Robert Griffin III has been released

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There was some hope that they could swing a trade, but the existence of a $16 million-plus contract for quarterback Robert Griffin III in 2016 and the Redskins’ need to part ways with him before that contract became guaranteed on Wednesday made that impossible.

So, according to multiple reports, the Redskins did the expected on Monday and released the No. 2 pick of the 2012 draft. Griffin, who came to Washington in a massive trade with the Rams for that pick, didn’t play at all during the 2015 season and ends his time with the team with 35 starts.

The first 15 of those went well enough for Washington to win the NFC East, but a knee injury in a playoff loss to the Seahawks marked the end of the good days for Griffin with the Redskins. He and former coach Mike Shanahan battled during a dismal 2013 season and injuries and ineffectiveness from then on helped elevated Kirk Cousins to the starting job last year.

It will be interesting to see how Griffin’s market shapes up on the open market. Teams like the Rams and Texans are looking to add competition to their depth chart at quarterback, although it’s unclear if they’d see Griffin as a potential starter or if he’ll be limited to backup opportunities as he tries to jumpstart his career after it came screeching to a halt in his last two years with Washington.

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  1. Redskins! You said it. Thank you.

    RGIII is a good dude that was largely misrepresented. Has some growing up to do I suppose but has a great arm and valuable legs. This guy can and should make it in the NFL. Good luck to him.


  2. Redskins should be proud they have TWO of the top all times.

    ALL TIME worst contract in NFL history A. Haynesworth

    ALL TIME worst draft trade RG3

    Maybe its time the owners force a sale like they are soon to do with the Titans.

  3. If healthy and in a good football enviroment, then he is well worth the risk. His potential ceiling is sure a lot higher than some of these other QB’s making $15 million plus.

  4. RGMe is unemployed? Weird…

    Looks like Shanahan was right, dude was a bum, shouldve let him start Cousins…I wonder if Snyder will come out and admit he was wrong for chosing RGMe over Shanahan…

  5. I always felt they gave up way too much for one player 2012 first-rounder, 2012 second-round selection, 2013 first-rounder, 2014 first-rounder.

  6. Although I am be guessing, if Chip took a look at Tebow as a fit in his offense than he might also take a look at RGIII.

  7. Top 5 Greatest Redskins:

    1. John Riggins
    2. Sonny Jurgeson
    3. Ricky Sanders
    4. Charles Mann
    5. Clinton Portis

  8. I think everything went right that playoff year and everything went wrong during his worst. I think he can be somewhere in the middle skewing towards his better year.

  9. Had a solid rookie year, all of that Adrenaline following the Heisman win yada-yada-yada. Just cut your hair (it ain’t “fly”!) and focus on your quarterback craft and you still have a chance. You’re never going to be a great down-the-field passer say, like Cam(eron) Newton, but if you learn to play with consistency, you can have a lasting career like say, Carson Palmer, and get to the playoffs again. Cut that mumbo-jumbo hair, dude!

  10. He would do best by being a developmental QB for a good team.

    I don’t see any team signing him to any real money unless it’s an incentive based contract.

  11. They may have made the playoffs last year cause the rest of the division was terrible, but they gave up a lot and it will still haunt them for a few more years.

  12. Dallas is waiting. Keep your attitude in check and your mouth shut until Romo breaks again and maybe you’ll have a second chance.

  13. I think this is a good sign for the Redskins and that they’re looking forward, not back. I also have to credit Dan Snyder (I don’t do that often) for his desire to keep trying. I think the Redskins finally feel that they have a good personnel guy in Scot McCloughan, and a good coach in Jay Gruden. With the confidence these guys have instilled in Dan Snyder, they’re ready to take the next step. I’m excited about the Redskins in 2016. I can’t wait to see who McCloughan drafts. Hail to The Redskins!!!

  14. You gave up all those picks for nothing Redskins, sad sad story… Now the Rams are gonna sign him, UGH!!!! 😆

  15. I’m a huge Redskins fan and I can safely say that exercising his 5th year option might have been one of the dumbest moves in franchise history, and that’s saying A LOT! #Haynesworth/Smith/Sanders/etc.

    A fan can only hope that will be the last fingerprint, operationally, that Snyder will have on this team. What a dunce.

