Is anyone preparing to pursue Peyton Manning?


More than four weeks ago, a report emerged that the Rams were considering the possibility of making a run at quarterback Peyton Manning. Since then, there has been no further chatter about the Rams pursuing Peyton. Or, for that matter, anyone else.

Four years ago, when Manning last was a free agent following four neck surgeries, the teams were lining up for a change to sign him. (Or, as the 49ers clumsily insisted at the time, simply to “evaluate” him.) Now, as it becomes more inevitable that Manning hasn’t closed the door on playing but the Broncos have closed the door on Manning playing for them, there’s nothing. Not a whisper. Not a hint. Not even a reporter offering up under the guise of astute speculation a theory that has been leaked directly and deliberately by Camp Manning.

Even as Manning repeatedly speaks about his playing career in the present tense, there’s no indication that anyone wants him. No rumors. No trial balloons. No naysaying executives or coaches with a team that is deliberating the possibility blabbing in the hopes of provoking the fans or media to shout it down.

The Rams continue to be the most logical option, for now. They have most of the pieces to contend, and quarterback continues to be the most glaring weakness. But would Peyton, who is notoriously a creature of habit, want to play for a team that is embarking on a three-year stint as football vagabonds?

Things will get interesting in Denver if Brock Osweiler doesn’t re-sign. At that point, the Broncos would have to decide between bringing in a new quarterback entirely or figuring out a way to lure Peyton back after cutting him in the coming days.

The only other remotely intriguing possibility, pending further developments, would be to join Eli in New York, as the quarterback of the Jets. But with an army of media covering the team, if the Jets had any interest at all, someone would have said something by now.

Peyton’s best bet, if he truly wants to play (and it sure seems like he does), could be to stay in shape and wait for someone to get injured. Two years ago, he could have joined the Cardinals for a playoff push. Last year, the Cowboys surely would have come calling late in the year — and maybe even the Colts.

Injuries are inevitable. If the right team has the wrong injury at the perfect time, Peyton could pull a Roger Clemens and return to the game healthy, rested, and ready to do just enough to help an otherwise contending team become a champion.

Ultimately, that may be his only option after he becomes a free agent for the second time in his career.

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  1. Maybe he wants to be Brady’s backup and Pats can trade Jimmy G. Then he can play 4 games when the ludicrous 4 game suspension is reinstated. NOT!!

  2. I don’t think joining a contender after an injury works the same way in football as it does baseball. Manning would need time to learn a new system and develop chemistry with the players.

  3. He keeps his multi-million signing bonus money if the Broncos release him and then he unofficially retires. End of mystery about announcement date.

    He’ll be cut, and then never play again.

  4. He keeps his multi-million signing bonus money if the Broncos release him and then he unofficially retires.

    Wrong. There was no signing bonus, only a salary advance.

  5. If he plays another year, will he end our Deflategate revenge tour 2.0? I hope not as I am still trying to get over the AFCC loss.

  6. He’d actually fit into the Vikings future offense tailored to Teddy Bridgewater’s short to mid game proficiency and anchored by a still elite RB rather seamlessly. The Vikes have an up and coming defense, elite run game, and brand spanking new stadium. They are certainly closer to title than the Rams. Sitting a year and learning from a legendary QB wouldn’t hurt Teddy’s future either. Though I’m not sure what it says about his future that Manning might provide an upgrade.

  7. Is anyone preparing to pursue Peyton Manning?

    Only the US Drug Enforcement Administration, the Knoxville Police Sexual Crimes Unit, the University of Tennessee Campus Police and the US Mail Fraud Enforcement Task Force. Oh … and maybe a divorce attorney if his wife is upset enough that he in a most cowardly manner blamed her for is illegal HGH usage.

  8. This isn’t Fantasy Football. Teams actually watch tape and the Bronco’s won the SB in spite of PM, not because of him. Heck, Cam almost doubled up Peyton’s production against the GOAT defense!

    Best thing for Peyton, the NFL and his ego is NOT to have a Favre-like tour and bow out like the all time pro he is

  9. Not a Manning fan, but I was glad to see the Broncos win the SB because he’s done enough to deserve the chance to exit the league as a “winner,” and avoid a messy exit.

    So much for that.

    Any team that signs him is basically doing so because they can’t sell out their games. If you’ve got a young team in need of a QB, Manning isn’t someone you can build around at this point, and his cap number would prohibit you from adding additional talent and necessary veteran role players.

    I like Florio’s idea of waiting for an injury… but honestly, unless a QB is gone for the year, does any relevant team want to bring Manning in for a few games and then face the PR nightmare when the starter is healthy again?

    As I said, he should just bow out to avoid this from ending as a messy footnote in an otherwise legendary career.

  10. You think one Manning Super Bowl win was crazy? With Harbaugh and the 49ers, where Manning should have signed, he would have had at least two.

  11. Although I don’t know how well O’Brien and Manning would get along. Wouldn’t Houston be the best place? Good D. Hopkins at WR. Couple young rb’s. I mean surely he’s better than Hoyer. Right? Right.

  12. Thanks for the memories farve…. err I mean manning. The man has been broken for a year and a half. Hell stumble in the out field more then once like a great. Give it up Payton

  13. Has anyone considered maybe he’ll return as a backup? Peyton is smart enough to know that if he does return, he couldn’t possibly make a team better playing the way he did last year. He could very well return somewhere as a backup making 4-5 million a season. Some miss the game too much to leave

  14. The Texans owner is on record stating he wants to stop doing a QB by committee and get a young QB to groom. Presumably they are planning on using a first or second round draft pick to select a tier 2 QB this year to be their future signal caller. So it could make sense for them to sign Manning to a 1 year or year-over-year deal (structured like what he did in Denver), to make a run this year while serving as a quasi QB coach to a young QB in need of a year to develop.

