Tre Mason arrested on drug, traffic charges in Florida


Rams running back Tre Mason’s team will be playing its home games near Hollywood, California in 2016, but Mason may be held out of some after being arrested in Hollywood, Florida on Saturday.

Mason has been charged with resisting arrest, marijuana possession, reckless driving and failure to register a motor vehicle after being pulled over on Saturday afternoon. Per a Broward County police report, via Frank Guzman of WSVN, officers observed Mason going 75 mph. in a 35 mph. zone and pulled him over after a short pursuit. Mason allegedly refused requests to provide his license or name, refused to get out of the car when police told him he would be arrested and was eventually removed after use of a Taser.

Officers found 12 grams of marijuana in the vehicle and took Mason into custody. They also took him to the hospital for medical clearance.

Nick Wagoner of reports that the Rams are “still gathering information” about what happened.

Mason, a 2014 third-round pick, is heading into his third season with the Rams.

64 responses to “Tre Mason arrested on drug, traffic charges in Florida

  1. I suppose he wins the pool on being the first Ram arrested since the team moved back to LA.

  2. Rather be tased than get out of the car, doesn’t seem like something a rational person would do.

  3. .
    Surprising….. Most cops appreciate it when you play the refuse to produce your license / refuse to get out of the car game.

  4. It also sounds as though he will be “heading into” visit Emperor Goodell and his band of crooks.

    Almost forgot to mention the obligatory Cris Carter phone call incoming too; although that’s a good thing.

  5. When will these idiots realize that cooperating with the police is the best thing you can do? Probably would have walked away with a few tickets instead of being tased and arrested and placed in the leagues substance abuse program.

  6. Same old story… too much money, too much free time and too much ego. Hopefully the Taser jarred some of his brain cells back into functioning.

  7. terripet
    Mar 6, 2016, 4:40 PM EST
    mason go to the pats they like players like you

    What the hell are you talking about. I know Patriot bashing has become a sport for most of you but at least make the statement comprehensible. I don’t recall a Pats player being arrested for resisting arrest and then being tazed. Normally I like the back and forth between fans about their respective teams but at least try to make some sense.

  8. His vehicle was not registered, he had dope in it yet he went 75 in a 35. Let me guess, all his coaches talk about how “smart” he is. This dude is as mentally dumb as you can get.

  9. Misdemeanor stuff ’til he resisted and got tased, that’s some felony stupidity right there
    TMZ has got to be hunting down video of this.

  10. Driving around Florida and being constantly reminded that he lost the Heismen AND National championship to Jameis Winston would make me wanna get stoned too

  11. Settle down people it’s just a little weed safer than any pill your taking. Or any adult beverage your drinking. The speeding, resisting arrest were very poor judgement. Hopefully it doesn’t affect this upcoming season.

  12. mackcarrington says:
    Mar 6, 2016 4:07 PM
    I suppose he wins the pool on being the first Ram arrested since the team moved back to LA.
    I’m not sure it counts, all they have done so far is change the name.
    Maybe a penalty for a false start? Illegal motion?

  13. He is welcome to come to the Patriots. He just has to play hard, stay out of trouble and be a good teammate.

  14. What is wrong with these idiots. Athletes nowadays are always talking about being “disrespected” yet think they are above any laws and refuse to accept any responsibility for their actions or “man up.” Maybe I’m old and out-of-touch but it seems to me a better course of action would be to admit you were speeding and take your punishment. Of course an even better course of action is to not go 75 in a 35 (isn’t that an immediate arrest for going 40mph over the speed limit), to register your vehicle like you’re supposed to and give the cops your name? If he had complied with them he’d have probably gotten away with getting tickets instead of being arrested. These guys clamor about respect but show no respect towards anyone or anything.

  15. According to the police report, he was bailed out before he even had to go to jail. There was no word on how much the bail was or if he had a lawyer. How can you be bailed out without knowing what your bail is? He must have some powerful friends.

  16. With Gurley getting most of the work, Mason rushed for 207 yards and a touchdown last season. He also was deactivated for the team’s game against Baltimore on Nov. 22 because he missed the team bus to the airport.

    I guess he hasn’t been paying attention to how Randle flushed his NFL career down the commode with his poor decisions.

