Bilal Powell could quickly find a new home in free agency


The PFT Free Agent Hot 100 doesn’t include Jets running back Bilal Powell. In hindsight, maybe it should have.

Buzz is building for Powell, who does well enough in both the ground and passing game to merit consideration for a respectable contract, with his current team or elsewhere.

The 27-year-old has spent all five seasons of his career with the Jets, and he had more than 700 yards from scrimmage in 2015, appearing in 11 games. His best season cam in 2013, with 697 yards rushing and another 272 receiving.

The fact that he arrived when coach Rex Ryan and G.M. Mike Tannenbaum were working for the Jets makes Powell an obvious dot-connecting candidate for the cross-pollinated AFC East, where Ryan is now with the Bills and Tannenabaum is now with the Dolphins. The versatility could also attract the attention of the Patriots.

While Powell hardly will break the bank, he’s a guy who could find himself gobbled up fairly quickly, with a deal that suggests he’ll have an opportunity to take on a role bigger than the one he has had.

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  1. Definitely overlooked on the PFT free agent list, especially when you consider washed up RBs like Forte, Foster and Joique Bell were on the list. I would take Powell in a heartbeat over any of those fossils.

  2. If belichick can steal this guy from The jets it would be even better than when they snatched woodhead from them too. This guy has been the most talented back on that team for years and shows it when given the chance (multiple 100 yard games). He would be a great power back and we could probably get the same production out of him than from Blount and I’m sure he’ll be cheaper

  3. I’m a Jets fan and he was really good last year, he just had trouble staying healthy, which generally isn’t an issue for him. He was huge during our 5 game win streak and he was injured and missed the final Buffalo game. In hindsight, that’s probably a big part of the reason the Jets lost that game.

    He looked more explosive this year than ever before and can do it all. He’s also probably one of the best blocking backs in the NFL. He reads and picks up blitzes extremely well. I see him as a 3rd down back but if he had to step up for a few games he’d be productive with 20-30 touches.

    He also has a tough background that you would never know because he’s humble, quiet, and just does his job. He’s one of my favorite under the radar Jets.

  4. He has the versatility that teams like and need in the modern game. He’s not great at anything but he’s pretty good at everything.

  5. This guy flies under the radar and MM needs to

    1. let Ivory go
    2. Sign Powell ASAP

    Rare RB who is an excellent 3rd down blocker, versatile catching the ball, superior quickness and doesn’t go down on the first hit.

    Please MM resign Powell now.

  6. People here have no idea what they’re talking about.

    Powell has had ONE 100+ yard game and that was in 2013. In fact, he has several games with negative rushing yards.

    His game has no weaknesses. He can catch, he can block, and he can find the hole. It also has no strengths. He can’t break a tackle, make someone miss, or outrun a defensive back.

    This year it looked like things started to click for him, but I’m quite sure that was the result of good coaching and getting the most out of your role players at the right times.

    He’s never going to be anything more than he is. I would love for him to stay because he fills a vital role. If he now has the chance to cash in with another team, then he’s certainly earned it, but he’s going to disappoint you if you expect him to be anything other than a solid role player.

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