Andy Reid will have a slow road back from knee replacement


Chiefs coach Andy Reid missed the Scouting Combine after knee surgery. He remains a long way from getting back to 100 percent.

Reid, appearing Saturday night at the annual 101 Banquet in Kansas City, explained that he eventually will have a second procedure to finalize the replacement of his right knee.

“Right now I’ve just got a plate in there,” Reid said, via Adam Teicher of “They’ll keep that in for another five to six weeks and then we’ll go ahead and put a new knee back in, a new prosthetic, and then we’ll start the rehab from there.”

It was assumed that Reid, who had a knee replacement a year ago, had his other knee replaced. The Chiefs have confirmed that Reid’s new knee from last year was removed and replaced, apparently due to an infection.

“It’s kind of a freak thing,” Reid said. “It had been bothering me since training camp, [swelling] up a little bit. They were working on it with antibiotics. I kind of knew once we got to the end of the season we would have to go in and get it taken care of.”

Reid said he’ll be on the “IR for just a little bit,” but that he has been able to go back to the office and it “moving around OK.”

We wish Coach Reid the best as he continues through this process.