Kam Chancellor thinks he was profiled after cops called on him


Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor said he was just trying to do some business, but felt like the victim of racial profiling after the cops were called on him last week.

Via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times, the situation began when Chancellor and four friends were outside a gym which had closed, looking inside through the windows. He said he was interested in buying the property (he runs a group of boot camp-style fitness operations), and when he saw two female employees inside he tried to get their attention to get some information. Instead, they tried to motion him to go away, and later called police.

“The first thing the lady did was look at us with an evil, devil look and shooed us off,” he said during an interview with Power 99.1 FM, saying it was “just crazy how you have to go through that in 2016.”

He was five blocks away when the police pulled him over, at which point he explained the situation and was allowed to leave.

The club’s owner released a statement apologizing for the confusion but backing his employees.

“We regret this unfortunate incident but completely support the actions of our employees,” owner Ryan Neal said. “Our team responded in a manner as instructed by me under the guidance of the Redmond Police Department. We always err on the side of caution when an individual or individuals try to gain entry to the club unannounced. We have recently had attempted break-ins and still have members’ property in the club that we need to protect until returned.

“I have confirmed with Redmond PD that our employee response was appropriate given the situation, but we are nevertheless conducting a review of the security footage to ensure their response was appropriate. As the owner of the Redmond Athletic Club, I have attempted to reach out to Mr. Chancellor to discuss his interest in the purchase of the club in a traditional business discussion. If Mr. Chancellor or anyone else is interested in the club or our equipment, they can reach out to me directly or attend our public auction in April.”

The person who called 911 from inside the gym said three of the people looking in were African American and two were white, and that they had been standing outside the gym for 10 minutes.

“I don’t know what’s coming next. They are bad news,” she said. “I don’t know if they are homeless kids. I know that there used to be a lot of heroin addicts around here.”

The police described the situation as a misunderstanding, though Chancellor obviously feels differently. But the next time he’s looking for information about a potential business lead, he might also consider using the telephone during business hours.

81 responses to “Kam Chancellor thinks he was profiled after cops called on him

  1. Stop with the victim wailing. The gym was closed and you continued to linger, knowing that she was telling you to get lost.

    You’re not a victim. You’re just impatient.

  2. The place closed and it was late at night. The ladies told them they were closed. At that point, just go away. Come back at decent hour, you know when they are actually open to discuss your business. He’s not a victim of racial profiling, he’s a victim of being an idiot.

  3. Profiling? What an idiot. Article is right pick up the phone. Those woman would call the cops 10/10 times no matter what color five guys lurking on them where. Stop being a creep and you won’t get the cops called on you.

  4. Sounds like they were all profiled as “bad news heroin addicts.”
    In that sense Kam is correct, but since his group was of mixed race, he is starting to come across as a drama chancellor that CAN’T COVER TIGHT ENDS.

  5. If that was Peyton Manning and his crew peeking through the windows after closing time, the same thing would have happened.

    Here’s an idea, if you’re interested in purchasing the business, make an appointment with the owner during business hours. Like a businessperson would do.

  6. He may have been racially profiled, but peering into a business after it has closed for the day does look suspicious and would likely scare any employees still in the building.

  7. It’s obvious why the tenants shooed him away as if he was the Devil: FACIAL HAIR. Ladies don’t like that nowadays, clean shaven is the way to go all you confused men out there.

  8. “There is still member property inside, blah, blah, blah..”

    “Hi, I’m a member… I still have some stuff inside that I’d like to get. Can I get in to get that?”

    Kam was profiled yes. Because he’s black? Probably has a little to do with it.

    I think it has more to do with the fact he’s BIG and he’s black and he brought an entire crew up there.

    I’m big and I’m black. And I wouldn’t open the door either.

    That doesn’t take 5 guys. It takes one. I’m just sayin…

    But come’on owner guy – don’t make excuses.

  9. Soooo….let me get this straight. The Police racially profile them because they were doing their job? Please, give me a break! This is a spoiled pro athlete trying to make a routine police stop into a racial issue. Complete NON-Story!

  10. I’m sick of hearing this crap about profiling. In this day and age when you have people hanging around outside a place like that and females are inside I completely understand. You can’t be too careful. Plus, it’s not like they tasered or strip searched him. Kam needs to get over himself.

