Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick reportedly “far apart” in contract talks


There’s not much of substance at the quarterback position in free agency.

But one of the best options there seems destined to hit the market Wednesday.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick are “far apart on a potential deal,” leading to a belief he’d hit the market.

Previously, all indications were that the Jets wanted to bring him back and that he wanted to stay. But with Sam Bradford getting an $18 million average on a two-year deal and Kirk Cousins getting franchise-tagged for $19.9 million, it’s likely raised expectations for the 33-year-old Fitzpatrick.

And it should.

When the top options in free agency are Brock Osweiler or Chase Daniel, Fitzpatrick represents a solid, safe alternative to the unknowns.

But if the Jets don’t keep him, they’ll find themselves squarely in the market, since they’re not going to go into a season trusting Geno Smith.

And with the beginning of the legal tampering period in a few hours, it doesn’t hurt to rattle a few sabers, as part of the natural process of negotiations.

35 responses to “Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick reportedly “far apart” in contract talks

  1. They need to find an acceptable middle ground. Does Ryan Fitzpatrick think he’s gonna get $15 – $18 million from another team when he has to then start from scratch again as a 33-year old QB with a new team, new receivers, new scheme and a new OC? Do the Jets want to go into the backup QB market or start the season with Geno Smith? Hell no to both those questions.

  2. I really liked Fitz and have no hard feelings if he’s trying to gets the most money for his last few years in the league. That begin said the Jets need to hold firm and if we need to deal for Kaepernick, Garoppolo, draft a QB, or start Bryce Petty than so be it.

  3. yep, wouldn’t wanna come to an agreement early on, being a journeyman QB and moving every other year has worked out so well for Ftiz. guys trying to see how many teams he can play for in his nfl career LOL

  4. I never thought these words would leave my lips, but, at this moment, Ryan Fitzpatrick is far and away the best quarterback available.

    Why wouldn’t he push for top dollar? He has all of the leverage; it’s basic supply & demand.

  5. He’s just good enough to make sure your team isn’t going any where…he has somehow been convinced that he is better than he really is. I know this is hard to believe for the fantasy geeks – but stats don’t mean sh$t. All that matters is the ability to perform in crunch time and Fitz has repeatedly shown he cannot.

    He was a hero in Buffalo – and still is for some – because the bar is set so low.

  6. The Jets, in particular Chan Gailey, coached a career year out of a 33 year old journeyman QB. Maybe they don’t think Fitzpatrick is worth a huge contract and they can do as well with another journeyman (or even a FA or rookie).

  7. Even as A Jets fan I can’t fault the guy for it. I think he’d have more success on the Jets this year than any other team he’d be signed. But that being said, he out performed everyone’s expectations last year including I’m sure his own.

    If I was him on the tail end of my career and had this opportunity, I’d take the biggest paycheck I could get.

  8. Fitz isn’t the best QB but he’s just as good as several starters with bigger names who get paid butt loads of money for not doing much. He deserves his market value.

  9. For those paying attention, i.e. Elway’s recent comments on QB tiers — “there seems to be no middle class in QB pay.” There’s the $15 million / year & up group, and there’s the $5 million /yr and below group. Fitz may not be elite, but he’ll be better than Kaep, Chase Daniels and Brock by a good bit for the next 2 years. Pay the guy & draft his replacement. A golden opportunity to develop a QB for 1-2 years before you need him.

  10. ajg314 says:
    Mar 7, 2016 10:10 AM
    They need to find an acceptable middle ground. Does Ryan Fitzpatrick think he’s gonna get $15 – $18 million from another team when he has to then start from scratch again as a 33-year old QB with a new team, new receivers, new scheme and a new OC? Do the Jets want to go into the backup QB market or start the season with Geno Smith? Hell no to both those questions.


    You have no idea what other teams are offering Fitzpatrick behind the scenes. Considering what Bradford and Cousins got, it wouldn’t be surprising of 1 or 2 of the other teams out there are offering Fitzpatrick $15+. That would be 10% or a little more than that of the salary cap. Teams have shown for many years they are willing to pay starting QBs more than 10% of the salary cap.

    For the Jets, if they don’t sign Fitzpatrick they probably don’t go into the season with Geno Smith as the starter. They would probably draft a QB in the first round or try to sign or trade for Osweiler or Kaepernick. Maybe they would try trading for some cheap (rookie contract) backup like Ryan Nassib.

    If the Jets really feel they need a QB and they feel Fitzpatrick can be the QB they need, then it seems likely Fitzpatrick is going to get $15+, 10% of the salary cap, from the Jets. If not the Jets, then some other team probably will pay Fitzpatrick. It only takes one desperate team to make a high bid.

  11. If this was a bad year to find a QB I’d be like yeah resign Fitz but it just isn’t. This is not going to be a winning year with or without him. The schedule is not the cake walk we had last year. I also don’t feel he is any better then Geno who has one year left under contract. This is a great year to draft a QB. Last 5 draft we have taken a QB in have been really poor ones to do it. So I see no reason to overpay for Fitz when that money could go to much better use. Draft Cook, Sudfeld, or Dak and have them sit one year behind Geno. As much as people hate Geno in NY he has progressed every year and looked good the one game he did play last year. Chan is a genius and he doesn’t need to sign a old QB to run his O. Anyone who thinks this is a 9-7 team with Gitz IMO didn’t watch this team a whole lot last year. Fitz looked good on paper but overall is still a bottom of the barrel started just like Geno. I would absolute kill to see Sudfeld on this team.

