Flacco hopes Ravens use cap savings to solidify the offensive line

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Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco agreed to a contract extension this week that gives Flacco a huge guarantee up front but spreads out the salary cap hit into future years, which means Baltimore created $6 million in new cap space for 2016. And Flacco knows how he wants to see that money spent.

Flacco said on PFT Live that he hopes the savings go toward shoring up the offensive line. Although he didn’t mention any players by name, he made it clear that he’s hoping guard Kelechi Osemele, who’s slated to become a free agent on Wednesday, stays in the fold.

“The one thing is I would say we need to get our O-line solidified, see who’s going to be there for sure,” Flacco said. “We’ve got a couple guys, at least one guy who’s out in the open there, whether we’re going to get a contract done with him or not. So once we get those guys nailed down and see who they’re going to be, I think that’s the biggest part of a championship, as far as the offensive side of the ball.”

Osemele will have options, and there’s a good chance he’ll be offered more money elsewhere. But the new deal for Flacco gives Ravens the cap space to compete for Osemele, and that’s what Flacco wants to see.

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  1. He’s right. A quarterback and his WRs look a lot better when the guy has time to throw, as well as an effective running game. It’s easy to blame skill position players when an offense is sub-par but a lot of the time it’s the OL that’s the problem.

  2. As a Ravens fan, this bothers me.. I understand Flacco is in the prime of his career and he needs to do what’s best for his family, but it’s not like he took any less to help the team.

    You cant take the big money and then complain when the team can’t spend 8-10mil a year on every o-lineman.

    Flacco! Shut the hell up.

  3. As another Ravens fan, Flacco is inaccurate, plays about 15 minutes out of 60 a game, and is about the quality of Sam Bradford or Nick Foles and should be paid as such. The Ravens have never had a franchise QB so its like a guy who has never had a girlfriend so he thinks the only girl he can get is the greatest girl in the world. Flacco is not all that and although he is great in the playoffs, he can’t get to the playoffs anymore because we can’t afford the defense that Flacco needs to get him there. Now he wants to make sure he’s protected with barely 6 million dollars. What does he think that will buy? What is Tom Brady’s cap this year (who is the best QB in the league regardless that I think he is a cheater)? If he is protected who is he going to throw to. I think Flacco’s ego has grown bigger than his paycheck and he needs to take a close look at himself because he could be making just a couple mil a year as a backup somewhere because with his production the last two years, if the Ravens released him, he wouldn’t be a hot commodity at 120 mil a year.

  4. Flacco is like Count Dracula, draining away the team’s blood till it’s just a shadow of its former self.

  5. “You can take my money as long as I can suggest to you how to spend it.”

    They’d be better off dropping Bert and drafting a rookie. He’d be just as good as he is in a year without the cap hit.

  6. Well the 6 Mil you helped the team save, may be able to sign a mid tier guard! Not even going to be enough to keep Osemele….Nice job Joe! If you wanted extra help up front, you could have pulled a Brady, just sayin!

  7. Coming off of an injury that further limits his previously unimpressive mobility, it becomes even more important to protect Flacco. I doubt that coming back from the knee is going to slow his release very much, but while he’s shaking off the rust and getting used to being back on the field, you want to keep guys out of the face of the highest paid player in the league.

  8. Flacco is right. KO is a major part of the Ravens team. Hopefully they can sign him before he hits the market, because they will be outbid by teams with more cap room. Go Ravens!Sign KO!

  9. Towards the mid-end of his deal, his salary will probably be middle of the road for QB”s on their 2nd contract. I don’t see too much wrong with the deal, but yea he should pipe down about how the Ravens spend their money. Just my $0.02

  10. Fans think teams can buy their way to a SB. Cleveland has 40 mil in cap space & high draft picks every year. This year, the 2nd & 32 pick. Let’s see how the Browns turn out. Bottom line, Joe’s contract has NOTHING to do with the teams ability to win games.

  11. how on earth did he help this team? He got what he deserved last time for taking us to the SB, hes made over 70M in his NFL career in salary alone, i don’t get why he had to screw us for that extra few million which could have went to improving the team

    Biscotti spends up to the cap every year so it isn’t like he was going to pad the owners pockets, it would directly benefit him by putting better pieces around him

    say whatever you want about the manageable cap hits of his contract so far, but the bottom line is that he has gotten almost 30 million more in salary then has hit our cap the past 3 years, that has to be paid at some point and its going to be painful when it does

  12. The first contract was sort of ok, since the Ravens were keeping a reasonable starting QB. Not a great one, but a reasonable one. And you need a certain level of QB play to succeed in the play offs. Since signing that contract, Flacco hasn’t been that good (2014 was ok). Flacco is not performing like a top 5 or top 10 QB, but he’s being paid like one. I would have had him play out the year and see how he performs before extending him. I think he is being over paid, even taking into account the salary cap increasing.