  11. He’s just setting the stage for another holdout. He’ll ask for more money since Seattle is such a racist city.

  12. I don’t think it is that shocking that 2 women called the cops when they saw a group of men leering in at them through a window. And hanging around for 10 minutes. It sounds like a neighborhood where crime is common (based on the disclosure of heroin addicts commonly being there).

    The fact that women have to feel threatened in 2016 is the real problem Kam. This has nothing to do with skin color, but that is the world we live in. If there is a negative behavior toward you, even if justified, and your skin is black/brown, you assume its racial.

    When your first thought is skin color, you are a racist. That means, if you see black people and think they are criminals, you are racist. If you are black, and acting suspicious, and your first reaction is for you to think the reaction was based on your skin tone, you are racist. These “boy who cried wolf” reactions to everything are making it really hard to take real profiling seriously. And it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. If you are convinced you are being profiled, you will always find “proof”, even if it is nothing more than your own subjective opinion. If I have learned anything, it is that if a minority wants to think you are racist, they will find evidence, and you will never be able to prove otherwise. Racism is guilty until proven innocent, and there is no way to prove innocence. Sort of like accusing someone of being a witch 400 years ago. You drown them, and if they don’t drown, they are a witch. If they do drown, they weren’t a witch…but they are dead.

  13. Race relations have been set back 50 years in the last 8. The race card gets played constantly. When it’s not the race card, too many people (of any race) are a victim of some sort in their own eyes. It’s always someone else’s fault, and somebody who “has more” always seems to “owe” someone else a better living. And people wonder why Trump is so popular?

  14. By the looks of it, the situation was mishandled by all sides.

    The gym is out of business – it closed on 2/29, which is why Kam was interested in purchasing it and decided to drive by and have a look (unannounced).

    The gym is in a bad neighborhood and had seen at least one break-in when the manager was on duty, which is why there were standing orders to the employees to just call 911.

    According to the PD, it is SOP to ask for descriptions of the people in the order they were given by the person making the call, which is why they asked for the description of Kam and the other 2 African Americans before the 2 white people – because the lady said “3 black, 2 white” in that order.

    I think this was just a stupid event that everyone with an agenda is going to politicize.

  15. Come peeking in the windows and tapping on the glass after hours is a good way to get got. Do coroner’s ever get accused of racial profiling?

  16. Let me think…five guys/two women..no cause for the ladies to be scared. Right Kam?
    Everyone goes goes shopping to buy something AFTER the business is closed…Right Kam?
    When you call 911 to report people loitering and tapping on the windows, one of the first things the dispatcher asks for is a PHYSICAL description. Right Kam? (guess you could say”they look like American citizens” lol)

    The last paragraph covers the whole thing perfectly. Racism and profiling have nothing to do with this, just failure to use common sense and a bit of basic intelligence by Kam.

  17. I am so sick of the racial hyper-sensitivity in this country. Everyone needs to get over themselves. Is this “hope and change”?

  18. Ridiculous that every time something like this happens, the “victim” and/or media throws the racial card. In this case it was the victim who is a force on an NFL field with like sized opponents, can you imagine being a woman seeing some roided out dude looking in the window motioning you to come open the door.

    Unbelievable that our society has become so politically correct, ultrasensitive and everyone has the “Entitled complex”. The NFL probably did this to him too. He now thinks he walks on water and should be able to get what he wants when he wants…obviously when he doesn’t it must be because he is black.

  19. Why does it seem that those screaming racism are actually the ones who are being racist?

    Evil and devil eyes?? Gimme a break. What should they have done? Worship the ground you walk on??

  20. I think this is more about gender than race. If the business was closed to the public, 5 men banging on the door wanting 2 women to open could cause alarm. I think men don’t put themselves into the minds of women in those situations. Ask a female real estate agent working solo at an open house, an espresso stand, or graveyard shift at a mini-mart, there’s risks, precautions, playing things safe.. Does race of the persons involved play a percentage in the precaution the woman took calling the cops? Maybe, but I think it is unfair to presume it does, and brand this person who may at some point be identified, as racially profiling anyone.

  21. All these fools need to stop crying wolf. He should have an appointment to see the property whether he is White, Black, Asian, whatever… If your going to conduct business, conduct it properly. The people in the building did the absolute correct thing.

  22. The police were called when I was standing outside my neighbors house looking in the window. The neighbor was not the same race/ethnicity as me. Had I not been seen with my pants down, racial profiling would have been a good defense.

