Video featuring Brock Osweiler scuffle emerges at TMZ


As Broncos quarterback Brock Osweiler commences the process of negotiating, through agent Jimmy Sexton, with other teams perhaps interested in paying him more than the Broncos are offering, TMZ has posted a video of a Saturday scuffle outside of a Scottsdale, Arizona pizza shop.

The video begins with a woman pointing to Osweiler and saying, “He’s right here. Say it to his face.” Another woman then approaches Osweiler. He shoves her away with a forearm, somewhat forcefully. Osweiler then walks toward the second woman and says, “What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do?”

Osweiler turns and walks toward a van, carrying a gigantic pizza box. A man emerges and shoves Osweiler from behind, nearly sending him into the van. The guy who shoved Osweiler then says, “What the f–k you doing, dude? You trying to fight a chick? Get the f–k out of here.”

The first woman responds, “He’s not doing anything. He’s not doing anything.”

Osweiler wisely doesn’t engage the man, but it remains to be seen whether the NFL will take issue with Osweiler shoving away the woman who approached him.

127 responses to “Video featuring Brock Osweiler scuffle emerges at TMZ

  1. What? So was he suppose to gently ask someone to go away if they’re screaming in your face? Who cares what sex they are.

  2. This discipline society that has emerged over the last few years is super exhausting. Why does every little crappy cell phone video article end with discussing what discipline should be involved? How about none. It’s always about discipline, fines, and finger pointing now and it’s just getting so predictable and old.

  3. What you fail to report is that he’s actually seen trying to leave the area and get what looks like is friends to calm down and leave as well. #Sensationalism

  4. There is nothing to see here. Loud & possibly drunk chicks grabbing onto & annoying a guy carrying a pizza.

    It’s convenient that the video starts & stops where it does…

  5. That sure sounds like dirty pool from the Broncos. If I were Brock, I’d stare them down. The league right now is very, very interested in talking to passable starting QBs, for crying out loud. Kevin Kolb it, dude. You don’t know if you’ll ever trade this high again.

  6. Looks like he exercised pretty good judgement, as did his posse. Shady should take note. On the plus side even though the pizza box got tipped on edge it was not intercepted or fumbled

  7. The woman he nudges towards the van is his wife, trying to get her out of the fray. The guy who shoved him should be charged.

  8. Osweiller is trying to calm his friends down. He gets pushed in the back by the woman who he then pushes away. She is the aggressor.

  9. So that lady comes at his wife talking shyt and all he does is keep her away, how is he in the wrong exactly? Then that guy comes up and shoves him hard from behind? Brock should get a medal. Honestly seems like a group saw brock, started filming immediately, and went about trying to provoke the man smh smh

  10. Come on… He handled that situation pretty well. He pushed the woman because she put her hands on his back and after he did it he backed away and she was fine. Then a guy nailed him in the back and he still left.

    Only thing he could have done better is not be drinking or not be there at all. Both those options come with age and experience. He still wants to have some fun I am sure.

    I really don’t see it causing him any contract problems.

  11. thebillscouldeventuallymove says:
    Mar 7, 2016 5:31 PM
    Man the Bronco’s QBs sure know how to treat the ladies

    Aah, very right. They could take some lesson from the Steelers clearly.


  12. I hate the society we live in today. This guy should be fined or suspended for THIS? Are you kidding me? A bunch of clearly drunk women being aggressive with his wife and he pushes them out of the way to protect her and you are questioning his actions? Even insinuating that he was the aggressor is asinine. A man protecting his wife from a wild pack of overweight dogs is not news. He then very clearly diffuses the entire situation as soon as is wife is out of the fray, telling the crew he’s with to get in the van. Is there any common sense left in this world?

  13. Watching this makes me hate society even more. People know who he is and are instigating… Trying to be part of the next Sportscenter topic and hoping to get a pay day as well. Disgusting.

  14. The chubby chick that pushed him caused the crap. His pizza must have been ruined after she pushed him and the box tipped. He had every right to push her away. When the guy shoved him hard into the van, Osweiller should have beat the crap out of that jerk.

  15. I had t read this and check it out. Thought about commenting but seriously cannot stop laughing at the comments here. Just priceless….
    I thought I was funny!

  16. Pushes a woman then backs down from a guy who is 5 foot 8 inches. Really class group of QBs that come out of Denver. HGH users, sexual assaulters, salary cap cheats…..quite a crew.

  17. Someone sneaks up behind me, touches me, and I’m reacting anyway I need to to defend myself be it man or woman. Too many crazies in the world to not do so. File this under protecting himself.

  18. What is it with donkey qbs annoying and harassing women? Shoves her away with his elbow? Did he throw her out of a moving car like elway’s son did?

    Such a low-class organization. That franchise has zero class from top to bottom.

  19. Hey look, a rich famous intoxicated guy, let’s start a fight with him, then start filming, and hold it for ransom…

    Bunch of drunk people after the bars let out. His first world problem is that he is a target for this type of BS out in public.

    smh, nothing really to see here. A waste of police resources to “investigate” this.

  20. He shoves her away because she was running her mouth at, and running towards, Brock’s wife. Even TMZ made that clear.

    i have no love for the Broncos or Brock – but I fail to see how he’s in the wrong here.

  21. Nothing good happens at a pizza shop after dark. Just don’t put yourself in that situation.

  22. There’s never enough detail in these stories. Now, let’s hear more about this “gigantic pizza”…

  23. Osweiler handed that great.

    I two have relatives who both played for 10 plus years and hanging out with them in public was beyond annoying and that was way before cell phones.

