Hue Jackson can’t wait to spend more time with QB prospects

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The Browns have the second overall pick of the draft and a need for a quarterback that stretches back as long as the team’s been back in the league, two things that can be linked closely to the arrival of Hue Jackson as the team’s new head coach this offseason.

Finding that quarterback would go a long way toward making Jackson the man who stops the game of musical chairs in that job and that’s going to be one of Jackson’s top priorities this offseason. He got his first exposure to Jared Goff, Carson Wentz and Paxton Lynch at the combine and said he saw “potential,” but that the the team is “not anywhere close” to knowing what they’ll do when they get on the clock.

“I need to keep seeing them,” Jackson said, via “You take [the combine] into consideration, but again that’s not enough time for me. You’re asking how did I feel? I felt good watching them compete and walk across the stage and come into meetings and do all that, but at the same time I can’t wait to go see them in a whole different environment and spend more time with them.”

Jackson was adamant that the Browns won’t take a quarterback just to take a quarterback — “then all of the sudden we’ll be making the same mistake that everybody else has made” — but he was direct about the team’s need for one driving their work this offseason. That makes it likely that they’ll be taking one and that the decision about which one to take will help define Jackson’s tenure in Cleveland.

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  1. I still can’t believe Ray Farmer and Mike Pettine never went to pro-days to talk to these guys, the people around them, and just observe their interactions with others. They said “film said it all.” The result: Justin Gilbert and Johnny Manziel. Thank God for a coach that wants to do the little things to find the right guy.

  2. To hell with the quarterback, pick one up in the second round. The list isn’t that freaking good this year. Better to take Joey Bosa before the Ravens get him and we have to defend against him for years.

  3. I don’t believe Jackson will be swayed by the hype surrounding unworthy candidates for his QB position. He’s smart enough to know that every year, some slugs are elevated to higher rounds, when they are not good enough to warrant the pick.

    There are some good bargains, that have proved themselves in major conferences, but Mayock and the other “experts” are dead set on making Wentz, Goff and Lynch – the guy, ignoring Prescott, Brissette and Adams, who all appeared to have very good combine appearances.

    It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. One thing seems apparent and that is Manziel is out.

  4. I feel confident that the new coaching team will (finally) get this right. No NFL team can be truly competitive without a “franchise” QB. Only time will tell if any of these prospects are in that category, but my confidence is buoyed with Hue Jackson’s experience on the offensive side of the ball.

  5. He should ask them all together in one room, who wants to be quarterback for the Browns, even though you know we’ve never really had any success with them…see, Couch, Quinn, Weeden, Manziel, etc. ?

  6. “Queue all the snarky comments about the Browns and their failures over the years.”


    There has only been one failure over the years. It is made up of many, many, many missteps and errors in judgement along the way. But the Browns have been a continuous failure on many levels for many years. However – I truly believe they have the best fan base in the country. they deserve better, but I am not holding my breath.

  7. No matter who the Browns draft at quarterback they will ruin him within 3 years.

    It’s what they do best at the Graveyard of Quarterbacks.

  8. i really think we need WRs. The better teams have a dominate WR or 2. A couple of great WR will do. Then corners. Then rushing DEs. All other others can be coached to medigate the risk.

  9. To all you moronic steeler fans who are still infatuated with the Browns remember, the steelers sucked for 30 years before they had a great team and now they’re on their way to sucking again. The Browns are back baby. Be afraid.

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