Browns announce team president Alec Scheiner is leaving


The Browns have changed directions so frequently, it’s sometimes hard to tell who is there and who isn’t.

But when team president Alec Scheiner was nowhere to be found when they introduced new coach Hue Jackson, the absence spoke volumes.

The Browns brought it full circle Friday, announcing that Scheiner “is stepping away from his position” as team president “and will continue to serve as a consultant to the team through the end of 2016.”

That means he had some degree of contract that has to be fulfilled, but he’s effectively gone.

“We greatly appreciate Alec’s commitment and work as President of the Cleveland Browns,” Browns owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam said in a statement. “Alec is extremely capable and has helped us establish some very positive inroads with a significant focus on our fan experience, FirstEnergy Stadium and our business partners. He was integral to the rebuild of our organization, the renovations of our stadium and training facility, and many of our strategies on the football side of our business. His guidance has helped us accelerate our learning curve as NFL owners and that is something we will always appreciate. Alec is ready for the next challenge in his career, as our new structure would limit the opportunity for his leadership. He is one of the most talented executives in the industry, and we are fully confident that Alec will be successful in whatever permanent role he takes next. We wish him and his family only the best.”

Scheiner had been with the Browns since January 2013. But the arrival of executive vice president of football operations Sashi Brown, chief strategy officer Paul DePodesta, a new personnel chief and a new coach, there was little room for the old boss.

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  1. I must admit our Browns are dysfunctional. I really ponder what the hell is going on in Berea.

  2. Sounds like Alec isn’t comfortable keeping his nose out of the football side of the business

  3. Well, after the Browns ran the data through their analytical machine, it stated Scheiner was dispensable.

  4. Laces Out… ask if it’s a good thing or bad thing? Believe me; it’s a GOOD thing! Scheiner is a wanna-be meglomaniac who wanted complete control over everything, including player control, of which he had very little (if any) background and expertise…..

  5. Scheiner’s tone deaf legacy:

    1. A ticket price increase coming off 12th straight non-playoff and 7th straight losing season.

    2. Meddling in football operations: sitting in on film sessions with the GM, trying to trade an in-prime, first ballot Hall of Fame tackle with 6 good years left and an agreeable contract and generally not being able to stay his (marketing & sales) lane.

    3. Firing the only the entertaining/insightful thing about their sorry preseason games.

    4. Pushing the “countdown to the new logo” which ultimately revealed…the exact same logo with a more irritating, artificial shade of orange. This “countdown to the big reveal” made them a national punchline on The Tonight Show, The Daily Show, etc.

    5. The ghastly uniforms that still make me think there’s something wrong with my TV every time I see them.

    6. This is one is on everyone now: Johnny Manziel and the complete and utter failure to draft some competition/replacement after his abject disaster of a rookie season.

  6. He was actually quite good in his role as non-football president, but with the Harvard guys in the room now, don’t need him. Was clear he didn’t fit in from the first announcement on the management restructure. No news here.

    But keep it coming haters.

  7. geefan1 says:Mar 4, 2016 3:27 PM

    Sounds like Alec isn’t comfortable keeping his nose out of the football side of the business.


    SO TRUE!!!!!

  8. Haslam says, “He is one of the most talented executives in the industry”.

    So obviously, the Browns had no use for him.

    Ok, got it.

  9. It really makes no difference whatsoever who works in the Browns front office. As long as Haslam owns this franchise the Browns will remain an NFL cellar-dweller.

  10. good think the Browns took eveil kelnevel instead of Big Ben…i mean u had Jeff Garcia who was on his last leg, i mean u didn’t need a franchise qb….only in BELIEVELAND

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