Colts keep Dwayne Allen, on a four-year deal

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The Colts had two tight ends poised to become free agents. They now have one. But the one who re-signed isn’t the one anyone expected to re-sign.

Per a league source, the Colts and tight end Dwayne Allen have worked out a four-year, $29.4 million deal. He’ll get $12 million in year one, $17 million total through two years, and $22 million through three years. The includes $16 million guaranteed; it’s unclear how much is fully guaranteed at signing.

A third-round pick in 2012, Allen had 16 catches last year.

The question now becomes whether the Colts will retain tight end Coby Fleener, a second-round pick in 2012. He had a career-high 54 receptions in 2015.

42 responses to “Colts keep Dwayne Allen, on a four-year deal

  1. That’s quite a lot of money for a tight end who hasn’t caught more than 45 passes in a single season. Is he a great blocker?

  2. Get Peyton in there as GM/Player Personel — same type of role as Elway has in Denver. Be awesome for Colts. Grigson is awful. Allen is not worth $29 million.

  3. He was always clearly better than Fleener. now maybe he will get a chance to shine. I think he can be a 800 yards 8 td guy.

  4. People will talk smack about this but Allen would be a great tight end if the Colts got rid of Coby Fleener.

  5. Flee we they will let walk and someone will overpay. I like Allen a lot but that’s a lot of scratch. Medical report must have come back golden

  6. I like Allen over Fleener. Better blocker; better hands; just has to stay healthy. If he does, he’ll be worth the deal.

  7. Two years at 16M isn’t bad presuming medical comes back fine.

    Unless you actually watch the Colts, you don’t realize that the offensive line was so bad that Allen had to stay back as the blocker (Fleener wasn’t going to).

  8. Allen is an extremely capable receiver when healthy and he’s the better blocker. Also a hell of a guy off the field. Not to say Fleener isn’t but I’m just saying if Allen stays healthy he’s a good guy to have.

  9. Fleener is SOFT. Allen is without a doubt the more complete TE. Was forced to block 90% of the time due to Swiss cheese O-line. If he can stay healthy, he can be a top 10 TE in the league. Let Fleener walk.

  10. It’s like the Colts think they’re really good and getting better, when in reality they’re not very good and getting worse.

    How Grigson won Exec. of the year is MINDBOGGLING.

  11. Great move by Grigson. Allen was a third round steal, and now he’s going to be paid like the blue chipper that he is.

  12. The price is steep but a good re-sign. Caught 8 td’s two years ago but hard to match that last year with all the QB issues. Good blocker and can break big plays at times. Just hope he stays healthy, as with all players.

  13. Dwayne Allen will see $22M thru his extension’s first 3 years:
    Zach Ertz: $21M
    Kyle Rudolph: $18.6M
    Gronk: $12.9M

    He is worth twice as much as Gronk or there is some shenanigan financials going on.

  14. Any Colt fan will tell you, Allen>Fleener. I like Fleener, but passes bounce off of his hands when he’s wide open too often.

  15. Help me out here Colts fans. I don’t get to see this guy play, and I just saw his stat lines. How on earth is he worth that contract?

  16. “fanofpft says:
    Mar 7, 2016 8:36 PM
    Good move the cheaters would have nabbed him.

    4 4
    Report comment”

    Love that the paranoia and inferiority complex extends to Colts ownership, allowing for horrible overpays like this one.

  17. All these people bashing them keeping Allen don’t know much. They just look at catches and numbers. What they aren’t looking at is Allen is a complete tight end catching and blocking. He only had 16 catches last year because he was put in too bolster the OL because Fleener can’t block to save his life and he has butterfingers. I agree that Allen hasn’t been healthy as they need, but I promise you he is an all round better tight end and it’s not even close.

  18. hahaicansezbelicheat says:
    Mar 7, 2016 9:45 PM

    “fanofpft says:
    Mar 7, 2016 8:36 PM
    Good move the cheaters would have nabbed him.

    4 4
    Report comment”

    Love that the paranoia and inferiority complex extends to Colts ownership, allowing for horrible overpays like this one.

    You explain it then
    The two top players on the team making 1/2 the going market price.

  19. Yeah we don’t know much because people are stating the obvious, his not worth that contract! He may be better than the numbers indicate but is he a top five tight end? No, so please stop trying to make this deal seem as though it was a good move because it was not. If you got him for three years and 12-16 million ok but this much……Come On Man

  20. Great move by the Colts front office. Dwayne Allen is one of the best all around tight ends in the game. Perfect for what the Colts are trying to run, he should be on the field for almost every snap.

    29 Mil is going to look like chump change by the end of his contract.

    Not a Colt homer, I’m a Raiders fan.

  21. Dwayne Allen is a top five tight end. He is worth this contract.

    “I’ve never heard of Dwayne Allen so he’s not worth it.” You guys are idiots.

  22. If he makes it through training camp, the O/U on weeks until he goes to IR is 4…
    place your bets.

  23. Allen isn’t even the same player as when he was drafted.

    He was a heck of an all-around talent. The injuries slowed him down too much, and that pre-injury player doesn’t come back 99% of the time.

    As a Colts fan, I like Allen at his best, but i hate the numbers on this deal.

  24. Come on he is not worth the money, but when you moonlight as an offensive lineman as well, they had to combine that difference somehow.

  25. Some people ripping this contract or the player for that matter, speaks to the overall lack of knowledge with the game or speaking without background–just what they pull up on ESPN stats. Colts kept this guy into block an inordinate amount of time so QB’s didn’t get killed, even more than they were. Not to mention he is completely committed to blocking and becoming a better blocker– a lost art which leads to winning football. When he is allowed to run routes he is an outstanding route runner and has some of the best tight-end hands in the league. If Grigs fixes the line, a big “if”, this guy can be a top five tight end. Could be wrong, but we will see, personally think it was a great signing.

  26. “He is worth twice as much as Gronk or there is some shenanigan financials going on.”

    Actually therein lies one of the better areas of Belichick’s roster management. He resigns guys years before their deal is up; giving them much greater financial security in return for a lower signing amount. As the Hatriots would have you believe Gronk is made of china (when in fact he’s just had some garbage luck and cheap shots), so he took the security and is savvy enough to live off endorsements without touching the contract $.

    Hard to compete with an executive of the year who continues to crush it with signings like this, the Richardson trade, the drafting of Dorsett; et al but I think us Pats fans will be alright. Keep hanging those participation banners!! 😉

  27. Did anyone consider that Fleener’s salary demands were significantly higher than Allen’s and basic economics / salary cap issues drove this decision?

  28. @ nflequalswwe

    I side with you over him being hurt. Only missed 1 game the last 2 season and 5 games the season before.

    But not on the contract. It ran its course with the kicker and re upping the whole contract due now four year later.

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