Report: Houston expected to call Brock Osweiler’s agent today


The NFL initiated its legal tampering window to recognize what was already taking place, with teams contacting agents for free agents well in advance of free agency.

So while the big news in Denver today will be the retirement press conference for Peyton Manning, there will be other quarterback news there as well.

Mike Klis of KUSA in Denver casually mentioned in a story about Osweiler praising Manning that Osweiler has a call lined up, saying “Houston is expected to contact Jimmy Sexton, Osweiler’s agent, during the tampering period.”

Teams can begin contacting agents and exchanging vague parameters today at noon, ET.

The Broncos are trying to hang onto Osweiler, offering a three-year, $45 million deal. And now that that bargaining position is known, teams such as the Texans know the mark they have to beat.

It’s clear why Houston would be interested, as they’re a a quarterback away from being a real contender with their base of defensive talent and a star receiver in the making in DeAndre Hopkins. And because of their success at overcoming their quarterback position last year, they’re picking 22nd, likely too low to acquire the kind of passer who could make an immediate difference.

So now Denver has more to do than hang the bunting and host a retiring legend today, as they try to make sure they have someone to replace him.

49 responses to “Report: Houston expected to call Brock Osweiler’s agent today

  1. It would be hilarious if a bidding war ensues over Osweiler. I’ve said that in terms of what I’ve seen, Osweiler reminds me a lot of Marc Wilson when he was with the Raiders in the ’80s – a few tantalizing flashes of brilliance but overall a mediocre talent at best I remember that Al Davis made the mistake of giving Wilson a huge contract to prevent him from defecting to the USFL, and I’m hoping that Denver repeats this type of error with Osweiler.

  2. It would have made sense for Denver to put a transition tag on Osweiler. Houston will come it at closer to $18 million per year for three years and there is no reason to believe that the Rams won’t be involved in this.

  3. Throw it up against the wall and see if it sticks…
    Lord knows Rick Smith has tried everything else and failed too often to keep his job past this season.

    The writings on the wall; “Sticky Ricky”!

  4. Maybe Houston is getting smarter. I guess they have come to realize Gary Kubiak wasn’t the reason they were losing. Perhaps there are some other things they can copy from John Elway. Probably not a bad guy to copy if you’re trying to win super bowls. There’s no shame in that.

  5. I hope Houston gets him. I think the result will epitomize that parity is present in the NFL regardless of the Patriots continued dominance. And I think it would also be a good comeuppance for Elway and his misguided Kubiak ineffective offense and salary cap busting superbowl purchase.

  6. If Houston significantly beats Denver’s offer, it puts Denver in a really awkward position. Great negotiating position for Osweiler’s agent.
    Houston may consider Osweiler is a better prospect than anyone in the Draft and worthy of a say $20M offer. Seems ridiculous with so little experience, but he could be very good. Net effect, Elway is getting squeezed on many fronts (Malik, Trevathan, Osweiler).

  7. If Houson beats that last offer I think Denver should let him go.

    Though young, Brock has been very inconsistent – with that defense they can win with a “game manager” and snagging a guy in the draft.

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Brock get $18 a year. There’s so little out there to choose from and so many teams that need a quality QB.

  9. >>The Broncos are trying to hang onto Osweiler, offering a three-year, $45 million deal

    I’d love to see them exceed this, say 5 years 15MM/year.

    PS – I’m NOT a Texans fan.

  10. If Hoyston has let word slip out that they plant to contact the agent during the tampering period then isn’t that tampering already?

  11. The Broncos better have a good plan B. Osweiller is the top available free agent QB.
    The Broncos will be picking last in the draft so the top QBs in the draft will be gone before they pick and in any case this is a weak QB draft class.

    Any time any QB of any substance hits the free agent market he will command top dollar. Peyton Manning coming off multiple neck sugeries still got a monster deal from Denver.

  12. Smart move by Texas to at least do their due diligence on Osweiler. They’d be better off with him than RG3 or any of the other free agent QBs.

  13. Ya but he won’t have,anyone else to throw to when Hopkins is double triple coverd. . Hope he stays in denver but if I were him I’d be looked at the Jets hoping they would call with theit defense and with Marshall and Decker he’d have better win now opportunitis. Not as much as denver tho! He’s smart enough he won’t leave denver he my get a better offer but he will crawl back to Elway pretending if he don’t come close or match he’s leaving and Elway will come close as possible and brock will Crack cause the last thing he wants to do is leave a championship team for a work in progress team.