  12. Safe and solid? Fitzpatrick is a SAFE choice if you are in a rebuild and have low expectations, he is a SOLID game manager most of the time. The minute the Jets expect more than that from Fitzpatrick is the time where he will soil the bed and cost them games like he has his whole career. See: Josh McCown.

  13. I’m gonna say it……Fitzpatrick really isn’t all that far off from Matt Ryan, Jay Cutler, and Matt Stafford.

    His stats were the same or better last year among those 3 but we wouldn’t hear about the Jets being cautious about resigning one of those guys.

    I agree with what someone else said – Denver could still win their division with Ryan Fitzpatrick and that defense while they draft and groom a future starter.

  14. 87hollywoodhorn says:
    Mar 7, 2016 10:18 AM

    somebody just needs to stick with this dude smh, he looked pretty good last year.

    i dont think the bills ever shouldve let this dude walk

    If you look at his 2015 season in a vacuum, yes, he looked pretty good (despite imploding during a win-and-you’re-in game against my very “meh” 8-8 Bills to miss the playoffs). Taken in context of the rest of his career, he had one good year after a decade of mediocrity and varying degrees of suck.

    I like Fitz personally, but he’s hardly a “franchise quarterback.” If the Jets have a “win-now” mentality to get the fan base back on track, then sure, sign him for more than he’s really worth and hope for a shallow playoff run in 2016. If the Jets are embracing a long term outlook though, then let him walk if he’s demanding 18mil a year or whatever because he’s not worth it.

    I can’t picture Geno Smith or Fitz taking the Jets on a deep playoff run anyways so just use the money elsewhere, like holding the defense together. In the end, what’s the difference between going 7-9 and 9-7? Until you have “the guy” at QB, you should just focus on the rest of the team so that you’re ready when “the guy” finally does come along.

  15. Fitz had a great season.
    He also had some pretty bad games, including the last game of the season that ended any chance of making the playoffs.

    His leadership skills did help the team out this year. He is well liked on the team.

    I like Fitz. But that was a career year. I doubt he will come close to that kind of production again. The schedule is gonna be much tougher this upcoming season also.

    I would like to keep Fitz for at least 1 more year. This could be his last chance at a big money deal. Go for it. But I would not break the bank to keep him. Jets could be 7-9 with or without him.

    Jets also need to decide if they want to go into rebuilding mode as they have to replace their linebackers and parts of the offensive line. Or do they re-sign fitz and some veterans for another push? Don’t know yet.

    Either way Fitz thanks for the last year. Wish you didn’t suck vs the Bills though.

  16. As a Jets fan, I like Fitzpatrick but understand we’ll never win a title with him as our starter. If he leaves we’ll obviously be worse off this season, but long term sinking 15+ million into him is worse then losing him and going 6-10 or worse with Petty or Geno

  17. egomaniac247 says:
    Mar 7, 2016 11:05 AM
    I’m gonna say it……Fitzpatrick really isn’t all that far off from Matt Ryan, Jay Cutler, and Matt Stafford.

    His stats were the same or better last year among those 3 but we wouldn’t hear about the Jets being cautious about resigning one of those guys.


    That’s because those guys have proven they can put up those numbers fairly consistently. Fitz has only demonstrated consistency at 2 things, being an all around nice guy, and throwing interceptions at really inopportune moments.

    Put another way, comparing the best year of Fitz’s career to the average output of other QBs during what was basically a down year for all of them isn’t exactly a fair comparison. Fitz was hot when the Bills signed him to a big deal as well, and we all know how that turned out.

  18. As a Jets fan, I wouldn’t pay Fitzpatrick that much. He got a lot of yardage chucking up for Brandon Marshall to haul in.
    Without Marshall, Fitzpatrick wouldn’t have had nearly as good a year.

    Last year the Jets had a very weak schedule. This year its much harder. (would you rather play Jacksonville and Indy or the Sea hawks and Cardinals for example).

    There is no way the Jets will do as well this year as last, unless they have an epic draft and come away with 3 very good starters (a good CB, a good pass rusher, and a good Tackle).

    Fitzpatrick isn’t going to be effective for that many more years, and the Jets need to rebuild. If he leaves it’s a shame, and the Jets may have to start Geno Smith.
    I’m fine with that. Its tanking the season which is ok, the team needs to rebuild. Draft a QB in 2017.

  19. To the first commenter they won ten games.

    They should try to use RG3 as leverage. But they run the risk of having to take him on.

  20. Let him walk. Without Marshall and Decker he is nothing. I say roll with Smith or Petty. The D will keep them in games and maybe even win a few, besides the cap just won’t allow them to pay anything near what he thinks he is worth.

  21. Come on Jets, pay the guy what he’s worth! $50,000 a year with 401 participation, a 55″ HDTV if he leads the team to a playoff win, and a 2 year lease on a Kia Forte if the Jets win the SB.

  22. Any team that pays Fitz more than 5-6 mill a year for no more than 2 years with incentives incorporated into the first year has screws loose in their craniums!!! He was successful because of the OC scheme, great receivers and mentoring by Chan not to mention a top 5 defense. He still choked when we needed him to come through in a couple critical games, but that is his M. O. He should be estatic that he has a chance to play on a real competitive contender now so he should be thankful to negotiate something reasonable so he can stick around and be relevant. Otherwise your going to miss your one big chance Magicman to have some relevance in your career . Unless Chan Galey goes with him he’s one step away from a bad expiration date. I think MacCagnan is smart enough to know this and we’ll just have to go with another plan and hope for the best.

    Also I’d rather keep Billal Powell and Snacks. Let Ivory go as hes a half season away from injuryville. Notice how much the wear and tear affected him in the second half of season. He had his moments but he’s on the down turn . Draft a RB with potential and a good offensive lineman.

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