NFL reduces Adam Jones fine to $12,500 through appeal process


Veteran cornerback Adam Jones could be getting more money in the coming days. As he embarks on that process, he’ll have less money taken away from him by the league.

Per a league source, the NFL has reduced via the appeal process Jones’ fine from $28,940 from $12,500. Hearing officer Derrick Brooks handled the case.

Jones was fined for making contact with an official late in the fourth quarter of a playoff loss to the Steelers. He claimed to have been provoked by the presence of Steelers linebackers coach Joey Porter on the field, and that the contact was inadvertent.

The 2005 top-10 pick, who has spent the last six seasons with the Bengals, is expected to draw interest in free agency from the Cowboys, Raiders, Dolphins, Vikings, and Browns.

28 responses to “NFL reduces Adam Jones fine to $12,500 through appeal process

  1. “You lost the game, ended your season, and basically got yourself kicked out of Cinncinatti because our officials couldn’t control the game, and never bothered to flag Joey Porter… But here’s $12,000 back and let’s just agree we’re both wrong.


  2. Steelers got away with another huge ref blunder but at least they got theirs in Denver where Tim Tebow destroyed them 4 years ago. So, the tears of sadness shed over the outrage done to Jones turned into tears of joy when Big Ben and those clowns got shipped back to Loserville.

  3. I would think that “Loserville” would be a town that’s never won a Super Bowl.

    Not a town that’s won 6 of them.

  4. Our little friend obsessed with that quarterback from down south continues to flail. The team that wears the purple and black is having a disastrous off season. Salary cap destroyed, more arrests, and suspensions for PED’s.

  5. Got to go to the mat on TBrady though, right Roger? I mean it’s not as if Pacman has an extensive track record, long rap sheet or tried to hurt anyone. Much bigger star and higher character guy than TBrady. And about the …’all hail Payton’. Heard the NFL is gonna continue that investigation, even if PManning stays retired. Yeah, Riiggghhhht.

  6. The team that wears the purple and black are supposedly interested. I consider it a perfect fit.

  7. good for him. the nfl should fine him $12,500 for making contact with the official, $100,000 for his stupidity.

  8. Met this guy a couple weeks ago at a father daughter dance at Merwin Elementary, apparently our daughters are in kindergarten together, but anyways he actually was a very personable guy as you can imagine all the people coming up to him all night want autographs and pictures.

  9. So, in a hotly contested game, where players have already
    been warned to stay in line, the Pacman loses his head and
    takes a swing at an NFL coach. In his fury, he strikes an official instead,
    and the NFL now feels a $28,940 is twice too harsh a slap on the wrist
    for a colossal meltdown that includes making contact with an official.

    I’m sorry Mr Derrick Brooks, you may once have been a good
    player, but you are clueless when it comes to adjudicating bad behavior.
    Your judgement shows just how much you do not value protecting
    your NFL officials, and that you condone players confronting
    opposing coaches. A measly $12,500 fine for these infractions
    is ludicrous, and shows contempt for authority and decorum
    on the field. What kind of precedent are you setting and what
    sort of message are you sending to players? For shame.

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