  14. So let me get this straight, this backup quality qb, who relied on the Broncos defense when he played for any semblance of success, is not only worth 15 mill per year to Denver but possible more from Houston? What does this say for real franchise qb’s across the league who will be facing new contract negotiations in the coming year or two?……chaaaaaching!!!!!!!

  15. Let’s say Houston does sign him. Who will be the Broncos QB? They have nothing left. The FA crop is crap at best. Add to that, they are picking #31. Will Paxton Lynch slide that far?

  16. I like Trevor Siemian’s upside better, anyway. Don’t break the bank for Osweiler when you can instead shore up the defense responsible for his very small sample size of ‘success.’

  17. As a Denver fan, I’m perfectly fine with letting Oz go if he is demanding over $15 million a year. I would much rather go after RG3 who may not have as much potential but would be cheaper to get. Giving Denver a better chance at resigning our defenders. Our offense can’t be worse than it was last year and we still won the SuperBowl with it.

  18. I’ve never seen a franchise with such a historically bad eye for quarterbacks before in my life. 15 years and the best they’ve done at the position was Matt Schaub. Unreal.

  19. hollymolley says:
    Mar 7, 2016 7:10 AM
    May be a sleeper later on in the draft. Take a good look at Chris Hackenberg. Just a thought …

    I’ve never heard anyone link Hack to the Texans before…. ever!

  20. sharrerwwonka22 says:
    Mar 7, 2016 9:01 AM
    So let me get this straight, this backup quality qb, who relied on the Broncos defense when he played for any semblance of success, is not only worth 15 mill per year to Denver but possible more from Houston? What does this say for real franchise qb’s across the league who will be facing new contract negotiations in the coming year or two?……chaaaaaching!!!!!!!
    People make the mistake of comparing different QB contracts like they were negotiated under the same enviroment. Top level QBs are almost always franchise tagged and never hit the market which means negotiations always start with the franchise tag number. If someone like Aaron Rodgers were truly allowed to hit the free market I wouldn’t bat an eye if he commanded a contract that paid $30 million per year.

    Which leads us to the second reason I expect Osweiller to get anywhere from $18 to $20 million per year. Since good QBs are notoriously hard to find when one that looks promising hits the open market the bidding war for his services goes through the roof. Matt Flynn parlayed his one great performance into a huge contract.

    So most of you are right if a Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, or Aaron Rodgers ever had the opportunity to hit the market like Osweiller did they would blow any offer Osweiller gets out the water. But most of them will never be able to do that due for the franchise tag. People get on Drew Brees for getting as much as he can but fail to realize that once franchised he already is starting negotiations at a disadvantage. Look to baseball players and the contracts they sign to get an idea of how much QBs would be worth if truly allowed to be free agents.

  21. Brock, they call it The SWAMP for a reason. Houston is only 2 to three steps up from Cleveland. Stay in CO kid.

    $45MM will more than carry you for life if you have an advisor. Getting beaten and bruised for a low tier team to sell shirts will deflate you mentally for the same.

  22. if im the cleveland browns who have more cap space then the broncos and texans id take big time flyer on Brock yes he barely played but when he did held the fort down did he not?
    he has a elite arm needs too work on better accuracy
    he’s athletic and mobile for 6-7
    if my Cleveland gets him and he works with Hue Jackson we might have finally hit a break thru
    we can use that 2nd overall pick on whomever we need thats priority say a top flight WR too pair with Josh Gordon (i hear about that guy Threadwell alot how good is he? or possibly OLine replacement for Joe Thomas say mr Tunsil if he’s there at 2)
    the browns are sleeper dark horse
    also we sign/offer Brock a deal and still draft a QB at 2 and the rookie would have SB winning “qb too learn from who learned and sat behind a legend

  23. He’s young, hasn’t played but 7 games and had some good and bad moments. however, he has been mentored by a hall of fame QB and after a full training camp ready to lead a team. It will be sink or swim but the risk factor is worth it for Houston or the Jets.

  24. Sweet! It would be a good upgrade for the Texans! In my opinion Brock is the best bet out of the qb’s available either through the draft or free agency.

  25. Houston posted 9-7 two years in a row with Hoyer, Mallet, etc. That’s with Foster on the sidelines. Brock has to be an upgrade! Doesn’t he?

  26. I can’t decide which is more ridiculous. Houston potentially paying Oswieler north of $15 mil per year and guaranteeing better than than $30 mil or Oz thinking he has as good of chance to continue to develop and get that follow on mega deal anywhere outside of Denver.

