Saints won’t tender Khiry Robinson

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The Saints could ensure themselves the right to match an offer for running back Khiry Robinson this offseason by tendering him as a restricted free agent, but it appears they’re happy to let him move on without that chance.

According to multiple reports, the Saints won’t tender Robinson and he will become an unrestricted free agent when the new league year opens next week. Robinson tweeted and then deleted a farewell message to New Orleans on Friday, perhaps because there’s always a chance that the two sides could circle back together if they don’t find what they want elsewhere.

Robinson broke his leg last season, limiting him to eight games, 56 carries and 17 catches in his third season with the Saints. He has 186 carries for 766 yards and eight touchdowns for his career.

The Saints have Mark Ingram and C.J. Spiller on the roster and have talked about using Spiller more often in his second season with the team.

11 responses to “Saints won’t tender Khiry Robinson

  1. Ohhhh, nooooo! This dude is the BEST RB on the Saints’ roster! He has out-played Mark Ingram and CJ Spiller~combined! Yet, he was undervalued and underpaid.

    This reminds me of another move the team made getting ride of Chris Ivory, another back who’s better than Ingram and went on to greener pastures with the Jets. (Remember, it took Bill Parcells calling Sean Payton and telling him that his best back was on the bench!) Wake up Sean! Wake up!

    The Saints need to admit that Ingram is a borderline bust! He had one good season in 5 years. Because he was a first round pick, they have given him a lonnnnnnnnng leash! They don’t want to admit he ain’t what they thought he was. So, to save face, they cut far superior players such as Ivory and Robinson!

    Robinson is a game-changer. Ingram ain’t! C’mon Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis!

    This move has me sick!

  2. Ingram, Spiller, Robinson, Murphy… All injured last year. Hightower only healthy one who probably will be moving on.
    No sense.

  3. Let’s be real here. Robinson is a very good RB, but he’s not better than Ingram. Ingram is a better blocker and a better receiver. Tim Hightower should make this team, he was great down the stretch last season

  4. I’m not even a Saints fan and I love the guy. Why would they move on from him? He was their best back last season behind a terrible line. He loves the city, he runs hard, he works hard, loved by the fans. I don’t get it. If he gets a chance to start for somebody he’ll be a Pro Bowl caliber within 1-2 years (see Chris Ivory).

  5. I wonder if KR wasn’t also injured in the 2nd half of the Carolina game on September 27, 2015 when he got speared by Thomas Davis along the sideline…
    The monster hit that Stephone Anthony put on Devin Funchness happened right after that , on the next series or so…
    the players on the field know what is going on…
    (Anthony’s hit was legal- throws right shoulder to the numbers- and yet he gets fined, but Davis spears Robinson and likely injures him, no fine!)
    I wonder what Robinson says about that play?

  6. Spiller is a huge disappointment. Khiry is ten times the runner he is. This is yet another sign that Mickey Loomis needs to go sailing somewhere because he sure doesn’t know football anymore. If Tom Benson still had his wits about him, Loomis would have been long gone by now.

    My team is in decline.

  7. Ingram is so frustrating. He clearly runs with his long term career in mind. He never risks/takes big hits and he consequently never breaks big runs early in games.

    Not crazy about Khiry. Cant wait til we move on from this disappointing stable of backs. None of them stack up to guys like:
    Bell (09 was very good, opposite of ingram, took hits)

    ^ All those guys are legit

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