    I mean seriously, WHY? Teams will get into a mild bidding war over this dude because of the lack of talent and perceived upside (I don’t see it). So a trade was definitely possible.

    Had they not used the 5th year option, and he played lights out in 2015 lol, then Snyder would’ve had ZERO problem making him the highest paid QB in history. So when did he decide to get so frugal (saving a few million without the option) and taking such a chance on a broken down first round pick…at least get something for him.

    Good luck Griffin. You’re going to need it. Go to KC, if they’ll have you, and let Reid reignite your career like he did with Vick. #AlexSmithisterribleatpassing

  16. I remember watching a Redskins game, RG3 came out like he was a superstar about to put on a show. Lots of fanfare. Then the game started and he was awful. He acted like he was a show and was garbage!

  17. r8erjay42 says:
    Mar 7, 2016 11:09 AM
    You gave up all those picks for nothing Redskins, sad sad story… Now the Rams are gonna sign him, UGH!!!! 😆
    But the Rams have parlayed the trade into nothing……not a single playoff appearance. So, this trade can’t be compared to the Hershel Walker trade that built Dallas’ dynasty. Rams are nowhere close to a dynasty.

  18. But the Rams have parlayed the trade into nothing……not a single playoff appearance. So, this trade can’t be compared to the Hershel Walker trade that built Dallas’ dynasty. Rams are nowhere close to a dynasty.
    But they have a bunch of very good starters out of the deal. The Skins have nothing. So by default the Rams won. Not sure where a dynasty has to be the ultimate benchmark.

  19. I would think this has to be the worst trade, maybe ever. It was undoubtedly the worst trade for a draft pick. Ditka gave up his entire draft and the next year’s #1 for Ricky Williams but at least he played several season. RGMe really only had one season where he played well. The rest was pretty awful.

    Worst trade of all time? I’m not sure if it’s any worse than the Vikings giving away 50 players to get Herschel Walker. That trade ensured Dallas would be elite for many years.

  20. The Browns should be sending a fruit basket to Snyder today. Since the Redskins gave up more than the Browns, they didn’t get to draft this bust.

  21. He needs an attitude adjustment, but can still make it in the NFL if he lands with the right team and applies himself.

    If RG3 can dream it, RG3 can do it!!!

  22. You would have thought the Rams would have used that trade from the Redskins to help build a perennial playoff team.

    I wish RGIII the best. The real question is, where does he end up. There is no reason for teams like the Texans or the Rams to take a chance on him. He’s not going to get a lot of money, but he could parlay a chance into a huge contract in the right situation. I hope gets a shot.

  23. Teddy BH20’s House of Noodles says:
    Mar 7, 2016 11:15 AM
    But the Rams have parlayed the trade into nothing……not a single playoff appearance. So, this trade can’t be compared to the Hershel Walker trade that built Dallas’ dynasty. Rams are nowhere close to a dynasty.
    But they have a bunch of very good starters out of the deal. The Skins have nothing. So by default the Rams won. Not sure where a dynasty has to be the ultimate benchmark.
    Because Dallas built a dynasty off its trade. If the Redskins trade is to be labeled the worst all time, it has to elevate the Rams to Dallas’ level or beyond. If it didn’t, then it’s NOT the worst trade of all time. Simple.

  24. RG3 –

    Thank you for that miraculous 2012 season!
    You helped bring back hope to a hopeless organization. I thoroughly enjoyed the 2015 late season home finale against the eagles, of which I was in attendance.

    So happy to see you man-up and mature, albeit on the bench, this past year. You didn’t cause any ruckus about your playing time, delegated responsibility.., etc.

    Nothing but the best wishes to you and your family!


  25. The only thing Mike Holmgren did right in his tenure in Cleveland was getting his trade proposal for RGIII rejected.

  26. ….also, many of those players that the Rams drafted due to the trade won’t even be on their team for much longer. The window in the NFL in the free agent era is short. The Redskins are on a path to recovery from RG3 being a bust because they found Cousins and won the division with him. If they go on to greater things, even better.

