Jaguars have targets, one could be Malik Jackson


The Jaguars have roughly $90 million in cap space. While they won’t be using it all in free agency, they’ll likely try to use plenty of it.

One name that has emerged now that the legal tampering window has opened is Jaguars defensive lineman Malik Jackson. A defensive end in Denver’s 3-4 alignment, Jackson potentially could become a Michael Bennett-style presence in Jacksonville, playing outside on running downs and sliding inside on passing downs.

Regardless of whether they win the push for Jackson (other teams surely will be in play), the Jaguars have several targets, we’re told, for the first wave of free agency. The goal is to use free agency to make up for some draft-day misfires in the years prior to the arrival of G.M. Dave Caldwell and coach Gus Bradley.

The Jaguars currently have a great, young nucleus of talent. If they can now add solid players who fit the culture and can provide leadership and performance, the Jaguars could be on the verge of becoming a true contender.

Regardless of what they do this week, look for them to retain some cash and cap space for re-signing key young players to long-term deals after the next regular season. At that point, quarterback Blake Bortles, receiver Allen Robinson, and linebacker Telvin Smith will be eligible for new deals.

22 responses to “Jaguars have targets, one could be Malik Jackson

  1. If they add 4-5 defensive pieces and aren’t decimated by injuries again, they will be in the playoffs next season.

  2. I still think the best free agent move most teams can make is to sign a left tackle who’s good enough to instantly be your best offensive lineman. Your current left tackle moves to right tackle. Your right tackle either becomes a backup or he moves to guard. I’d love to see the Lions do that.

  3. Jackson is an above average player, but man is he being overhyped and soon to be overpaid. Miller and Ware drew double teams and chips on the outside, which made it a lot easier for him to rush inside. It’d be fitting for him to go to the Jaguars, who overpaid another former Broncos player (Julius Thomas) last year based on the performance of his teammate(s). Jackson is a good pickup for anyone, but paying him like he’s a top 5 defensive player (as is rumored) would be laughable.

  4. I’ve been the first to criticize Jax over the tarps, wasted draft picks, poor coaching, and mismanagement over the years. I have to admit, they were an exciting team to watch at times last season, and I like what Gus Bradley brings to the table. Although I think this signing would be a mistake, they’re moving in the right direction overall.

    – NE fan

  5. Like that LT wasn’t a misfire w/ the 2nd pick. How about M lee never getting on the field int he 2nd round. Cyp, as a safety, has hard time covering, pretty important w/ that role. These 2 have had plenty of misses too.

  6. If only all that cap space could turn into an entire defensive line, a MLB and an entire secondary maybe things will be brought for the Jags next year. Bortles is way better than I expected so maybe the Caldwell/Bradley regime is better than expected. They have been given a media free pass and unlimited time they should definitely start putting some wins together.

  7. He will be overpaid. Good player but I wouldn’t break the bank for him.

  8. besides having $$$ to spend , i do not see where you connect the dots to Jags.unless they way overpay…He might go there, but I think he would like to play for the coach who helped him his rookie year, and shared stories with about playing at USC….plus most Cali guys want to get back to the Golden State.

  9. You know what? As a die-hard Jaguar fan, I am always optimistic at this time of the year that we are one draft or one solid FA class away from being a playoff contender, but reality has punched me square in the face and I have to be honest. As long as Gus Bradley is the HC of this team, they are going absolutely no where.

  10. Caldwell and Co. have picked almost every player on the Jags. They have gotten rid of players from the prior regime who have gone on to be productive for other clubs (Eugene Monroe, Terrence Knighton, Brandon Marshall, Daryl Smith, Rashean Mathis). There is nothing wrong with that, and it will happen, but the idea that they are making up for the prior regimes picks is silly. This is their team and they own the results. The misses they are making up for are their own.

  11. i hope Jacksonville finds success. Great stadium, nice fans and pleasantly surprising city. Had the opportunity to visit when my Browns played there. One of the better road experiences i have had.

  12. shackdelrio says:
    Mar 7, 2016 3:38 PM
    Sign Jackson and Bruce Irvin. Get Fowler back. Draft Ramsey.

    AFC South champs.


    How about they try and get to 8-8 first before you crown ’em?

    And I am a Jags fan!

  13. How free agents has David Caldwell whiffed on?

    Toby Gerhart, Red Bryant, Chris Clemons, and Julius Thomas.

    Should Jackson actually go to a place where the head coach is all enthusiasm, enthusiasm, enthusiasm but no brains/correct assistant coaches and everyone goes there to be a flop?

    With Caldwell and Bradley, they’re going down the toilet. They won’t even reach 7-9 by 2056.

  14. rajbais and awhite46 are RIGHT ON THE MONEY..

    I sent in a post breaking it down with detail but for some reason they did not want to post it.

    Bottom line is Caldwell decimated roster including the good players because he OVER ESTIMATED his draft picking capability and has whiffed on FA…

    and Gus is in over his head.

    For some reason it is fashionable to think the Jags are going to be contenders but they are nowhere NEAR close to that…and a FA spending frenzy is exactly opposite of “the mantra of doing it right and building through draft”

  15. jagsfan1 wants to see them build it through the draft. What about last year’s first rounder, who is supposed to be a starter? Oop. What about SenDerrick Marks, who missed most of last season with injuries? What about Bortles, Yeldon, Robinson and Hurns?

    They don’t need to sign all the big free agents. They just need to improve on defense, and not get decimated by injuries again.

    Going into next season, they already have the best overall group of offensive skill players in the division, and their O-line is now a C+/B-. They just need to stop giving up 28 ppg (second worst in the entire NFL), which again, is fixable by bolstering the defense.

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