Brady says he learned about commitment from watching Manning


Tom Brady and Peyton Manning will never meet on the field again after Manning officially announces his retirement today, but Brady credits his longtime friend and rival Manning for showing him the way a quarterback has to be committed to the game.

Brady told Peter King of that from seeing the way Manning is mentally prepared for everything on the field, he learned just how much time he needed to spend on getting himself ready.

I realized the level of commitment you must have to be great, watching him do it. I know the time I put in, so I knew the time he had to have put in. It’s not 9 to 5. It’s a lifelong commitment. Football is a sport, it’s an art, it’s a religion. It’s all-encompassing. He mastered it.”

Brady says he’s been a student of Manning, trying to learn everything he can about the way Manning approached the game.

“Every game he has played, I have watched,” Brady said. “I have file folders of his plays, of how he plays. It’d take years for me to watch it all again. But what he’s done in Denver has been incredible. Think of what he did—changing teams, changing organizations, at his age, and then in four years going to two Super Bowls with that team.”

At a time when NFL teams are desperately trying to draft the next Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, and desperately trying to avoid the next Johnny Manziel, identifying a player who will have a Brady/Manning work ethic is as important as anything a quarterback does on the field.

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  1. The two greatest Qbs to ever play the game. Hope these two will continue to be close to the game after retirement. Coordinators or analysts of sort.

  2. A nice gesture from one great to another. Two pros that respect each other even if fans can’t.

  3. Neither of these two are great athletes, but both will be remembered for their mental toughness and the way they played the game with class and respect. The way it should be.

  4. Brady and Manning may even surpass Bird and Magic. That’s very high praise.

  5. They forsure got that 2 old war buddies on the porch in rocking chairs feel about them. I wouldnt mind seeing them do stuff on tv together when its all said and done.

  6. It’s like Magic and Bird- only an ignorant, close minded minded fan is unable to see that their greatness soared to new heights when their teams played against each other. I didn’t root for Brady against my Broncos, but even during those games from 2012-15, I respected the hell out of him. It’s sad to see this Shakespearean drama of Brady vs. Manning end.

  7. Even though I watched and appreciated every game these two played against one another it still seems like it went by too fast. It’s too bad cause I’m not sure we will ever see another QB rivalry as good as this one. I hope so but like Bird and Magic these types of rivalries only come along every few generations. I can’t wait to tell my grandchildren all about these two and how absolutely incredible it was to have witnessed it.

  8. Brady is the best ever…. Brady is all class …. Soon Brady will be 5 a time champ …. Brady carried his teams …. Threw the ball in the most critical of situations on the biggest stages…. Gump handed the ball off in the most critical of situations …. Gump will never be in Brady’s league ever … End of line

  9. Is he learning to win or lose fair and square, or will he continue to cheat in every game of every season and complete the tarnishing of the legacy he always wanted but now can never have?

  10. And he learned about cheating from watching Belichick.

  11. These two played each other in some of the greatest games I have had the privilege to observe. Once Brady is gone, who will we be left with? Cam Newton? Hopefully Russell Wilson can’t step up and become the face of the league…

  12. Is he learning to win or lose fair and square, or will he continue to cheat in every game of every season and complete the tarnishing of the legacy he always wanted but now can never have?

    Also, what are you talking about? Brady’s legacy is that he is the best QB of all time. Its not a debate, its reality. Everyone knows it……and just the ill-informed or hater can’t admit it. His legacy will always in be tact. He will be a first ballot HOF who won at least 4 SBs and widely considered the GOAT by the time his career is done. Just because someone whose opinion no one cares about thinks he has no legacy, doesn’t make it true.

  13. What an honor for Peyton Manning to be complimented this way by the greatest QB that ever graced an NFL football field with his presence. 🙂

  14. ninjapleazee says:
    Mar 7, 2016 8:48 AM
    Big difference since one cheats other doesn’t.


    Agreed, but today is not the day to bring up the HGH stuff. Peyton had a terrific career – Godspeed sir!!

