Seahawks have yet to place Marshawn Lynch on reserve/retired list


As the football-following world waits for Lions receiver Calvin Johnson and Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning to retire (or not retire), there’s another high-profile retirement that has yet to be finalized.

Nearly four weeks ago, during Super Bowl 50, Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch announced his retirement on Twitter, with a photo of cleats hanging on a power line and a “deuces” emoji. The team quickly acknowledged that, indeed, Lynch was walking away from the game.

But Lynch has yet to officially walk away, and the Seahawks have yet to officially place him on the reserve/retired list.

They need to clear him off the roster by Wednesday, or the Seahawks will carry a cap number of $11.5 million for Lynch into the new league year. The expectation continues to be that he’ll be placed on the reserve/retired list. But maybe, just maybe, Lynch prefers to be released, so that if he decides to play again he won’t have to persuade the Seahawks to release his rights.

For any retiring player, it makes sense to retire not as a member of a team but as a free agent, because it’s much easier to unretire as a free agent, if that inclination ever arises.

10 responses to “Seahawks have yet to place Marshawn Lynch on reserve/retired list

  1. Holding out hope that he’ll be back, knowing that if he isn’t back, the team probably won’t make the playoffs.

    It was a nice run, but it’s now over.

  2. If he’s truly done, I can see Chris Ivory in a Sea uniform very soon. And most of the newly adorned greatest fans in the NFL would probably not even notice the difference.

  3. It was a nice run but it’s over now? Ha, did you watch last year when he missed half a season? They were just fine. Love Beast, but the seahawks run is far from over.

  4. BeastMode has a brand to manage, he’s done. The Hawks are good at finding talent, no need to pay for an Ivory. Rawles has recovered from his ankle and is ready to comPete for the #1 spot with whoever Schneider digs up.

  5. BeastMode gonna stay retired.

    He will be doing a bunch of Pepsi and XBox commercials.

    I’m just here so I won’t get fined 😉

  6. And the poor, cap strapped Seahawks will have a mere $29.5 million to spend after he’s gone. How will we ever manage?

    2016 = 12-4, #1 seed, Super Bowl, 2nd Lombardi.

  7. Perhaps he is having second thoughts about retiring. If he doesn’t submit his paperwork to retire by Wednesday, I don’t see the team releasing him outright. I would expect them to instead hold him to returning for this next season. The team will not just let him move to another team without compensation.

    The Seahawks are a better team with him and would be a big threat with both Rawls and Beast-Mode in the back field.

    I actually hope that he decides to get a new pair of shoes and make another run for the prize.

    Go Hawks!

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