    Denver offers Oz considerable advantages that Houston can’t match including familiarity with his supporting personnel and a one year head start in the system. Let’s be honest– he’s not a sure fire, clear cut, real deal prospect. He’s much closer to Matt Flynn than even a younger Matt Schaub.

    Denver is probably already offering him to much. If Houston wants to be silly, and Oz wants to make such a risky and nonsensical career move, they probably deserve each other.

  27. So who is Denver’s QB is Oz goes???? I hope he leaves 🙂 Khalil Mack is coming next year!

  28. The Broncos who know Osweiler better than any other team and also know his value to THEIR team who just won a Superbowl with subpar QB play were smart to put the offer out there, just to see if some team like the Texans, Rams, or Browns who have no idea how to pick, develop, or get free agents at QB would bite at offering Brock more, to make HIM decide whether its worth extra money to go to a worse situation and have more pressure, instead of staying for less with a team he knows and knows him that has a chance to repeat as champions.

  29. Osweiler’s in a good spot now, with Manning out. Doesn’t need a coach like Bill O’Brien benching him just because of a few mistakes. Better opportunity in Cleveland to make a difference. More upside than Sam Bradford, but Philly Brass has already made their call — too bad for them. Cleveland, Brock.

  30. Money does talk. It will be interesting to see if he does do the walk to another team. Denver has already proven they can win on defense w/o a quality QB. RG3 is available or even Fitzpatrick!

  31. We can all agree that Brock is a “good” to “really good” and not yet “great” GQ who is the beneficiary of a historically good D and years as a willing pupil to a legendary QB.

    However there isn’t enough data to proclaim him the second coming. He has been hurt. He is young and poised and is trending in the right direction. He is a safe gamble at best.

    Given the current crop of rookie QBs, somebody will overpay for him. I just won’t be crushed if it isn’t my Broncos.

    Plan B = RGIII

  32. Elway is a genius. The people who rip him are clueless. His offer to Brock is pure brilliance. If he signs with Denver the Broncos are paying way below market value for their starter. Advantage Elway. If he signs elsewhere the team signing him will have to over pay. Advantage Elway.

    The Broncos just won the SB with little to no help from the QBs. They will not match an outrageous offer for Brock.

  33. It would be difficult to take a step backwards and join an organization that didn’t think Gary Kubiak was a good enough coach. John Elway jumped on Kubiak right away, proving he’s much more capable than Houston of putting an organization together that can go out and win the super bowl. Osweiler ain’t going anywhere. Osweiler is also smart enough to know that John Elway is more than capable of finding another QB he can win super bowls with, so Osweiler really doesn’t have a whole lot of leverage. Either way, Osweiler is about to become a wealthy young man.

  34. Losing Brock would be a disaster for the Broncos. There isn’t a replacement. You can’t just plug in a QB. I guess Elway feels you only need 12 guys to win a SB.

  35. If it is 15 million for 3 years, that is a good deal both ways.

    DEN gets to see what he is like, and if he pans out gets a reward for the risk.

    15 million is fair value for his promising but inconsistent play.

    If Brock plays well he gets a monster deal 3 years from now.

    If Brock leaves an amazing defense for 2 million more per year then he is an idiot. That defense will help him with his next contract. in terms of Win/Loss and stats since you keep starting on a short field.

  36. The Broncos gave a low ball offer considering the going rate for starting QBs. Brock and CJ Anderson should give horseface the finger and move on. They already have their rings.

  37. @ araidersfan

    I agree 100% 3yr 45 mil is a bit much for a QB that hasn’t proven to be consistent at QB…. Did Kubiak and the OC make Osweiller better than what he is (look at Schaub )

    The only thing i can think of OB and the OC for the Texans has done a decent job with the mediocre crap @ QB and get them to the playoffs where the “starter” hoyer layed a egg

    Osweiller might be a bit much to obtain, Texans also need to go out and find some TE’s , RB’s to help out whatever QB we get….

  38. Any QB that has even a little success in Kubiak’s offense can light it up in Houston. Houston’s D is above average, decent special teams and the AFC South isn’t going to scare anyone. That’s six games against mediocre competition, Might be a good environment for Brock to succeed.

  39. “They’re a quarterback away from being a real contender.”

    That’s weird because I never knew they had strengths at running back, safety, tight end, no. 2 wide receiver, and inside linebacker.

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