  15. Too bad Brady never learned about integrity from Manning.

    HGH, sexual assault allegations, open marriage, etc. etc. Yea, Manning is the definition of integrity!

  16. John Harbaugh Is A Sad, Whiney Middle Aged Woman says:
    Mar 7, 2016 7:59 AM

    Is he learning to win or lose fair and square, or will he continue to cheat in every game of every season and complete the tarnishing of the legacy he always wanted but now can never have?

    Manning is retiring.

  17. Sorry to burst all of your respective bubbles, but Joe Montana is the Greatest of All Time. Manning was good in the regular season, Brady is good in the Playoffs. Montana was the master of both.

  18. We will tell our grandchildren about the accomplishments and duels between these two all-time greats. The quarterbacks being drafted in this “new” generation are nothing like the old guard of traditional pocket passers. I was never a Manning fan but deep down, whether you want to admit it to yourself or not, you recognize greatness when you see it.

  19. And he learned how to cheat by watching his coach and owner. One perfected it on the field and the other was great at it off the field!

  20. I always enjoyed the story of when Manning was a super star in the making, and Brady was just some guy backing up Drew Bledsoe, Manning still went out of his way to introduce himself to Brady before a game.

    People that can’t bring themselves to respect their rivals need to grow up.

  21. Tom Brady has been a great QB himself, as a Bills fan I only wished his personality was more like Peyton which would have had Bills, Jets and Dolphin fans embrace him as our ambassador for the AFC East but that never happened

  22. I always imagined that had he wanted, Manning could have given advice to the defensive players while calling out audibles. He frequently seemed to know the defensive sets better than the guys actually running them.

    For all the talk of Manning getting a GM sort of job his great strength was always in recognizing and understanding schemes. I don’t know how teachable a skill that is but if I ran a team I’d certainly be willing to pay big bucks to see if any of it could rub off on a top young QB.

  23. I’m not a fan of either QB, but this is a classy thing to hear. I don’t think that any statements about who is the “GOAT” hold water because football has changed so much since the early days. Are they two of the greatest of their generation of QBs? Yes.

  24. sidepull says:
    Mar 7, 2016 6:47 AM
    Brady is GOAT

    Goat seems a bit harsh, though I’m sure some are bitter for his interception to end their season. I wouldn’t lay the blame on Brady for having a losing playoff record against Manning either. It’s really a team effort. To call him a goat is a bit of an overreaction. Just as it’s not fair to grade a QB on Super Bowl titles (as defense, and coaching , generally win titles), it’s not fair to blame Brady for his losing playoff record against Manning. Heck, he had a winning record in the regular season (I know I know … regular season)

  25. Wow…so many small minds here in PFT. Two of the greatest QB’s to ever play and we have so many comments starting with “But” and then some lame story about drugs or cheating. You know who you are and your comments attempting to discredit either Manning or Brady are recognized for what it and you truly all about.

  26. thesmartest1 | Mar 7, 2016, 6:06 AM EST
    A nice gesture from one great to another. Two pros that respect each other even if fans can’t.

    Exactly!! Why do we feel the need to chop one down when something is written about the other. We will never see this level again. The Brady vs manning duels were epic. Why can’t we just enjoy both. How lucky we were.

  27. citpyrc says:
    Mar 7, 2016 6:33 AM


    You mean all the nice things he said about Manning were lies?

  28. Tom when you retire you will be mocked by everyone with the exception of Boston area fans. All the honor and accolades belong to Peyton. Perhaps you can watch some reruns of his games while your sitting out for cheating on your four game suspension. You will make it to the Hall of Fame but forever your accomplishments will be in doubt. That will never be with Peyton!

  29. Brady’s cell phone – It was stated on more than one occasion that Brady had already surrendered it once before.

    He has the bucks so he wanted to get a new one. If you are Tom Brady would you trust ANYONE in the NFL office to protect the integrity of your cell phone that you don’t want any more? Of course you don’t – you destroy it.

  30. The Media Forced Mannings Hand! If he is Smart he will Unretire and Win Three More Consecutive Super Bowls for the Vikings!!!

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