Ravens interested in Adam Jones, too


The Steelers have yet to show interest in cornerback Adam Jones. The rest of the AFC North has, however.

Per a league source, the Ravens have joined the chase for a thirtysomething defensive back who has overcome plenty of (self-imposed) adversity to become a great player in recent years. Apart from the Bengals, who would like to retain him, the Browns also are interested in Jones, where former Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson is now the head coach.

Other interested teams include the Dolphins, Raiders, Cowboys, and Vikings. In Miami, he’d be reunited with former Bengals position coach Vance Joseph. In Minnesota, Jones would be reunited with former Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer. In Cowboys, Jones would be reunited with the, well, the Cowboys, for whom he played in 2008. And in Oakland, Jones would be reunited with receiver Amari Cooper, whose helmet Jones removed and into whose helmet Jones rammed Cooper’s head in Week One of the 2015 regular season.

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  1. Gotta admit, I’m surprised Pacman is still in the league. But good for him. Hope he can make enough money to pay off his lawsuit

  2. For the Vikings, I have mixed feelings on Jones. From a player standpoint I’d rather have Jones than Newman. From a mentor standpoint I’d rather have Newman than Jones.

    I guess it all comes down to how much faith the Vikings have in Waynes right now. Whoever loses that Waynes/Jones/Newman/Free agent competition will be relegated to 4th corner. I’d think Jones could be penciled in as a starter elsewhere.

  3. LOL…he’ll fit right in with the Ravens. They embrace people with no character.

  4. As a Raider Fan I dont want him, Especially with all those teams chasing him assuming its true. He’ll be a knucklehead for life. And he’s not even a marquee player at 30something. Plus, If the new rule passes, he’ll be ejected after 2 PFs. How does that help a defense if he’s riding pine? Avoid him.

  5. Ha Ha perfect for the tebowedoutofthe oops “SSL” guy, Cant wait for his bashing steeler comment when actually steelers should have nothing to do with this thread.

  6. Great baller when he thinks. But that has always been his problem. Tons of talent, he’s just such a liability. He can provide that spark of energy and excitement which makes the game fun to watch (or tremendously cathartic in the case of playoff meltdowns).

    Wonder if his whip still has embroidered pac man heads with googly eyes on the headrests.

  7. The Steelers aren’t interested because they have confidence in their ability to scout, and they’ve got more super bowl trophies than the other teams in their division combined.

  8. That this piece of garbage (not my first choice of words either!) is being hyped up and has all this interest in the league is a very sad commentary.

    How quickly we forget his past.
    How quickly we forget whom he still is as a person.

    I was a big fan once upon a time and I am all for second chances.
    But third chances?
    Fourth chances?

    Shameful human being!

  9. What else would you expect, ravens or cowboys, both love to scrape the barrel for cats with records, criminal involvement, poor sportsmanship and then call them community leaders, build statues…..nothing new.

  10. If he comes to Baltimore at least we know he won’t have to worry about Joey Porter running out on the field. Harbaugh will never let that kind of dirty cheating to go on with this team.

  11. Our young friend obsessed with that quarterback from down south continues to swing and miss. That team that wears the purple and black would welcome this player with open arms. With former players that define the culture, this player would fit nicely with the purple and black.

  12. can you imagine the party bus antics with Suggs and Pacman together at last. Sweet Pea can’t wait!

  13. The Ravens, even as desperate as they are at corner would never sign him. He isn’t John Harbaugh material for one, and Bisciotti would never bring a loser like that into the club house.

    Stop with these ambulance chasing articles already.

  14. Stay in Cincinnati, don’t care if he has a boatload of talent on the football field, everything about him off the field does need to be involved in the Ravens community.

  15. He’ll need to be responsible for at least one more murder before he has a shot at getting a statue next to Ray Lewis. LOL!!!!

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