Titans trading for DeMarco Murray


The Titans are finalizing a trade for Eagles running back DeMarco Murray, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Monday.

Murray’s representation at Sports Trust Advisors confirmed the trade via Twitter, saying Murray will get a new contract from the Titans.

The Eagles spent Monday paving the way for the organization to rid itself of ex-coach Chip Kelly’s players. A deal was also set up that will send linebacker Kiko Alonso and cornerback Byron Maxwell to the Dolphins.

Trades can officially be made Wednesday, the first day of the league year.

Murray signed a five-year, $40 million contract with the Eagles last year after he led the NFL in rushing with the Cowboys in 2014. A year after rushing for 1,845 yards, he ran for 713 yards last season with the Eagles.

Murray, who just turned 28, was a third-round pick of the Cowboys in 2011. With the Titans he’ll presumably be atop the depth chart in front of young running backs Antonio Andrews and David Cobb.

83 responses to “Titans trading for DeMarco Murray

  1. Wednesday (the actual day this can happen) can’t come quick enough for DeMarco is my guess…….

  2. Noooo! This is going to suck unless Gus comes up with some way to stop up the middle besides Poz–he can’t do everything on his own.

  3. If Fletcher Cox is not signed to an extension five minutes after these trades go through on Wednesday, I will drink more Mad Dog 20/20 than PFT Commenter has in his entire life in one single sitting

  4. Roseman not wasting any time. One thing for sure, they are on a much faster path to cleaning up the mess than I thought possible.

    Eagles may now even be in a position (depending on if/how much salary they are picking up) to be major FA players, and have plenty of money to lock up Cox

    From a guy that never been a big Roseman fan, major Kudos so far

  5. Clearing a ton of cap space moving guys that
    A. Don’t fit the switch to a 4-3 (Alonso)
    B. Don’t want to be here (Murray)
    C. Grossly overpaid (Maxwell)
    On paper, these are great moves.

  6. Congrats DeMarco! Your chances of winning a Lombardi trophy just increased dramatically. Also you no longer have to live in that dump called Philadelphia.


  7. the team should trade the entire FILTHadelphia fanbase.

    The most obnoxious, clueless, and moronic in the league………..after the Patriots fanbase

  8. Howie Roseman is a witch….

    How did this guy unload two of the worst contracts in the history of the franchise in one day. They said it couldn’t be done…they didn’t know Roseman!

  9. As an Eagles fan, I have no bad feelings for DeMarco….Chip gets rid of Shady for a “put a foot in the ground” runner….and yet Chip has him run to the sidelines…

  10. It actually makes sense for both sides. Titans are terrible and have a lot of cap room. Better to use it on Murray than to overpay a free agent to come to TN. For the Eagles, a huge win to get out of that contract.

  11. Redskins, Gmen, and cowboy fans don’t agree on much…but we all miss Chip Kelly the GM in philly already.

  12. This day keeps getting better. One guy hands out a bunch of terrible long-term contracts and not a even a year later his successor gets the franchise out of both of them. Gotta give Howie props for this one.

  13. Wonder where Derrick Henry will be drafted now.
    Someone may get a steal.
    As bad as my Bears need Defense and OL they might be tempted to grab him in the 2nd round.

    His running style would work very well playing 8 games a year in Chicago and another in Green bay.

  14. To the idiots calling yhe eagkes a joke…. you are clearly the joke. The eagles are getting things done. Repairing for the kelley fiasco faster than i thought. They deserve credit right now. This eagkes team could be good next year depending on FA and the draft

  15. Hmmm… Murrays contract was terrible, but I was kind of hoping to see what he could do for Philly with a new offense that might actually be designed around his running instead of trying to make him something he isn’t like Chip did. Interesting…

  16. Cleaning up after Chip is like cleaning your garage: It’s dirty and a whole lot of work but the only way to do it right is all at once.

  17. Chip was such a genius that everything he did now has to be undone in order for the team to be successful. I’m still laughing at how many people got taken for a ride in Chip’s clown car.

  18. Is it out of the question that the Maxwell/Alonso trade to Miami was for a 1st round pick swap sending the Iggles to 8th overall, then trading the 8th and Murray for the Titan’s 1st overall?

    Too much to hope for, but if true, do the birds get Goff or Wentz?

  19. Clearing a ton of cap space moving guys that
    A. Don’t fit the switch to a 4-3 (Alonso)
    B. Don’t want to be here (Murray)
    C. Grossly overpaid (Maxwell)
    On paper, these are great moves.


    Literally Alonso is a 4-3LB, and was just traded to a 4-3 team, in addition his best NFL season was in a 4-3, Also everyone plays nickel now anyway. May have injury history, but for his price, WELL WELL worth it.

    Do you think the problem is Murray who had an 1800 yard season? or the team that couldn’t get 1000 out of him?

    Maxwell was grossly overpaid, but now hes on a 1 year prove it deal, thanks to the eagles who paid almost all of his guaranteed money. score!

  20. I hope the 49ers kick the Eagles’ butts the next time the two teams play. This is looking like a very personal shot at Chip by Howie or Howie’s effort to look like Joe Banner.

  21. I sense something to be afoot here.. He not only gets a new contract done immediately upon said trade, but he actually sought out the Titans himself after receiving permission to seek the trade. The same Titans team to finish the year with the most sacks given up & 25th in rushing, which Marcus Mariota definitely helped prop up a bit. I get that they have lots of young guys up front, but DeMarco isn’t getting any younger as a downhill, pounding type of RB that typically doesn’t have career longevity on their side.. I smell Jerry Jones somewhere in this mess.

  22. Why do teams keep bailing the Eagles out of their bad personnel blunders?

    Everytime Philly wants to unload a player, they always always always find a sucker to oblige……. Why?