    It doesn’t give teh Ravens much cap reliefe, and it’s not like teh ravens are locking him in at a team friendly price, like 20MM per year.
    They are paying the market rate, which I think is a mistake.

    I’m not a Ravens fan, but I think Flacco is over paid. The year he won the super bowl, it was his team more than him. The opponents in the playoffs decided not to defend the deep ball, and got burned.

  13. There are probably 5 great QBs and 9 good QBs in the league. Then there are 18 average to below average starting QBs. And then there are 32 backup QBs who are generally below average. A starting QB makes around $20M/year give or take. To win you need one of the 14 “great” or “good” QBs mentioned above. Flacco is one of the “good” QBs. Not sure what all the fuss is about. He’s not Brady or Rodgers, but what’s the alternative? Look at how many QBs the Browns have been thru trying to find a “good” QB. When you find one, you hold on as long as possible. See what happens to the Pats and Steelers when their great QBs retire.

  14. To the knuckle head who compared Flacco To Nick Foles and Sam Bradford, neither of those two have ever won a playoff game or super bowl. Flacco has won 10 playoff games and has a super bowl mvp.

  15. I wonder how many of the people whining on this column would offer to give their boss back some money to hire more people? Kirk Cousins is getting paid more than flacco this year and has won nothing. Flacco has made the playoffs multiple times, won multiple games including a SB and has one of the highest QB ratings in playoff history. These guys in the NFL die a decade earlier than the standard man. Their bodies are train wrecks when they are 50. Every one of them deserves whatever they can get. Stop already with the politics on envy. Because that’s all this is.

  16. For all the Flacco haters out there a few facts….

    Flacco’s regular season completion pct is almost identical to Joe Montana’s (the GOAT). Montana shined in the post season, as does Flacco. They were/are good enough to get the team to the playoffs and then win once there.

    If the Ravens cut Flacco there would be teams lined up to pay him $20+mil/year and that’s a fact.

  17. Every Time Flacco Signs A Deal Several Vets Get Cut. Q Comes to Mind. And We Haven’t Replaced Him Yet. And Yes I’m Thankful Joe Lead Us To A SuperBowl. But Taking One For The Team Costs 40 Mil Guaranteed and Several Veterans

  18. “As a Ravens fan” – you are not. The people here are not Ravens fans, they are trolls.

    Flacco’s contract is fine and frees up the Ravens to sign a couple key players. It’s sad that the only joy in life people can get, is trolling a sports website.

  19. I bet that’s his biggest concern, after inking the biggest deal in NFL history…

    Would be my next concern too !

  20. crownofthehelmet says:
    Mar 4, 2016 9:20 AM
    It’s funny how these comments only came after his deal was done.

    4 2
    Report comment

    Actually, these comments came after he was asked his opinion on the matter… BY THIS SITE.

    Come on, people, don’t you know how the soundbite game goes by now??

  21. Yeah, $6 million’s gonna go real far in buying an offensive line. Don’t spend it all in one place, huh?

  22. Flacco’s new contract frees up more than enough space to sign Osemele as a top tier left tackle, much less as a top tier guard. They were talking about cutting Smith even before this deal went down because his pass coverage has gone down enough that they were having to sub him out in obvious pass coverage situations. They had also already decided on not exercising Canty’s option since 1) it didn’t cost them anything and gave cap room and 2) he’s starting to have the ‘can’t stay on the field’ issue bigger guys get later in their career because injury recovery slows down and their sheer size hampers that even more. Lawrence Guy came in and his numbers pretty much blow Canty’s away, so you keep the younger, more productive guy and let the older one that’s reaching the end leave.
    BTW: Flacco’s percentage of the cap is lower than a lot of the QBs out there that have proven not as productive as him with better supporting cast.

  23. Why would anyone “pretend” to be a Ravens fan? No one needs to hide to troll another team.

    I’m capable of having an objective opinion about my teams quarterback. I like Flacco, he is gritty/tough and I’ll take him with all his flaws. Are there better quarterbacks? No doubt.

