Alfred Morris says thanks with “unknown getting closer”


The chances that running back Alfred Morris will be moving on as a free agent have looked pretty good since Redskins president Bruce Allen said that the team would “see what happens” in the event Morris doesn’t get a great contract offer from another team.

Morris hadn’t shared his thoughts before late last week when he said, via, that he didn’t know how things would play out for him in free agency and described himself as “excited, but at the same time, I’m kind of like wary” about what lies ahead. He also said there were no hard feelings for the Redskins regardless of how things play out, something he repeated in an Instagram post that also addressed the team’s fans.

“Man the last 4 years have flown by. I’ve met a lot of great people, made a lot of great memories, and was given countless opportunities to live my dream and better myself and my family,” Morris wrote. “With the unknown getting closer I just wanted to take a second and thank the entire Redskins organization for an amazing four years. From Mr. Dan Snyder to Mrs. B.J Blanchard who works the front desk and always greets everyone with a smile. No matter what happens I will always be apart of #RedskinsNation and a special thanks to all the fans and their abundance of love, support, and loyalty y’all make this game what [it] is.”

Morris has led the team in rushing in all four of his NFL seasons, but saw his lowest production and usage during the 2015 season. Coach Jay Gruden has said the team drafted Matt Jones last year with the intent of making him a feature back, which may have been the first step of a farewell tour that will end in the near future for Morris in Washington.

26 responses to “Alfred Morris says thanks with “unknown getting closer”

  1. It was fun watching such a classy guy work his tail off for my team for four years. I loved it when he would have 4 dudes on his back and continue to push for 3 extra yards.

    If you could make your entire team up of guys like Morris, you’d win the Super Bowl. Best of luck wherever you land Al, and hoping it’s back with us!

  2. Morris was always a class act and came across as a genuinely good guy. I really don’t understand why good running backs are so flippantly discarded these days. I look forward to the return of the balanced offense.

  3. I’ll never understand his lack of utilization, wonderful old school style back with a good head on his shoulders. His next home is hopefully a Super Bowl contender

  4. Alf is the most down to earth, humble athlete I’ve ever read about. He deserves to find a team that will use his rushing talent accordingly. The drop in his production was because he was running behind an offensive line that would make Barry Sanders have a YPC of 3.7.

  5. Total class act; but not sure if he is still an NFL running back. I hope so and if his future is with another team all the best Alfred.

  6. Total respect.

    Too bad PFT and the rest of the media choose to promote the malcontents of the league and not guys like Morris.

  7. Alf is well respected amongst all Skins fans. While this is purely business decision from the team, his work within the community won’t be forgotten.

  8. Sad to see Morris go, consummate professional. Jones is a fumbling machine, who runs upright, and gets dinged up too much. Definitely a down grade from Morris.

  9. Alfred Morris is the definition of a professional. Great teammate, humble and he produced on the field for the majority of his career with the Redskins.

    Hate to see him go. I hope he catches on somewhere else for a few more years.

  10. Alfred is a good man. A quality person and he’ll be missed if he doesn’t make it back to the Skins. If someone else signs him, he’s the kind of guy that you hope finds success wherever he goes. His numbers have dropped off quite a bit since that rookie year. I had hoped it wasn’t as much of him and was more the offense but the eye test told a different story. I think the Skins saw the same thing or they wouldn’t let him test the market and would have resigned him by now.

  11. It’s sad to see him go, but I’m sure he’ll bounce back with a team that utilizes the zone blocking scheme, something the redskins got away from once Gruden was hired. Their o-line is definitely better than when he was drafted back in 2012, but they went towards a power running game which was the reason for his fall off in production. He doesn’t have the burst to hit a hole going north and south, but get him on a team that runs the stretch plays and he will be fine. Good luck Alf, thanks for the memories from 2012.

  12. Morris was the perfect class act and a great locker room presence and a productive player you know the money won’t go to his head. Why take a chance on a lesser player and character.

  13. one word keeps coming up here, – class.
    the NFL (pro sports in general) needs more guys like Alf, – best wishes wherever you land man!

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