Roseman: DeMarco Murray told me he wants to stay


If Eagles running back DeMarco Murray wants out of Philadelphia, he hasn’t told the guy who runs the team’s football operations.

Appearing on Friday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio, Roseman explained that Murray said he wants to stay.

“My last conversation with him was just that,” Roseman said. “That he wants to be here and this is the place he wants to have a tremendous amount of success like he had in Dallas. I think sometimes we forget a year ago at this time he’s coming off the NFL offensive player of the year. I mean that’s a tremendous honor, tremendous accomplishment to be able to do that and we’re not talking about five, six years ago. We’re talking about one year ago.”

That’s right, but the intervening season in Philadelphia was not a good one. It really doesn’t matter, because Murray has a fully-guaranteed salary of $7 million in 2016. Though it has been widely (and inaccurately) reported that Murray’s cap charge for 2016 is $13 million, the actual cap number is $8 million. The Eagles could chop that in half by trading him, and he’d be off the books for 2017.

But it won’t be easy to find a trade partner, especially with $7 million fully guaranteed for 2016 and another $2 million fully guaranteed for 2017.

So Murray would have to be willing to take less to get out of Philadelphia. Which could be reason enough to want to stay.

15 responses to “Roseman: DeMarco Murray told me he wants to stay

  1. Makes sense. Most people want to keep the jobs they have. For example Big John Football.

  2. This nothing more than Dallas writers or staffers perpetuating this story. OTH, DeMarco better play well.

  3. Murray will be a beast again this year. no more gimmic offense, no more sweeps to the left. a real NFL offense for real NFL players.

    San Fran is in for a long couple of years.

  4. It actually hasn’t been widely or inaccurately reported that his cap hit would be $13mm…only that if cut, his dead money would be $13mm.

  5. But it won’t be easy to find a trade partner, especially with $7 million fully guaranteed for 2016 and another $2 million fully guaranteed for 2017.

    Why does everyone think DMM’s guaranteed money is so untradeable?

    A $7M salary for a good starting RB is not that out of line when the salary cap for 2016 is $155M. Marshawn and AP both took home well over $10M in 2015. If he is even 75% of what he did in Dallas when he was 2014 NFL Offensive Player of the Year, that’s a pretty good deal for the team.

    After this year, only $2M is guaranteed. If a team believes in him enough to make him a starter and take on his $7M salary this year, another $2M in 2017 is not that much for a starting RB.

  6. Murray isn’t especially fast or shifty. He needs the offensive line to blow open that first big hole so he can build up a head of steam.

    He will be better this year as the team around him improves but will he be that much better than a 3rd or 4th round rookie RB? His MVP year was more a function of a dominant offensive line and leading the league in carries. He had almost 400 carries, 80 more than the next highest RB.

    The fact of the matter is they can’t cut him and they can’t trade him. Everyone will lie through their teeth and smile for one more year.

    Thanks Chip.

  7. While part of the problem was the wear and tear, I think the scheme was a terrible fit for his style.

    While I think 2014 DeMarco was one-and-done, I wouldn’t be shocked to see him gain 1,100 yards on the ground as a lead back.

  8. The money is a pretty good incentive to stay… that and the fact that Chip Kelly isn’t around anymore.

  9. Does anyone think Murray, Algholor, Matthews, Ertz, or Bradford, are great players? Mediocrity is their ceiling, and still no o line. Sorry Eagles fans, and good luck.

  10. Fix the O-line. Move Peters inside to LG and Lane Johnson at LT. Kelce stays at C. Now they need two new guys on the right. Get one in FA and one in the draft. And draft another backup or two. Consider adding a fullback.

    RB is not the problem.

  11. Now how are y’all feeling? Cowboys dropped the ball…Murray dropped the ball…while Philly closed their eyes & just threw it in the air like Eli…I don’t feel sorry for no party involved! They all got what they deserved in the end! #CowboysFan

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