After two years away, Kellen Winslow wants to make a comeback

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Kellen Winslow is 32 years old and hasn’t played in the NFL since 2013, but he doesn’t believe his career is over.

Winslow, the former Pro Bowl tight end who last played for the Jets, said in January that he was working out to return to football. And on Friday night, Winslow said those workouts have reached the point where he thinks he can play even better than he did before.

“My body feels good enough to come back and play at a high level, even better I think because I’m just a little wiser,” Winslow said on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “It was good to get away from the game just to work on me. I want to be a better player than I was before. I think I can.”

The seventh overall pick in the 2004 NFL draft, Winslow’s career got off to a slow start when he broke his leg in his second NFL game and then seriously injured his knee in a motorcycle accident in the following offseason. But when healthy, he was a very good player, both in Cleveland and in Tampa Bay.

But just because he was a good player once, that doesn’t mean he can still be a good player at age 32 after two years of inactivity. It’s a long shot that Winslow will be back on an NFL field.

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  1. I wonder if the “work on me” K2 is referring to is the “work” he was doing on himself in that Target parking lot while he was all high on synthetic weed?? Moron.

  2. TE is a very physical position, particularly when called upon to block for the run or pass rush. 32 isn’t that old but it seems to me that he had some lingering ailments that just wouldn’t heal. I would like to welcome him back and wish him well, but he was a real jerk when he was playing and I don’t suppose he is any better now.

  3. He’s better than all 3 rostered Packers TE’s, combined, right now and I don’t even need to see what shape he’s in or what he has left.


  4. He wasn’t that good after the accident. He couldn’t get open unless he pushed off. His knee was so screwed up that he couldn’t block as well either. I will be shocked if he is picked up.

  5. He was caught choking his chicken in a Target parking lot, that suggests he is screaming for help. I’m not sure his teammates would be all that comfortable sharing a locker next to his.

  6. Working on being a better player is one thing. You need to work on being a better person first.

  7. “I wonder if the “work on me” K2 is referring to is the “work” he was doing on himself in that Target parking lot while he was all high on synthetic weed?? Moron.”

    True Christians hold grudges against people who didn’t do anything to them.

  8. jerry944 says:
    Mar 5, 2016 8:45 AM
    Other than jason witten TEs dont block anyways..

    Gronk and many more te’s are good blockers as well……….

  9. Why would anyone be interested in this guy especially after being out of the game for two years–which was only because nobody wanted him in the first place. This guy has been nothing but a diva his entire career with only marginal production. If he thinks anyone is really going to be interested in wasting their time signing this guy he needs to lay off the funny stuff. And another thing…I wonder if the NFL would have something to say about his documented case(s) of substance abuse. That would potentially mean he’d be suspended even if he were to come back.

    He can run his mouth all he wants–he did plenty of that in his playing days anyway–I seriously doubt ANY team will waste their time on this guy.

  10. Good luck, but it’s been arguably four years (or more) since he was anything resembling a threat on the field. Can’t see him being a starter anywhere, and doubt a team would sign a 32 year old guy to be the backup TE, when you can find a bunch of younger, cheaper guys that could still turn into something.

    But, maybe he can get to a training camp, show something, and then get a midseason call from some team that suffers injuries.

  11. He couldn’t get any separation 2 yrs ago, what’s he think is gonna happen now?

  12. He won’t sign with the Patriots, since he apparently can’t find a Boston Market.

  13. @ chinahand11

    I thought this was a sports blog.
    The Jimmy Swaggart, Billy Graham blogs are in another section.

  14. I don’t remember who he last played for but I remember watching him give questionable effort then whining on the sidelines about either the QB or not getting the ball or not. Then when they threw it to him he short-armed it because he was afraid to get hit and the ball was intercepted. If any team was watching film the last year he played I’m sure they won’t even give this guy a second thought.

    He had a chance to be great but decided he’d rather be a diva and a malcontent. Now that he’s probably broke and realizes he can’t even get a job at Target, now all of a sudden he wants to play. Too late.

  15. Wow.
    So many idiotic, judgemental comments.
    The truth is, unless you actually know his mental/physical condition, the only sensible comment would be “time will tell”.
    Btw – broke people can’t afford to spend their time working out.

  16. He’ll probably get a look, but here is the issue…

    Wasn’t a precise route-runner BEFORE the accident.
    Wasn’t a good blocker before or after
    Decent leaper, decent hands, but not outstanding with either.

    Let’s assume for a moment that he is not financially broke.

    TE is getting to be a difficult position to find. Spread offenses frequently use multiple receivers and no TE. So someone who can block is useful. So is someone who can get off the defender and get into his pattern.

    More and more teams are looking at basketball players after the success of Gates, Gonzalez, Graham, and Gronk.

    I just don’t see Winslow having anything to offer a team at this point. No longer a gifted athlete, not a team-first reputation, not a guy you want your rookies to emulate.

    Very few players get to leave the game on their own terms. I doubt Winslow will be one f them.

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