    Can he throw a pretty deep ball? Definitely.. is it accurate? Hell no. He probably missed 6 TDs alone last year with terrible deep balls to wide open receivers, and I’m talking horrendously underthrown. In addition, he makes about 2-3 unfathomable Boller-esque decisions every game. It’s almost as bad as Harbaugh’s replay challenges.

    Although xinellum took it a bit far with the Foles comparison, he was very accurate in the rest of his assessment.

    The first contract was given to him with the expectations that he was going to raise his game. Honestly, that hasn’t happened and it could be due to multiple reasons, new OC’s every season, lack of overall WR talent, inconsistent o-line play (but the TALENT is there).

    He has been a STUD in the postseason recently, that’s why most Ravens fans can’t understand why he is SOOOO mediocre the majority of the time. I think he can still develop into a great one if he can stay in one scheme and get ONE stud WR.

    I DON’T even have a problem with this extension, because it IS “market value” for a GOOD quarterback. I understand the fact that in a couple years Flacco’s number will be acceptable, that makes me happy.

    I just think him talking about how he TOOK LESS to help the team is just ridiculous. K.O. is looking for 12mil+, that 22/24mil cap hit just isn’t going to cut it. Lol

    ..and because I have some free time

    @itsfootballbaby says:

    “Flacco’s regular season completion pct is almost identical to Joe Montana’s (the GOAT). Montana shined in the post season, as does Flacco.

    Are you seriously comparing Flacco’s stats to one of the greatest QBs of all time (before my time btw being 28) ..a QB that last played OVER 20 years ago? Stop that. That was embarrassing.

    @nite2al says:

    “So, why don’t all of you knuckleheads take a pay cut to make your company better?”

    Only someone of low intelligence would compare the salaries of top-paid athletes to the common American employee.

  24. It’s playoff time again,a year out just makes you hungry again.the RAVENS are back and I love that most of you trolls hate it….

  25. What a loser. Jump ball Joe gets all this money then whines about his offensive line. Gee Joe, if you didn’t demand so much money maybe they could afford to spend some money on the offense. Go home and count all your money while your team finishes in the basement for the next five years.

  26. All these commentators on here act like if their boss offered them a pay raise they would turn it down to help their company. Get real. This is the NFL, this is the going rate for a franchise QB. His new deal saves the Ravens 6 million this season and 13 million over the next two. The new deal also has the money spread out very consistently so there is no major jump in salary requiring another restructure. The cap is going up every year and his salary will remain the same. This is a major long term win for the Ravens.

    I cant wait to see how you all react when Dalton, Romo, Luck, Mariotta, Winston, Foles, and the rest of the perennial losers get the same contracts without the hardware to back it up.

  27. Joe’s a team player and wants to win championships. This is what championship players do. They sacrifice for the team.

  28. LOL.


    Now make sure to spend adequate money, so that I have talented players around me, so I can have better stats to justify my salary.

    He is welcome to get what he can, while he can. And in a few years, if he stays healthy and continues to put up good numbers, the salaries later may be a bargain.

    But complaining publicly after signing the deal is just lame.

  29. Ravens haters,

    Since you guys think Flacco should’ve been not resigned, is overpaid, or should’ve been cut, what would the Ravens have done at quarterback if they allowed Flacco to go–and promptly sign with the Browns, Eagles, Jets, or other QB-desperate franchise?

  30. Saw this on Twitter
    Since the Super Bowl — last three seasons

    Joe Flacco
    TD-Interception Ration 1.30 32nd in NFL
    Yards per attempt 6.8 32nd in NFL
    Total Quarterback Rating 52 26th in NFL

    Out of 33 qualified quarterbacks.

    These numbers for the highest paid player. How does Ozzie stay employed? Ravens will be under .500 for the length of Flacco’s contract.

  31. Here are a few teams that have LESS cap space than the Ravens and nothing to brag about recently.

    Washington Redskins
    New York Jets
    Miami Dolphins
    Buffalo Bills

    Keep trolling……

  32. For all the hate Ray Lewis got, this whole franchise was held together by his dancing. It’s been a house of cards collapsed ever since. Everyone called Ozzie and Decosta and Harbs a genius…

    Sorry to say credit was going to the wrong person. It was one dude that made everyone on Baltimore look better and he has a statue outside M and T for a reason and I don’t mean Jonny MFU.

  33. I’m sure sending the execs a message through the media will go over well.

    They really enjoy that sort of thing.

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