  23. Yeah, obviously the two ladies should unlock the doors after hours for a group of five big dudes who have been out front casing the place for ten minutes.
    Chancellor is an idiot beyond description for playing the victim card here. What’s the deal with these Seagulls dudes and there endlessly creative ways to be complete tools?

  24. First off, it was 4 pm. FOUR PM!! Not night time, 4 in the afternoon.
    Second, this isn’t White Center, Skyway, or Shoreline, it’s Redmond. Land of the Range Rovers and Beamers. In my hood, yeah, I’m calling the cops, but then in my hood they don’t respond unless there are shots fired (calling Mr Harrison).

    A little bit of an overreaction on their part. I don’t know if it qualifies as overt racism, but I’m pretty sure 5 white guys on their way home from Microsoft aren’t getting the cops called on them for checking out a closed down gym.

  25. I bet he thinks Travis Kelce racially profiled him too. Because Kelce also gave him an evil look before he trucked his “poor me” self on a 30 yard run by Charles.

    Cam is a troll. Who looks to buy real estate “after hours”? Who thinks two girls should open a closed business to 5 men who have been hanging around for 10 minutes after they closed. I support these ladies 100%, if they were as dumb as Cam thinks they should be the ladies would be considered the heroin addicts.

  26. Shame that Chancellor stoops to making this a racial issue. Pretty hard to believe anything that comes out of his mouth in the future as he’s destroyed his credibility as far as I am concerned.

  27. I’d also expect my wife to call the police if there are 4 big white guys outside knocking on the window.

  28. “The first thing the lady did was look at us with an evil, devil look…”

    So with that statement, he’s satanically profiling this lady. He got even.

  29. Once again the “BIB” syndrome comes into play. We are tired of this crap whenever something happens its “Because I’m Black”. It was five men/two women. Of coarse they’re not opening the doors. It doesn’t matter what neighborhood they’re in. Crime happens everywhere.

  30. Maybe Kam is used to bars, restaurants, stores, etc. catering to him and staying open just because of his name, but 2 women seeing 5 men outside of a closed business casing the place out have every right to be concerned.

    It’s almost surprising that one of them didn’t shoot at them. I can guarantee that they were afraid of being robbed and or raped. Use your damn head. This has nothing to do with racial profiling and everything to do with a lack of common sense.

  31. ” the first thing the lady did was look at us in an evil way and shoo us off.”

    That was you cue to leave dude, not plead your case! Smh.

  32. Sanders and Clinton pander to this type of thinking and it is one of many reasons this country is at each others throats. The boy who cried wolf is a classic tail and should be used as a teaching tool for all the week minded people who think like Cam.

  33. The boy who cried wolf is a classic tale! Ya can’t even blame that one on spell checker…..

  34. I’m black and I wouldn’t let him or anyone else in the business I manage after hours either.

    Reason 1. I’m ready to go home.
    Reason 2. I don’t know what you intentions are regardless of what you may say.

    Besides, you don’t negotiate with the employees of an establishment. You set up an appointment with the owner.

  35. Irony: people who are looking for something to vent their righteous indignation at criticizing someone for doing the same.

    Most of these comments don’t even have the facts straight. And some moron actually said he’s surprised they didn’t get shot at…. Think about that….

    At 4 pm
    Looking at a defunct gym
    That is UP FOR AUCTION!
    In a city where the median home price is upwards of 400K

    Guarantee you they weren’t scared of being raped.

  36. I understand where he’s coming from, but if I’m working inside a closed business and a big group of dudes comes around, I’d probably be shooing them, too. It would be a little different if it was just him and the employees outnumbered him.

  37. What kind of professional transaction ever occurs by knocking on the glass of a closed business? What were the people inside supposed to think? I don’t answer my OWN door at home if I don’t know the people. And if they loitered outside my window for 10 minutes I’d call the cops, too, however they looked. That’s not racism. That’s called having sense.

  38. I live 10 minutes away from the Redmond and am there al the time. Whenever I am shopping in Redmond, I am ALWAYS watched closely by employees and security guards and helped after other customers who arrived after me at the deli. So I’m gonna have to side with Kam on this one.

  39. property is for sale, call the realtor and get the info, set up a time and check it out. Most employees have no idea what the sales revenues, taxes, insurance or other important information such as comparable listing and value would be.. he was wrong..sorry Kam, love you on the field, but this was not racist..

