Ravens expect Osemele to leave


Last week, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco expressed hope that the cap space created by his new contract would allow the team to keep players like offensive lineman Kelechi Osemele. That likely won’t be happening.

Per a league source, the Ravens are bracing for Osemele to leave via free agency.

At a time when the chatter throughout the league is that Osemele will get $11 million per year on the open market, some think the number will be closer to $9 million per year.

Either way, the Ravens are expecting to part ways with their 2012 second-round pick, who has started 51 regular-season games in four years, including 16 as a rookie and all four postseason games that year.

24 responses to “Ravens expect Osemele to leave

  1. Most fans knew this was coming. And compared to free agents lost over the last few season, losing one big one isn’t going to kill the team. They will replace him via FA or the draft. Plus, the Ravens will end up with a 3rd/4th RD pick from this next season. This is what happens when you draft well-you have to pick and choose who you sign and let go, and sometimes this happens. He’s a great player though and a team is getting a great or guard or tackle.

  2. That’s tackle money for a guard that has played 4 games at tackle. He’ll probably be a very good tackle long term but there is definitely risk that you wind up with an $11 million guard.

  3. They’ll suck just as much WITH him and WITHOUT him. They might as well let him go and get another OT in the draft

  4. I’m not so naive as to think that the Ravens aren’t going into the season with a plan, but not hanging onto good offensive lineman when your highly paid franchise quarterback is coming back from a knee surgery has me scratching my head.

  5. It would be nice to keep him for LT, that would be a strong line. Ravens have depth at guard. In fact they have a MIT PhD student that might be smart enough to fill in.

  6. Anyone who doubts how to build championship teams should just look at the Ravens’ draft of 1996. Nailing two HOFers in the first two picks. Similar to what’s happening this year. Watch and learn, kids.

  7. By the way, where are all those nut jobs who say Ozzie hasn’t had a decent draft pick in 6 years? Well clearly here is one…

  8. Regardless, Ozzie Newsome is entering into the twilight of his career.

    I don’t think he’s done enough to open up the chance to bring Osemele back and it will hurt the Ravens long term.

    Go ask Paul Kruger.

  9. That’s a tad much to pay with so little tape at tackle. Good look to whoever signs him. You will be getting a very solid guard & possibly a left tackle. Good dude as well.

  10. Some teams that prove you can’t buy wins will overpay for K.O. He won a SB with the Ravens. Good luck in the future.

  11. After wasting two 2nd round and a third for nothing in return on the O-line. Mia. should make a move. After this trade getting a CB and DB only costing 1M. Money could be allocated toward Osemele or someone like him.

  12. Going to the Bucs. They have cap room and with Mankins retiring could use a guard.

  13. Flacco already has zero offensive weapons to work with and now is apparently losing a top o-line piece.

    The Ravens heading toward total rebuild mode.

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