  27. Teddy BH20’s House of Noodles says:
    Mar 7, 2016 11:15 AM
    But the Rams have parlayed the trade into nothing……not a single playoff appearance. So, this trade can’t be compared to the Hershel Walker trade that built Dallas’ dynasty. Rams are nowhere close to a dynasty.
    But they have a bunch of very good starters out of the deal. The Skins have nothing. So by default the Rams won. Not sure where a dynasty has to be the ultimate benchmark.
    Really? So the Redskins have made the playoffs twice since 2012 to the Rams none… both were home playoff games… So how much money do you think 2 playoff games generated at $100/ticket x 160,000 fans and did I mention TV revenue?

    Looks like Dan Snyder won the trade to me.

  28. it would be beyond ironic if he ends up at the rams, which is a real possibility. his release from the redskins was the best for everyone. redskins, supposedly have their franchise qb and rg3 gets to start over. the talent is still there, but he needs to be less concerned about his “brand”, and work on his craft. hes made money, he needs to go where he has the best chance to stay out of the headlines and learn. work his ass off , don’t look for the money, hope you get an opportunity late in the year to prove yourself and see what next year brings.

  29. romosmicrodongs says:


    don’t get it do you? it’s not about what the rams did with the picks. it’s what the ‘skins could have done. opportunity cost. ever take econ?

  30. The Vikings still hold on to the title of “Worst Trade in NFL History” because the Cowboys built a Superbowl team off of their draft picks while the Rams couldn’t even make the playoffs despite all the Redskin picks from the trade.

    Ironically, it should be the Vikings getting in line to pick up Griffen. He can throw more than 10 yards downfield so he already comes into camp at an advantage.

  31. come too cleveland
    this is mostly shanahans fault with bad coaching as well
    u adjust ya schemes on offense too the QB and u dont leave him out there too get drilled and miss up his knees

  32. The first people his agent should call are John Dorsey and Andy Reid, especially if Chase Daniels leaves KC. He probably won’t get to play in KC, but Andy Reid is the only coach who has successfully tutored multiple guys with his similar skill set to success in this league. Even Michael Vick had a career year under him. Sometimes it’s more about learning than trying to jump right back into the fire, something Vick said was Tony Dungy’s advice to him when he signed with the Eagles at that time, which probably extended his career because had he gone to the likes of an Oakland or Cincinnati at the time, he’d be at home right now and not still possibly on an NFL roster 5 years past his athletic prime like he is.

  33. Fans love to blame the coaches for trying to turn him into a pocket passer. But it was RGKnee and his pops who insisted on it. Only has his narcissistic self to blame. I hope he grows up and moves on to success, but I doubt it.

  34. Considering there are four teams with literal dumpster fires at QB – he won’t have a problem finding a backup role with a chance to compete.

  35. I doubt anyone here was saying that draft trade was the worst after RGIII’s rookie season… You “experts” are great at predicting the past. You know the saying – hindsight is 20/20. I’d rather criticize a move like that if we immediately know it’s wrong, like the Cleveland Browns drafting Johnny Manziel, or the Titans hiring Mike Mularkey.

    Anyways, I think if he can stay healthy, then surely he is a better option than Case Keenum, Nick Foles, Brian Hoyer, etc….

  36. what a bum. have fun sittin at home RG-ME. sure u may of apeared to be articulate but your really just a gritless, lazy looser. smh, and we thought u were one of the good ones

  37. I find the hate for this kid hard to believe. If he IS done, and I don’t know that he is, it’s all on Shanahan. He about killed this kid with his poor coaching decisions. I hope the kid can catch on somewhere and undo the Shana-damage done.

  38. I hope he can just put the past behind him and get a fresh start somewhere. He’s fun to watch when he’s healthy. He has the ability,but he needs the right situation.

  39. RGIII needs to go to a team with an established starter, but with a coaching staff vastly experienced with developing QBs. He in turn offers a dependable backup who if he gets the chance and plays well, will build a solid market for himself in a year or two.

    I could genuinely see his next stop being with a NFC North team.

  40. It is not inconceivable that a team with stability (non-interferring owner) and knows what they are doing in terms of player development (Patriots, Seattle, Green Bay, Cardinals, Steelers) could add RG3 to give him the chance to actually become a legit NFL QB now that RG3 should be humbled enough and ready to learn.

    Hopefully, he will try to chase an opportunity to be developed into a legit NFL QB and not chase a big money contract. If not, then we all know where his values are at.