  40. So was Serena Williams racially profiling when she hid in a panic room while her assistant called the cops when they saw a stranger where he wasn’t supposed to be at 6 a.m.? If you have never been a woman you don’t get the vulnerability and difference in strength. I think these women would have responded the same way to any group of five men trying to get into a closed (out of business) gym when no one was expected for any business purpose. I know men who don’t want to meet Kam in a dark alley – you can’t blame women for not wanting to confront him in a dark gym the size of a warehouse. They weren’t security guards, they weren’t trained for dealing with people and it wasn’t their job to help him. Get over it.

  41. Most of you didn’t read the story.
    It was 4 p.m. NOT after hours and the club is in Redmond, a very affluent suburb of Seattle, Not a bad neighborhood. It’s not surprising for some women in Redmond to look at some black guys (with white guys with them) and have that attitude. Redmond, Kirkland, Bellevue. The Eastside is very rich and snobby. Profiling does happen there.

  42. a lot of you are probably not familiar with Redmond. let me fill you in.

    if you don’t look like a nerdy yuppie with money in Redmond, youre getting the cops called on you for walking down the street.

    its not the most prestigious city in the seattle area, but they have an attitude like they are.

    my brother was staying at a friends house there for a few days. white guy. 6’3. walking to the grocery store at dusk. stopped in his walk to text and read texts in front of someones house on the sidewalk. the person inside saw him and called the cops, saying he looked suspicious, and may be prowling their car. the cops got there and had a major attitude with him and he almost got beat down by the cops.

    this is Redmond. everyone is sensitive, stuck up, and paranoid of everything.

  43. all that said, and Redmond being a city full of snobby babies…

    Kam was not super professional in his attempt to buy the gym. supposedly he was there in the area and noticed some people in it so he tried to establish a deal.

    at the same time, contacts and auction dates are usually not advertised in the window.

    all parties probably could’ve kept this situation from getting to cops and national news level. Kam and the women.

  44. You know..

    Many of you are clueless here… the 911 call from the club was made to Redmond police at 4:25 p.m.

    It wasn’t “late at night”. It wasn’t “way after” the gym closed for the day.

    The business was closed permanently at the end of the previous week. Kam expected the building to be empty, but saw workers inside, but since the doors were locked so he knocked on the window to get information.

    Most people wanting to break in don’t try to get the attention of the people inside, and if you’re planning on robbing the place you don’t do at a place that’s already gone out of business (not a lot of cash kept around in those situations).

    Come to whatever conclusion you like, but at least get the facts correct. It was late afternoon, in daylight when this happened. The business hadn’t closed for the day, rather closed permanently as it went out of business the week prior.

  45. Looks like Kam is carrying his attitude from last year right into this one. Take some responsibility for your naivity if you actually believed this is the way you show your interest in buying a business, and quit hiding behind the “racist” charge. What you did was innnocent but not particularly bright.

  46. To those of you that don’t READ what happened. The business had closed because they had lost their lease, it was not closed from the business day AND it was in the middle of the afternoon. I’m white and would probably feel the same way if the people that were cleaning were black and called the cops on me. All they had to do was go to the front door and ask what they wanted and the whole situation would have been avoided.

  47. Just heard the call to the police and I’m still wondering why after the employees told them there were three black guys and two white guys, the police dispatcher then specifically only asked for a more detailed description of the three black guys but not the two white guys? Lmao what the hell? That’s really shady.

  48. Look at all the white people who love to discuss what’s really racist and whats not with exactly zero experience on the matter.

  49. As a black man myself, I disagree with Kam on this one. The women were equal opportunity profilers, calling them all ‘heroin addicts’ and may have genuinely been afraid. Kam should have called and set up a time to look around. My main reason for being disappointed in Kam is that it gives the racism deniers, (who go so far to deny racism/racial profiling exist, that they literally spend their time coming up with pathetic acronyms like “BIB”) a false justification to continue their denial. So even when you have a 911 dispatcher only caring about the description of the 3 black men but not the 2 white men, it raises no concerns.

  50. geniusesq says:
    Mar 8, 2016 7:24 PM

    Look at all the white people who love to discuss what’s really racist and whats not with exactly zero experience on the matter.
    Are you saying whites aren’t discriminated against today??? lmao Its a two way street….

  51. Kam used to be my favorite player. But after his pathetic and selfish holdout last year and his complete inability to cover tight ends, he’s quickly losing favor. If he even so much as threatens to hold out this upcoming year, they need to trade him. Way too much of a distraction and Kelcie McCray actually did a pretty good job filling in for Kam when given the opportunity last year.

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