  23. Iknowitall says:
    Mar 7, 2016 7:37 PM
    the team should trade the entire FILTHadelphia fanbase.

    The most obnoxious, clueless, and moronic in the league………..after the Patriots fanbase
    Most NFL fans would disagree and put the Patriots and Eagles fanbases a distant 2nd and 3rd, behind the historically obnoxious, clueless, and tasteless green bay packer fans.

  24. Had him on my fantasy team last year and he has lost a step. Ryan Mathews was a lot quicker through that hole last year. And Sproles was still the best RB on the team.

  25. Piece-by-piece: OC Robiskie will turn Six-Foot-Six DGB into a Julio Jones-style thumper WR and will design some good run-schemes for Murray. Now that Sensabaugh/Wreh-Wilson have been demoted (Thank The Lord!), Titans will be in-the-hunt with the Texans. Minimum 9-7 record for 2016 🙂

  26. “He runs like molasses in July”????? Some people are just weird. Weird to take the time to post that. Also a terrible metaphor. Wouldn’t molasses run faster in July because it’s hot. Wouldn’t it be a better metaphor if you said January? I make fun of him and then I take time to post this?

  27. I just hope that Pederson gets a reasonable amount of time in Philly. I hate gets rid of a coach, then the next team only gives the guy 2 seasons to get it right.

    It is going to take one season to clean up the Chip Kelly mess, (it seems like they aren’t wasting any time getting to that) put in his scheme, and acquire players that can learn, then thrive in it.

  28. My question is … Is there any dead money and what’s the salary cap implication of these deals…. Skins Fans want those dirty birds to suffer!

  29. Lol at Eagles fans saying the GM ‘dumped the bad contacts’

    This isn’t the NBA or MLB, you guys are still going to end up with MILLIONS in dead money.

    But solid job in getting low draft picks instead of outright having to cut players.

  30. It’s not saying much but he’s better than any RB on the Titans roster now. We’ll see how the contract restructuring goes and what picks they give up but this is a low risk, high reward trade for the Titans.

  31. What exactly are the Eagles doing? If they’re trying to bottom-out then why sign Bradford? He’s not good, but he’s not going to lose you enough games to get a top 3 pick….but if you want to win then trading someone like Murray isn’t a good idea. He fit terrible in Chip’s system, but he didn’t suddenly get bad…

  32. Thank god … now I do not have to listen to the terrible Merril Reese and hideous Rhea Hughes refer to him as Demarco Merry again this year.

  33. The Eagles don’t want to be outdone by Cleveland & the Redskins in the incompetent dept….they want their recognition too damnit…hahahahaha!!!

  34. Chip Kelly is a fool, the Eagles are deep at RB with out Murray huge contract, why he signed Demarco for a huge contract to play in a system that doesn’t fit his skill set is a mystery……Good move by the eagles, get rid of unnecessary contract and free up some cap space to bring in players on defense and WR….

  35. How did that Dallas Cowboys O-line do in the run game after DeMarco left town?

  36. maybe the Eagles next move is to get Vince Papale to come out of retirement…..

  37. skins fans have a little taste of winning and pump their chest out. How cute. Congrats on winning a division when every team is awful. Can’t wait til you beat somebody with a winning record.

  38. Not even an Eagles fan here but props to the new front office for swinging wide and deep to clean up the mess Chip made of that team. I thought they’d be bottom dwelling for at least the next 4 years after all of Chip’s lunacy but at this rate they may actually have a fighting chance the season after this one. Especially with the Cowboys and Giants appearing to be going nowhere anytime in the foreseeable future.

  39. Strange trade for the Titans. Murray is going to continue declining, which is something people tried to tell Philly fan a year ago. Players who get that many carries in a year are never the same. Nothing is going to fix that. Kudos to Howie Roseman for at least getting rid of the Chip disaster players. Now, he has to draft, which hasn’t gone so well for him in the past.

  40. I don’t know how much cap room they are really clearing with all these deals.

    Of course in future years they’ll have a lot more, but they are going to be taking quite a few hits in 2016 space for it.

    Remember, all that signing bonus money that was spread out over the years of the deals will now hit all at once THIS year.

    So these deals are going to massively decrease the space they have this year and on the flip side give them a massive amount more in the years ahead.

    They are taking their lumps right now with a first year coach. It’s smart. Come 2017 they’ll have a better sense of where they want to go with the new regime and have space to attempt to do it.

  41. Russ Grimm hired as Titans Oline Coach now Power Back DMurray Added. Looks Like A Poer Running Offense With Mariota Adding nice wrinkle to it

    Give it 1 more year and the Titans Should have the South Locked Up every year

  42. First Russ Grimm hired as Titans Oline Coach now Power Back DMurray Added. Looks Like A Poer Running Offense With Mariota Adding nice wrinkle to it

    Give it 1 more year and the Titans Should have the South Locked Up every year

  43. Even if these are bad contracts, and the players did not meet expectations I am curious about one thing. Who are they going to replace them with?

    The grass is not necessarily always greener on the other side.

    Could be a long year for Philly fans, but paved to a better future.

  44. everyone loves bashing howie and I too, will do so fr time to time. But the dude has got some good players during his time as eagles GM…
    Just to name a few off my head:
    jordan matthews
    fletcher cox
    b graham
    lane johnson

    Yes, there was danny watkins and malcolm smith and some bone headed FA signings like nmandi, but who didn’t think the asomga sign was a good one, AT THAT TIME!?!

    I’m giving Howie a A grade for this offseason so far! I hope perderson is as good as his mentor. time will tell.

  45. Boy im really excited about the titans. Its been a long time since we had a team worth rooting for. And i think we are headed in the right direction

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