Report: Kiko Alonso could head to Miami with Byron Maxwell


Reports Monday have the Dolphins and Eagles working on a trade that would send cornerback Byron Maxwell to Miami a year after they signed him to a six-year, $63 million deal.

Maxwell may not be the only 2015 acquisition moving on after a year with the Eagles.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that linebacker Kiko Alonso would also be involved in a deal that would bring draft pick compensation back to Philadelphia. Alonso was acquired in a trade with the Bills for running back LeSean McCoy last year.

Alonso played 11 games for the Eagles, starting once and missing time with a knee injury. Alonso, who missed the 2014 season with a torn ACL, had 43 tackles and an interception for Philly and is signed for just over $941,000 in the final year of his rookie deal.

The Dolphins recently reworked Koa Misi’s contract and have Jelani Jenkins under contract at linebacker with Kelvin Sheppard set to become an unrestricted free agent.

41 responses to “Report: Kiko Alonso could head to Miami with Byron Maxwell

  1. That Chip Kelly, he’s such a genius. Swindling the Buffalo Bills by trading them washed up McCoy for the center piece of their defense, Kiko Alonso.

  2. Kiko regularly got trucked when taking on smaller men than him. His poor tackling was responsible for points (usually the kind that come six at a time).

    If they can clear cap space and amass picks (especially recouping that second round pick Kelly “just threw in”– by his own admission — on the Bradford deal) by getting rid of him and Maxwell, I’m all for it.

    Make it happen, Howie

  3. wow, if the Dolphins do this deal, it could bite them in their butt. Kiko is ok, but Maxwell was an awful player and i wouldnt want him cornerbacking my team and my team needs a cornerback.

  4. Looks like Howie wants to clear the deck of anything having to do with Chip Kelly. Not sure why the Eagles aren’t talking to San Fran about these guys, as Chip loves them and is not capable of admitting a mistake.

    Well if this trade goes anything like the A. J. Feeley trade, then the Eagles will make out like bandits.

  5. Nothing fixes a defense like a perpetually burned overpaid CB and a slow, small LB who gets swallowed up in the run game

  6. Well, if the Dolphins want Mark Sanchez thrown into the deal, they’ll have to upgrade the return from a bag of rocks to a bag of used footballs and a couple additional acres of Florida swampland that’s shovel ready for development……

  7. Will Kiko pass the physical? I just heard a report its as good as a done deal and that’s the next phase.

  8. Let’s see what the compensation is first , before the first round is poured. I don’t like the fact that a leak has occurred , that usually spells doom for the revailed deal .

  9. Kiko? Ok I am nowhere close to this market geographically or otherwise, but I was a huge fan of his and would have been happy to trade a high pick just for him… did he get THAT hurt?

  10. What happened to kiko ?
    He was hurt most of the year.

  11. Any idea what the compensation might be? The Eagles are losing their #1 corner and giving the Phins a LB (which they sorely need. Their current group are terrible), so I might imagine swapping 1st round picks and getting a second rounder back.

  12. VenerableAxiom says:
    Mar 7, 2016 3:18 PM

    Hey bills fans, is Kiko any good?

    Hard to say. Looked promising but major injuries have derailed him a lot. An injury prone linebacker is of course, not good. Another major injury would be a huge red flag.

    Those criticizing his performance on the Eagles this year are being a little premature though. The Eagles were a dumpster fire in general this year so singling out one new player coming back from a serious injury as a failure isn’t very fair. I imagine he will grow into a solid and versatile LB in the right environment.

  13. Just get that 2nd round pick back. Kiko is so tiny for a LB. he got run over all the time by RB’s and couldn’t bring them down if he did attempt a tackle.

  14. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    Mar 7, 2016 3:22 PM
    ……..I’ll trade you my 1974 Chevy Vega for your 1972 Ford Pinto………

    way too funny; I owned both cars…maybe I missed my calling for being a GM.

  15. The Dolphins are getting two fairly talented players, and they’re getting them for very cheap.(Draft Picks) That’s good business. If Maxwell is your #2 or #3 corner, that’s not the worst thing in the world (I’d imagine his contract will have to be restructured). Alonso, assuming he’s fully healthy, could be a plug-and-play guy. He just needs confidence

  16. Great rookie year for the Bills, but never recovered from the ACL injury in my opinion in the off season. Too small, has had two ACL tears, one in the NFL and one in college. The Bills got a steal in the Shady for Kiko trade.

  17. mwcarolina says:
    Mar 7, 2016 3:18 PM

    wow, if the Dolphins do this deal, it could bite them in their butt. Kiko is ok, but Maxwell was an awful player and i wouldnt want him cornerbacking my team and my team needs a cornerback.

    If your team had Jamar Taylor you would welcome any kind of CB shake up.

  18. Taking on Maxwell’s contract alone makes little sense, he’s basically Grimes with a little more upside but a lot more guaranteed money. Other than getting rid of Miko why would Miami want to do this? Throwing in Alonso going into a contract year still shouldn’t net Philly much back. Will be very curious to see what that might be.

  19. Kiko is going to his third team before the end of his rookie contract and Maxwell is over paid by about 5 million a yr…..what are the fins thinking? and they are giving them a draft pick? the Fins should ask for a draft pick just to take those two bums off the payroll……

  20. I knew this would get done. Knew it. Called it right after I read it here. Also moving to Miami from an Outhouse is a great deal.

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