  41. Ravens fan, but close enough to DC to hear all things Skins. I’ve read all the anti-RGIII comments, but you can bet your sweet bippy that you’ll see Bob back in a NFL uniform before you see Mr. J. Football, late of Cleveland.

  42. It is likely Houston and St Louis will battle it out for his services. Both are in need of a starter at QB, and why not let him compete. He has tread left on his tires, but where his knee currently stands is a good question.

    Dallas may be a suitor, but they won’t pay him anywhere near what the aforementioned two teams would likely throw his way. He would have to come very cheap to be in a Cowboys uniform in 2016. Both St Louis and Houston are desperately weak at the QB position.

    Dallas needs a backup, but it is looking like McCoy will be brought in to battle it out with Moore for the position, and he will come a lot cheaper than Griffin.

  43. The fact that the Rams wasted the draft picks is immaterial to the value the Redskins received for the picks. And the value that the Redskins received for their picks was much less than the value the Vikings received from Herschel. So yeah…it is the worst ever.

  44. 49ers bring him in to compete with Gabbert for the position. Draft a QB in round 3 or 4. Release Kap because he does not want to be in San Fran.

  45. His agent and/or dad are in his head right now advising him to accept all invitations for workouts.

    Go to Cleveland and Santa Clara, shake some hands and throw a few balls BUT there is no way that he should ever consider going to either of those trouble spots.

    Right now they are using back channels to finagle a job with one of the Texas teams. They love him in Texas.

    LA Rams would be a nice big, high profile market, they might settle for that if the Texas teams are out of reach.

  46. If he’s smart, he’ll go someplace where he can develop into a pocket passer. If he goes somewhere that needs him, he wont get the opportunity to work on relying less on his legs.

  47. I never thought I would live to see the day the Redskins could make a bigger blunder (as in more expensive) than Albert Haynesworthless, but by golly they did it. 3 first rounds picks and a 2nd round pick and we get nothing in return……NOTHING!

  48. I am a Skins fan, and I really, really, really hope he goes to the Rams. Here is what will happen.

    1. He will go to the Rams.

    2. Rams will go 8-8 or 7-9, aka “the Jeff Fisher Special”

    3. The Redskins will go 10-6 and make the playoffs.

    4. The Internet Crowd will make fun of the Redskins pointing out how superior the Rams are to the Redskins. They will go on to claim that because of a trade that happened 4+ years ago, the Redskins will be “damaged” for at least 100 more years.

    Because, you know, winning and losing is of no importance. All that counts is that you got some “imaginary victory” in a trade.

  49. I for one would support him being signed as Ben’s backup and prospective replacement. It might be too long a wait for RGIII … another three years or so I would guess.

  50. If I I were him and had choices, I would go Arizona/Dallas 1-2. No better head coach in football for Quarterbacks than Bruce Arians and RGIII could use a good one for a change.

  51. romosmicrodongs says:
    Mar 7, 2016 11:09 AM

    How can you say it’s the worst trade ever when the rams have been mediocre. The trade was a bust for both teams you vultures


    People still talking about how “bad” the trade were are missing some basic points about sports and life. Let’s just agree that RGIII didn’t pan out as well as the Redskins wanted. Granted.

    That said, winning organizations make mistakes, put it behind them, and try their best to move on and get better. That’s what the Redskins are trying to do.

    Let me ask you. Would you rather make a horrible mistake, get over it, and then become a winning team? Or, would you rather make a great trade, not take advantage of it, and continue with mediocrity?

    If you said you would rather make the great trade and continue to be medicore, then you will always be mediocre.

    Champions take risks, and sometimes those risks don’t work out, but then they keep trying.

    Think about pro golfers vs. duffer golfers. The duffer hits a bad drive, becomes unglued, and the entire round goes downhill. The pro golfer hits a bad drive, stays calm and grinds his way to par, saves the hole, then moves on to the next.

    You people talking about “winning a trade” like it’s the end all be all are missing a fundamental aspect about sport.

  52. One of the worst trades in the history of ever. Think of where the Skins could be if they had held on to all those draft picks.

  53. It’s the Subway curse. Ever since they got rid of the $5 footlong all their spokespeople have hit the skids.

  54. As a Ram’s fan since 1977 I can tell you clearly that neither team got ANYTHING out of that trade.

    Leadership matters….and both organizations SUCK…..