  17. @ razzlejag

    “He just has to play hard, stay out of trouble and be a good teammate.”

    So far he’s 0-3. Don’t expect it to change much.

  18. Chris Carter at next Rookie Symposium:

    “When the cop says he is going to taze you, Simply comply, don’t wait until you are twitching around in a pool of your own urine.”

  19. Didn’t comply, resisted arrest? Surely it was the overly aggressive police who’s really to blame. How dare they expect a black male athlete to adhere to the expectations of a civilized society. Thanks to the White House and the policies at it’s direction, this sort of behavior has been emboldened and encouraged. Just another symptom of this country’s slow circling of the drain…

  20. I saw “drug” and “traffic” and thought we had another Darryl Henley situation on our hands. Whew!

    He was speeding and caught with weed. Big whoop!

  21. If you are going to drive around recklessly with drugs in your car, I think you need a plan in case you get pulled over. Becoming belligerent and getting tasered seems like the WORST plan you can come up with. What was he hoping to accomplish? Puff his chest out and back the cop down so he would get scared and let him go? Hello, Tre! You are lucky you weren’t shot!

  22. 1)driving 75 in a 35 lol
    2)not registering vehicle lol again
    3)getting his ass tasered for no good reason other than ignorance lol still

    damn dude when you are carrying you cant be doing all that

  23. Come on Tre, clean up your act!!!! Todd Gurley is the starter, but he cannot take every single carry. These guys get millions of bucks to play NFL football. All they have to do is obey the law and stay out of trouble. This concept is too difficult for many players.

    The Rams may need a backup RB now.

  24. 75 in a 35 zone is too fast. Being uncooperative got him tasered… and then arrested for 12 grams of pot? Must have been really good sativa. These knuckleheads keep giving pot heads a bad name.

  25. @ fearsome4

    last time I looked ,It was still Illegal in florida
    and It’s illegal in 37 states ,that’s what’s real.
    all you people who keep saying it should be legal
    need to stop smoking and get on the phone with your
    until the government figures out a taxation plan
    for pot sales,it’ll never be legalized
    that’s the real reason it’s illegal

  26. fearsome4 says:
    Mar 6, 2016 7:09 PM

    Arresting citizens for possession of marijuana. Are we really still doing that? So stupid.

    Talk about an agenda. Didn’t you read the entire story? He was going 75 in a 35, wouldn’t give his name, was driving an unregistered vehicle and wouldn’t get out of the car until they tasered him. Then wouldn’t put his hands behind his back until they tasered him again. And yet all you have to say is it’s stupid he got arrested for weed. Brilliant.

  27. fearsome4 says:
    Mar 6, 2016 7:09 PM
    Arresting citizens for possession of marijuana. Are we really still doing that? So stupid.


    It is possible that the police wouldn’t have even needed to search his car for the nearly half ounce of marijuana if he had not been an idiot. But, 75 in a 35? Refusing to provide his license in a car that wasn’t registered? Refusing to exit the vehicle? What on earth would make you think you can just do that?

    You provide your ID and registration when you are pulled over. If you do not have a current, provide the previous one and a reason why it isn’t renewed. Eat your speeding ticket and get out of there with a fine that your NFL paycheck will easily cover. If they ask to search your vehicle, politely decline because it has nothing to do with the reason you were pulled over. You’ve otherwise cooperated and you just don’t want the officer wasting your time.

    If you know you are engaged in illegal activities, it is generally a poor plan to antagonize an officer for no reason.

  28. Glad to know all the haters were at the scene and know exactly what happen. I have to say though, the best posts are the ones that blame this on Obama.

    That being said, I’m even happier that the Rams organization isn’t as critical as this bunchy and is taking its time to gather more information. I’d love to see the video of him getting tasered while sitting in his car. Bet you all will love that.

    I am sure the details will soon emerge and if Tre is guilty of the charges against him, then he probably won’t not make it to Los Angeles. I’d say its a little to early to tell.

  29. Typical Ram player. This is the kind of player the organization likes. He was probably visiting Steadman . This is the kind of guy you want representing your team ? What is so hard about staying out of trouble ? Grow up and get serious about being a professional football player.

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