Report: Dolphins to cut Brent Grimes after he refuses pay cut


The Dolphins aren’t afraid of making big moves in March — in either direction.

According to Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the Dolphins are expected to cut Pro Bowl cornerback Brent Grimes, after he refused a pay cut.

The Dolphins signed Grimes to a four-year, $32 million deal in 2014, and he was due $8 million this year. He’ll create $6.5 million in cap space, but leaves a big hole in the depth chart, and makes cornerback a big priority in either free agency or the draft.

The news coincides with their interest in trading for Eagles cornerback Byron Maxwell, as well.

His play on the field certainly doesn’t merit his release, but Grimes can’t be viewed in a vacuum. His wife Miko has become a considerable distraction, ripping quarterback Ryan Tannehill and reporters who cover the team in a Twitter rant.

While that might not necessarily have anything to do with her husband’s level of play, it does make it easier to take a big number off the books.

34 responses to “Report: Dolphins to cut Brent Grimes after he refuses pay cut

  1. I hope they do cut him. His play is beginning to decline. And his wife is a classless nut case who is starved for attention.

  2. I’ve always loved Brent’s story even when he was with ATL, guy who was never expected to be anything and worked his butt off to be a top tier corner. But he is clearly on the decline as seen these past 2 years. He wasn’t rated much better than Maxwell last year and he is 33. He got in the pro bowl on name sake, and the fact that so many other players bowed out. wish the best for him….not his wife.

    I would like to see Miami go after Sean Smith over Maxwell, but Joseph is a good coach and should get the best out of whoever they sign along with the young players on the team.

  3. Grimes overall was a pretty good corner for the Fins. He was scorched all the time by taller receivers. Milo is very mentally unstable and no doubt this had something to do with it. What ever team he goes to, that cancer will follow. Dump her you deserve better!

  4. I like Grimes but I was surprised he made the pro bowl. Seemed a bit out of sorts for stretches last year. But the wife does need to button it. She didn’t have to call out our players that simply was bad form.

  5. “His play on the field certainly doesn’t merit his release,”

    Literally, his horrible 2015 season play is why he is being released. Also the new up and coming DC must feel the same way, no?

    No one will complain about miko being

  6. good move for the Phins with their cap problem..

    getting a real QB should come next

  7. When the conversation is about your wife, dude better sever ties with that nutcase. A lot of GM’s will be weary in bringing him in, because of that appendage he is bringing with him.

  8. It’s crazy to think a man’s NFL future could very well be determined by his wife but in this case I wouldn’t bet against it. What GM in his right mind will want to take that sideshow on?

  9. “While that might not necessarily have anything to do with her husband’s level of play, it does make it easier to take a big number off the books.”
    The only big numbers coming off the books were the opposing receivers and QB’s last year. Age has got up to him.

  10. His wife has no bearing on this decision. If she did, they wouldn’t have even asked him to take a pay cut in lieu of just cutting him, especially since he didn’t play that great last year. Tannehill is hardly some gorilla over the franchise that could get anyone cut since he’s not good at his own job and is such a nondescript leader. Furthermore, the two had 0 interaction with each other since they played on opposite sides of the ball to make locker room chemistry a potential issue.

  11. This is not one of those “sour grapes” fan comments… I say cut him anyway. He play has declined especially against taller WRs and he only made the Pro Bowl as a 4th selection fill-in based on previous repuation and not merit. We are taking a CB or MLB at No. 8. He will be missed, but I’m guessing wasn’t the answer to a Playoff Season, so Buh-Bye.

  12. Miami needs to get rid of the distraction that is Mrs. Grimes. In order to do that, they need to trade or release Brent. Really not much choice. It appeared this past season that Mrs. Grimes has free reign to make her own opinions publicly. That’s fine, but there are consequences. Unless that changes, the amount of money offered by any team will be reduced and contingent on that risk of distraction.

    Eagles will also do well to trade Maxwell to Miami and get out of that huge contract and cap number. They will need to find a slightly better than average CB to replace him, but the fiscal numbers he got coming out of Seattle was just to high.

  13. Grimes made the pro bowl by name… as an alternate. He wasn’t nearly as good as the year before, when he earned the long term deal. He wasn’t half as good as rookie Marcus Peters. Still a serviceable starter, but refusing the pay cut sealed his fate in Miami. Also, the reports of miami’s cap situation being dire are extremely over-exaggerated. After restructuring Suh,Misi,etc with numerous cuts they are 20m+ below the cap. If Vernon signs elsewhere that’s 30+.

  14. Interesting that a team like Dallas will take on a domestic abuser, but teams will stay away from a player with a wife who obviously has mental health issues. Granted the expected level of the individual player’s contribution is a factor as well.

  15. Whenever a team is considering signing a veteran free agent, they look at salary and his level of play, foremost. With Grimes, there will a 3rd factor that is up there with those two. His 40 year old, attention seeking wife, who will throw Brent’s teammates, reporters and organization under the bus, if things are not going well.

    Good Luck to him.

  16. Come to Philly with a team friendly deal, but please leave your wife & her mouth in Miami

  17. Thank god he’s taking Miko with him, she’s a loose cannon and was badly behaved last season. Drunk at games, and arrested for attacking a police officer. Just go, and good luck. At least she was fired from 560wqam because she was horrible.

  18. What’s funny, is Miko just didn’t open her mouth last year. She’s been running it from day one in Davie. Then to see all these FH posters bash her is freaking hilarious. As they were her biggest cheerleaders when she was doing it in 2013-2014. What changed? She turned her guns on Tannehill, and that boob is untouchable.

    Oh well…6-10 here we come again.

  19. Buffalo torched Grimes last season and so did the Jets. Brandon Marshall made Grimes look bad play after play. Small, and now older and slower with a wife that publicly criticizes the people you work with and for is just not worth keeping.

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