s nothing you can say that we haven’t heard or say to each other. Beat it! Get to steppin jitbags, hit the bricks!

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