McCaskey says Bears have no interest in Hard Knocks


Collectively, the NFL likes Hard Knocks. Individually, plenty of the league’s franchises have no interest in welcoming the cameras and microphones into their facilities.

“We wish that program all the success in the world,” Bears chairman George McCaskey told WSCR-AM on Friday, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “If we’re never on it, that’s just fine with us. Nothing new there.”

McCaskey has concerns about the language that makes its way onto the HBO series, in which the Bears or one of six other teams could be forced to star for 2016.

“I’m no prude — I grew up around locker rooms, I’ve heard all kinds of language — and I was shocked at the language,” McCaskey said. “There’s an intrusive element. When you’re telling a kid that his life’s dream has ended, at least as far as your team is concerned, we think that should be a private thing.”

Plenty of teams agree. But enough of them have decided that the league should embrace the show, which routinely subjects players who are in the process of losing their jobs to have that moment broadcast to the world.

McCaskey’s position generally about the show isn’t new or surprising. The Bears have become one of the most secretive organizations in football, routinely declining interview requests and at times alienating local reporters with a seemingly gratuitous lack of honesty and candor (e.g., the Kevin White injury). Part of the attitude comes for the ill-advised, Belichickian “anything we say can and will be used against us” mindset. But the Bears also have developed a strong desire to funnel news and access through their own website, via EXCLUSIVE! sit-downs between, as a practical matter, coworkers.

So maybe the real message is that the Bears would do Hard Knocks, but only if they had full control over the content — and if the episodes would appear solely the team’s official, in-house website.

25 responses to “McCaskey says Bears have no interest in Hard Knocks

  1. No team has interest in this nonsense. But we all know the world wants to see Big John Football.

  2. Let’s not go dissen’ the Bears again Florio….just cause your boy’s can’t win the division either.

  3. My Vikings would be a perfect candidate for this show. Child abuser running back. The tiniest handed, noodle armed QB that can’t throw past 15 yards. Our clown GM in Rick Speilman and all his goofball antics. Norv Turner’s hilarious play calling with circus music. And of course our FG kicker in Blair Walsh, watching him struggle to make 25 yard chip shots and all the hilarity in that event. Entertainment all around in Minnesota!!!

  4. da85bears says:
    Mar 5, 2016 7:33 PM

    Let’s not go dissen’ the Bears again Florio….just cause your boy’s can’t win the division either.


    Florio is a Viking fan and they just won the division last year.

  5. Tom Coughlin instructed Mara who told Goodell that he would never allow Hard Knocks at the Giants. And guess what – they have never been asked despite a string of the last 3 years not making the playoffs.
    Old Tom has now departed. Interesting to see if the Giants are still allowed to avoid it despite being the most popular team in the largest US city. Maybe it would get good ratings too???

  6. If I ran the Bears I’d do the same thing 99.9% of the media are tools. Why give access to a bunch of clowns that will use said access to make silly speculations and vacillate between asking inane questions guaranteed to be answered in cliches coupled with even more inane questions designed to stir up controversy.

  7. But the Bears are perfectly happy to accept the monetary proceeds from the show. Hypocrites

  8. “Florio is a Viking fan and they just won the division last year.”

    New to the site? Welcome.

    Florio roots for the Steelers.

  9. howiehandles says:
    Mar 5, 2016 9:37 PM

    “Florio is a Viking fan and they just won the division last year.”

    New to the site? Welcome.

    Florio roots for the Steelers.


    Clearly you have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about!

    a simple google search and this is everywhere:

    “Florio, 44, an erstwhile Vikings fan living in Steelers country, began his blog in 2001 as a sideline to his law practice.”

  10. “I’m no prude — I grew up around locker rooms, I’ve heard all kinds of language — and I was shocked at the language,”

    All of a sudden, he’s going from “My Mom was pi$$ed off…” to, well, this.

    Georgie went from Head-Ticket-Seller and #1 Bears fan to… I don’t even know what that is…

    Do the Bears fans a favor and SELL THE TEAM! We’ve been asking for it since the elder McCaskey was running the show and playing Jerrah Jones.

    Sell the team, bring back the Honey Bears.. and more importantly: Get rid of the nepotism that has brought this team down since the ’80s. Good gravy, we’ve got McCaskeys coming out of our ears on every level of the team since 1986… and we’re a perennial LOSER as a team.

    Bro, your Mom can’t stand this team. Neither can Bears fans.

    Put ’em on TV and SELL them.


  11. Shocking! A member of the media doesn’t like the Bears tight-lipped ways. I’m ok with it. Yeah, I’d like to know more about my favorite team, but after the Trestman “Let’s talk about everything” disaster, I can live with this.

  12. First, The REAL vikingforlife writing here, 2nd, we all know Florio is NOT a Viking fan (give me an effing break!), And if any of you lived in the crappy city of Chicago, you KNOW how secretive the precious Bears are with info. My God, man, I know everyone has to have their time on HK, but there will be actual fingernail marks as they bring them out of the conference room (or court room knowing them). You see that look on Lovie’s face when he’s on the sidelines? That’s the same look he had in Chicago: a man that was brainwashed, same with Fox, I used to like him before he came to Chicago. He ACTUALLY had a mind of his own. Not anymore. Ask someone who is NOT a Bear’s fan. They will tell you the truth.

  13. I think the players cut on camera should get a “cut on camera” bonus.

    They are providing the drama, and as hard as getting cut probably is, it’s probably even harder getting cut on TV. Hence some monetary compensation should help ease some of the burden.

    As for the Bears. They would be perfect. It might even show us a different Jay than we se on the field.

  14. Please explain how keeping everything in-house is “ill-advised.” No one on the team benefits from everyone knowing what your processes are or what you’re doing, and can actively hurt you (ask the jets after they lost Woodhead to the Pats—in large part because they were on Hard Knocks). So please, explain how everyone knowing what your team is doing benefits them. As a fan I might want to know, but only an idiot can’t see why it’s not good for the team.

  15. I would love to see the Bears on Hard Knocks. As a long time fan of the team, it would be great to finally get some insight into the off season and witness things falling apart directly instead of hearing about it secondhand later in the year when the team starts losing.

  16. Philbin and Smith were exposed as fraud Head Coaches on Hard Knocks. Teams with weak HC’s should not be on this program.

  17. Talk about a team that is perfect for Hard Knocks. You couldn’t design a better subject.

    As another poster states so well it would give us Bear fans a much clearer insight into why the Bears will end up 6 and 10 or 5 and 11 next year.

    That’s the real reason McCaskey does not want to be the subject of the show.

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