  55. All of you blind haters!!!!!…..It may have been one of the worst trades ever but……The Redskins finished in 1st in their division and landed a playoff birth…..How did your team do with all of those picks you have????

  56. remember21 says:Mar 7, 2016 10:52 AM

    RGIII is a good dude that was largely misrepresented.

    Talk about revisionist history. Bob was a me me me player, throwing teammates and coaches under the bus and never taking the blame. He went over the coaches’ head to whine to the owner. The clearest indication was when offensive linemen did not block as hard for him as they did for Cousins.

  57. This nice kid, who had a handle (RG3) tailor made for this generation’s media never had a chance. First thinks first, all of these run option QB’s get torched sooner or later. cam’s turn is coming. The only reason he’s survived this long is that he’s bigger than the other run around guys.

    But predicting him the next big thing and having the cute name was too delicious for folks to resist. He was never a serious QB option for this league. Nor was Vick. Too breakable.

  58. So when Bob’s wife files for divorce when the cash flow stops and she takes everything, will the lemming redskins fans who bought all of Bob’s wedding gifts try to sue and regain possession of the items?

  59. Best of luck to RG3…To all of you redskin haters… with Scott McCloughan as GM, it won’t be long before they dominate the NFC East and become serious playoff contenders. His eye for talent is excellent. Eg. 49ers during Harbaugh and Seahawks during Carroll.

  60. The Panthers should snap this guy up. At lease he has shown he’s not too much of a coward to try and recover a fumble. The Bengals would be wise to consider him as well. He has already won as many playoff games as Dalton and has fewer losses.

  61. “….The Ravens should bring him in as a backup. ”

    …and he’s not going to a team where he has no chance of starting. Not when there are teams like San Francisco, Houston, and Cleveland where he could start.

  62. It’s almost like there’s a lesson to be learned here about having a psychopath owner with a history of antagonizing and vilifying his own players.

  63. This Browns fan felt like we dodged a huge bullet with Snyder outbid Holmgren, both then, and now. But that just set us up to draft Johnny. So, nothing to gloat about here.

  64. Not sure what should hurt more – the loss of draft picks the Redskins gave up to draft RGIII, or the fact the Rams couldn’t improve their team with the wealth of picks they received from the trade. At least the Redskins got a division title and RGIII got ROY. The Rams got……still waiting for the payoff from all those picks.

  65. I always found it strange when as a rookie he ran up to veteran Romo after the Redskins had just beaten the Cowboys to give him a pep talk and advise him not to listen to the media. He also never learned to avoid the big hits. He refused to come out of games when he was too hurt too play. Coach shanahan didnt help matters by letting him stay in the game.

  66. It’s about time that they let that poor guy go so both he and the Redskins can move on. Honestly, I thought this was a done deal already. Anyway, I wish him only the best. I have a feeling he had more than enough time to do some soul searching (especially these past 2 seasons), which hopefully will get him back on the right track! Best of luck to you, Robert!

  67. I wish him luck…….finding the film room. He obviously never saw the inside of one in DC. Hopefully for his sake he learned how much mental preparation is required.

  68. If he doesn’t get injured in the Seahawks game Shanhan is still the coach. The ultimate problem RG3 and his circle namely his father could not be convene his legs along with the read option would have given him time to develop as a passer. Sure wish Cam would have shown him the way much earlier. Wishing you the best in the AFC, NFC WEST, Just stay out of the NFC EAST. HTTR!!

  69. Thanks bradygirl12 for seeing the “big picture”, I totally agree! and jimmysee, yes, that would be a smart move for the Bears, but the Bears are not smart when it comes to QB. I mean, really.

  70. But… but… didn’t that LogicalVoice clown tell us RGMe was the greatest QB of all time and that he was going to take the Skins to the SuperBowl??? Hmmm… I guess maybe LV got released, too…. Another “good riddance!”

  71. Without the threat of run…..RGIII is done…

    If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit!

  72. You know, for all the folks on here saying that the Rams didn’t make anything of the trade and at least the Redskins made the playoffs twice, I think you have to understand that during that time, the Redskins only won 26 games during the regular season.

    The Rams, on the other hand, won 27.

    I think the Rams can hold their heads high with that kind of record.

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