Bruce Irvin reiterates desire to stay put if money’s close

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In January, Seahawks linebacker Bruce Irvin said that he was open to taking less money to remain with the Seahawks than he might get on the open market.

With a few days to go before Irvin can officially find out what other teams will be willing to pay him, nothing has changed about that willingness. During an appearance on “Justin and Gee” on 710 ESPN, Irvin reiterated how strong his feelings are about the organization that took him in the first round of the 2012 draft and how staying there would be worth leaving some money on the table.

“I mean, I love Seattle, and I want to spend the rest of my career there. Like I always say, those guys took a chance on me when everybody wasn’t even thinking about me. I probably would have went second, third round … ,” Irvin said. “So those guys will always have a place in my heart, a special place. So like I said, man, if the money was close, I would definitely consider it because the brotherhood I have with those guys, it’s like no other. I’m as close to most of those guys as I am with my real brothers, so leaving those guys would be very hard on me, but not only me, my family also.”

Getting the money close may be too much of a challenge for the Seahawks to meet. They have around $23 million in cap space right now, far less than teams that may be interested in Irvin’s services. One of those teams is believed to be the Jaguars, who have nearly $90 million to spend and a serious need to upgrade their defense. Irvin ranks behind only Broncos defensive end Malik Jackson among untagged players on PFT’s list of the top 100 free agents, which likely means the Jaguars won’t be the only team willing to throw some money in his direction next week and should only make it harder for the Seahawks to retain their man.

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  1. I’m no Seahawks fan, but I appreciate and respect the heck outta him for being loyal to his teammates and the team that drafted him. It seems like that is pretty rare these days… Hopefully Seattle won’t low ball him now.

  2. Golden Tate basically said the same thing. IIRC, he felt a little insulted by what Seattle considered a hometown discount.

    Irvin should prepare himself, and accept that this is a business that is forced to look at the bottom line. And be happy that his services are valued by other teams as well.

  3. I AM a Seahawks fan, and this is what is so frustrating about the way the NFL is organized today. Even if you want to build loyalty and team spirit within a franchise, it is simply not practical for players to give into it. There is generally little chance of most successful teams to possess the cap space to keep their players after free agency – they are successful, after all, due generally to the performance of these players. Bruce is such a fixture in Seattle that like Unger before him, his leaving will not only be a matter of lost talent, but demoralizing for both the franchise and the fans. Beyond ideas of “dynasties”, there is a measure of “family” at times that would sure be a welcome addition to the “show me all the money you can” of the NFL. Sure wish Bruce could stay with us here in Seattle, but if – as in the case of Golden Tate – the offers are double or triple what Seattle cap space will allow, he owes it to himself as a valuable piece in this precarious profession to get paid all he can.

  4. Since when did the term “hometown discount” become applicable to situations where the guy isn’t from the city (or even the same part of the country) where the team is located?

  5. Unless the Hawks have something creative up their sleeves, the reality is that Irvin leaving Seattle is inevitable. The defense as a whole is already getting paid a ton of money, and the Chancellor and Bennett contract situations are still hanging over the Hawks. Irvin doesn’t seem to be a priority.

  6. ” Home town discount ” the new BUZZ word for NFL GMs. But most NFL GMs forget ” Home Town Team Loyality ” when it comes to cutting or not resigning a good player.

  7. Bruce Irvin has been a true professional in Seattle. He may be a little rough around the edges but the guy is all heart and he is just entered his prime.

    Get your money Bruce because Seattle has other needs they will have to meet on offensive line and even the DT by retaining either Rubin or Mebane.

    Falcons should go after him hard because his best games of his career usually come against Panthers or Packers.

  8. Yeah flash back to last year where Bruce all but demanded atrade to ATL to work with Dan Quinn again.

    Goodbye, Bruce, your 3 cheap rookie years are up, time to clean out the deadwood.

  9. We, the Seahawk Fans, are fond of Bruce Irvin…….I do not hope the Seahawks low ball him, and he accepts…….I want him to get his market value…….If that turns out to be much less than anticipated, only then do I hope he signs with the Seahawks…

    Realization is setting in, however, that he needs to be paid and will be offered much more than the Seahawk organization will be able to match……..Wish him well and hope that he does well for his next team.

  10. Seattle has $29.5 million to spend under the cap after Lynch’s retirement, not $23. They will pay to keep top players but they won’t overpay. Bruce is a $5 million a year player who will probably get $8-10 million on the open market. The Seahawk will plug Kevin Pierre Louis into the spot and take the 3rd round compensatory pick.

    Thanks for the memories Bruce but the reason we don’t have cap problems is that we don’t overpay for guys.

  11. fabbeaux- this is a completely inaccurate statement about Irvin. In reality he’s a bonus he didn’t completely buy in until late last year and this season he played well but really didn’t flash as the olb/DE they wanted. For his pay the hawks can bring in a rookie or two who are one trick ponys and develop them. While I think Bruce will do great now that he’s adjusted to the pro game their is no way he is at all a fixture in Seattle nor is he anywhere near a team leader or core player. His desire to stay is great and I’d love to keep him seeing how I expect him to really find his groove I don’t see the value is paying him like a top tier FA just bc the market is high for young promising athletes. Especially with former coaches on 3 other teams who run the same system and aren’t nearly as talented or have as much depth on defense as Seattle.

    Can’t pay everyone this is exactly why their is a salary cap so coaches can’t hold players hostage and obviously encourages parity in football.

  12. question: am I correct in thinking the term “hometown discount” means to take 1 for the team(less money) so we can keep you w/ the organization? hearing it a lot lately

  13. I hope Bruce does stay with Seattle instead of taking a “mo money/no ring” deal with a so-so team… if he does leave I will still root for him like I do for all the other former Seahawks.

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