    Not saying that will happen, but the Texans have a good team other than Brian Hoyer, and eventhough Manning was only a game manager during the Broncos Superbowl run this year, he was way better than Hoyer in the playoffs.

  15. Manning will return and after drinking multiple protein shakes and training with Scott Steiner he will come in looking like the genetic freak 2.0 and the news media will have a crush on him going oh looks like peyton hit the gym hard

  16. The Dolphins head coach was his offensive coordinator and the Dolphins offensive coordinator was his qb coach and they run the system he is used to…. and he lives in Miami in the off-season if he can play he will probably want to play in Miami…. but do they want him?

  17. He’d be stupid to return. Love Peyton, his season had a storybook ending, despite his poor play, but he’s nothing more than a backup now, and that’s a stretch.

  18. “Is anyone preparing to pursue Peyton Manning?”

    You mean besides TMZ, bspn and the NFLN?
    Have to think the Texans will consider it if they draft a QB of the future why not roll the dice on Manning to bring him along? Somewhat familiar division and all that. Perhaps there is no interest but perhaps there hasn’t been a word because even in this age of no tampering tampering we are talking about arguably the most visible pending FA, that would be the mother of all stupid tampering black eyes. Hard to believe anyone would risk looking that dumb or the league would take kindly to the attendant press.

    marlinjackson82 says:
    Mar 5, 2016 6:07 PM

    He keeps his multi-million signing bonus money if the Broncos release him and then he unofficially retires.

    Wrong. There was no signing bonus, only a salary advance.

    Cutting him entails a $2.5M cap hit for the restructuring bonus, not an advance

  19. there are about 25 teams in the NFL for which PM would be a huge upgrade..

    he’ll have a job in a week if he wants to still play, he’s still very capable… just like he was a few years back after the neck surgery when all the haters were saying he’s washed up

  20. Why would the dolphins want him?..i really qurstion if half u people even watch or know anything at all about football..the dolphins ..really?

  21. I just don’t see this ending well if he wants to continue to play…the last hit on him could be ugly. Peyton, time to play some golf.

  22. Is this post a joke? Yes, teams will pursue the GOAT if he wants to keep playing. I hope he does or I’m done with football. My wife will only put up with watching Peyton and the home team. If he quits, I’m done because I can’t bear watching the Lions. Please, Peyton, save my Sundays.

  23. I say quit while you still can lift both arms over your head. But even at this point in his career he’d be an upgrade for a couple of teams so yes we will see him playing, just not at an All-Pro level.

  24. Why not at an all-pro legel? He won’t come back if he believes can’t play at an all-pro level. You really are underestimating what he was able to do while being forced to play in an offense that was DESIGNED to not take risks and being forced to take a day off each week. This guy is a gunslinger who throws the ball where he expects his guy to be, the most courageous QB I’ve ever seen slinging the ball into tight spots on 4th down or into the end zone 45 yards down field on 3rd and 2. He can’t take a day off and maintain that kind of high level play. Sure he’s lost something since the surgeries, but he’s still able to get a new team to the SB.

  25. The answer is no. Manning will require undermining the OC of any team he signs with, and running the offense he wants takes a 4-5 year commitment to acquire the personnel he wants.

    Manning might be a decent OC someday, but never again will he even be a middling QB.

    Props to Bronco fans, but I really hope you don’t think Manning was even relevant to your title run. Osweiler could have made any read Manning did X 10000, and at a fraction of the cost. Peyton need to focus on selling lousy pizza, he’s far too needy, old, and limited for modern offenses to build around.

  26. Just goes to show you what a huge ego these guys have. Payton take a cue from the biggest forehead in baseball Barry bonds. Dude retired while still performing at a high level. And he didn’t have a ring to show for it. You have 2. take a cue. Get out of the game. Take some of the heat off your past. Enjoy retirement. Cash in on the endorsements.

    That said if you come back you better bring it. Or everyone is going to be laughing their ass off

  27. It seems that everything for Peyton and the Broncos at this point hinges on Brock’s re-signing. If he’s enough of an idiot to not sign with the Bronco’s by Tuesday, then Denver will likely move on from Brock and keep Peyton for another year, and bring in another QB via the draft (e.g., Michigan State QB Cook at the end of Round 1) to take the reigns as soon as possible.

  28. willjasper says:
    Mar 5, 2016 5:58 PM
    I don’t think joining a contender after an injury works the same way in football as it does baseball. Manning would need time to learn a new system and develop chemistry with the players.

    Maybe, but the Broncos never made him do that.

  29. Any team willing to carry a big-headed QB to the playoffs where he might get another sympathy trophy?
    Hey Tool, thank you for playing. We enjoy the delicious tears of loser. Better luck next time.

  30. The answer is clear. Peyton wants to be Brady so bad and try to get 2 more rings.
    A cool player, like the boys on your team, just show up for the check and don’t give a damn about winning rings, yes?

  31. I don’t know why everybodyd doesn’t think Houston is the logical choice. Bring him in for one year and groom the QB they draft.

  32. Why would a team want him as a back up? He already has proven he does not want to help to mold another quarterback. If he had truely been a team first player I could see it.

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