Chargers hope to extend Keenan Allen


Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen is due for a contract extension, though probably not right away.

The Chargers are expected to work on a contract extension with Allen, Michael Gehlken of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

But it doesn’t appear that an extension is coming until the Chargers first address free agency. Allen is heading into the fourth and final year of his rookie contract as a third-round pick in 2013, and he’s due to make $1.656 million this year. The Chargers are getting a bargain with Allen at that price, so they’re not in a big hurry to give him a new deal. They’d just like to get a new deal done before Allen hits free agency a year from now.

Allen suffered a season-ending kidney injury in Week Eight last season, but he’s expected to be fully healthy this season. Before he got hurt, Allen was off to an outstanding start in 2015: In eight games he had 67 catches for 725 yards and four touchdowns.

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  1. Give Keenan an extension like Pitt gave Antonio Brown in 2012 before he exploded. Keenans’s a great player, but still has to prove he’s elite and durable before getting a Dez level contract.

  2. Losing Allen would be the icing on the cake for the this incompetent franchise. That won’t happen, though. Even the Spanos know there is something called franchise tag.

  3. Keenan will be back with Gates… Would be nice to get another receiver now that Floyd is gone. We got a lot of holes to fill, Telesco got his work out for him.

  4. With Gates locked up for two years and he will play both we can easily find another TE in the draft late or undrafted as Gates was. They are like RBs. This team can still find a quality deep threat and save $ by getting Fuller or Coleman in the draft (2nd round) which both or one should be there at 35. Along with developing Tyrell Williams and Inman they can be fine. No one thought KA was gong to blossom like he did so they need to kick these two guys in the but and say to them KA did it. This team needs to worry about the “D”. Smart moves would be draft Buckner 1st, and lock up Damian Harrison and/or Jay Howard and then let Philon and Carruthers work behind them and the line is pretty set. LBs are set with depth as well and if they can get anything out of Flowers for 1 more year ( will cut him in 17 only 4mill in dead $) unless he shows old form they should also snag Iloka and draft Arte Burns in 3/4 rd in the secondary will be fine. Williams and Mager got a lot better. Telesco M.O. Is to get players drafted wet their 1st year then allow for 2x as much work in year 2 and then by 3rd year he knows whether he has starters or to draft and replace quickly. This team ended well and they don’t have to go haywire to feel like they are far behind. Denver is going to lose a lot of key players plus with the SB hangover and a new qb won’t be as dominating. KC is always up and down and their qb is no PR and the Raiders are still another year or so from really tapping into the division.

  5. Pay the man!

    With how the cap changed and free agency played out so far…KA will get more and more expensive.

    Should’ve extended him before free agency. The longer the Chargers wait, they pricier KA’s price tag will get. It’s nice to get a ‘bargain’ out of players…but don’t make them feel like they’re being taken advantage of.

    KA got injured on the the play where he fully extended (and completely exposed his lower body) and came down with TD catch along with 2 other players crashing down on him. So it’s not those non-contact injury but the kind of injury that showed full effort to make play.

    Pay the man!

  6. The Chargers have Henry at TE and reports are that he is coming along very nicely. In free agency the picked up three starters at DT, center and WR. Along with Henry they drafted Bosa, a center who is very promising, a starting punter and rounds four and five will produce if nothing else one very good special teams player and could even give them two future starters. If the Chargers had had 30% fewer injuries last year they would have given many teams a tough go. Last years team was much better than their record. This years team has a lot more talent. And, one more time, does anyone remember the outstanding play of last years fifth round pick Kyle Emanuel? That kid looked like a starter. They’ll be very generous with Allen. The man is a rare talent and seems to be a very solid citizen, a great team mate.

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