  24. Wanna be extorters lol Had Brock smashed into the van and suffered injury, he’d be suing them for the $250 dollars in their bank accounts lol Oh so lame.

  25. The fat chick wearing the bed sheet push Osweiler first when he was WALKING AWAY. He handled the situation perfectly.

  26. TMZ is trash. The people that work for it would be delivering pizza if not for the fact the person that runs TMZ is also trash. I have not watched the program for years. Outside of clips that I see on sites like this, I watch nothing else they put up.

  27. Manning would have gone down like a sack of potatoes before anyone got close to shoving him.

  28. Ok. Well.. after a few different browser tries and heavy adware/malware protection levels, I was able to view this latest exclusive from TMZ…

    Looks like that place could’ve used a bit of adult supervision.

    Oh, and I’m pretty sure we’ll see lil dude that pushed Osweiler while his back was turned being fined by the NFL… or the next WWE up-and-comer… Bonus footage: the knight in shining armor “may” have got some tail after that bold move… Probably not.

    Note to the incoming Broncos’ QB millionaire: Have someone go in and get the pizza… and tell your friends to do the same thing you just did, especially when someone’s gonna “TELL IT TO YOUR FACE!”

  29. Word to the wise…
    Don’t be in the same place as drunk, skanky fat women.
    No good can come from it.

  30. He gave a second shove just barely off camera and you can hear her tumble into something, but she laid hands on him first. Maybe he’ll get to retain his civil rights on this one.

  31. This is how much of a joke the NFL has become that wvery little incident players, fans have to worry about someone being fined or suspended for stupid stuff.

    Grow up NFL you are making yourself look like WWE. Everyone already knows u blatantly fix games. Get a grip clowns.

    Im beginning to realize the NFL isnt worth my time.

    From the creepy stalkerish tactics to drug testing Kirk Cousins at his mother in laws at 645 am, to the fixed games, to the allpwing subjectivity in a catch. I have no use for these idiots anymore

  32. Pacman needs to take Brock under his wing and show him how to handle these situations.

  33. Someone should follow up with the “perpetrators” and see if they were paid off by the Broncos to start something. The same thing was suspected of the Seahawks when that woman made the false accusation of assault against Marshawn Lynch right about the time of re-negotiation time. How convenient for the Broncos that this “scuffle” comes out now. Hmmmm.

  34. Anyone who wants to make a few bucks can instigate a fight/scuffle with a celebrity and sell it to TMZ.

  35. Will be glad when someone sues and shuts down TMZ…freedom of speech doesn’t mean earning millions broadcasting slander of others

  36. I bet Jerr-uh is all over this. He probably has already offered Brock a contract to sign with the Cowboys!! Worst owner in the history of sports… How bout dem cowboys.

  37. TMZ is protected by freedom of speech, and press, I believe. Even though they are no different than Adam Schefter, CNN, or the chicks in Mean Girls.

  38. PFT forgets to mention that the fat chick was talking ish to Brock’s wife, then puts her hands on Brock and another person before Brock pushes her out of the way. I’m sorry, if someone is yelling at my wife and then puts their hands on me, it’s going to go a lot further than that.

    TMZ rightfully praises Brock for keeping his cool and keeping his group in check.

    Fat women and alcohol dont mix. They think they’re tough cuz they’re so big and can do whatever they want because technically they’re a woman.

  39. The obvious question is

    Where the F is the fall guy?????

    He is failing at his job badly right now, he should of dove in there and tackled everybody in sight so Brock could make a quick escape before the phones come out for recording!!

    you need a new Fall guy Brock, hit me up man i will work for any NFL player for a couple mill a year. I will be driver/fall guy/drug and escort tester.

  40. I could call up TMZ and tell them to follow me to a pizza shop where I’m going to pick a fight with famous person. But I’ll tell TMZ when to start rolling the video. The public will fall all over them selves. Or at least the numbskulls will.

  41. minnesotablizzard says:
    Mar 7, 2016 5:40 PM
    So sick of everyone having a video recording device in their pockets now. Orwell and Huxley would be laughing at the direction we are slipping into.
    Typical Present Day NFL Fan:
    “Orwell and Huxley? Who did they play for again?”

  42. Go figure. This incident was caused by the good knuckle dragging folks who inhabit Arizona. Osweiler obviously didn’t learn his good manners from his time in Arizona.

  43. Oh come on!!!!!!!

    The woman was blocking his way. He told her to get out of his way. What the heck is he supposed to do? Stand there waiting for her to move when she refuses????

    The woman was clearly trying to get him to do something. It would have made her money.

    Brock did the right thing…all the way. And no, I am not a broncos fan.

    Now if it were me and that guy shoved me? I would have pounded his face into the pavement.

  44. The loudmouth instigating woman being referred to as chubby by so many people just seems like karma working to me. The comments on the TMZ link were at times hilarious.

  45. “Um Peyton, this is John Elway, would you consider coming back for…um, I don’t know….maybe 4 games?”

  46. Saw the video, he does realize the toppings of the pizza are now completely shoved to one side of the box, right? He’s got to have better judgment when carrying out.

  47. Since the Patriots weren’t involved, I’m sure Goodell will let this slide. But somehow he wants to blame Brady for this. Cue Ted Wells that stiff again.

  48. That sure could have gone a lot worse. He looked like he had some alcohol in him, and still managed to avoid a situation that sure would have cost him millions and a whole lot of regret. You’ve always got to realize when you’ve got more to lose than your antagonists. Well-played, I say, but just barely.

  49. You guys have be smoking crack don’t see what big deal was,He has obliviously drunk people around him knocking around his pie.if he was in the wrong the cop would have acted

  50. When did adults become so out of control rude? Was alcohol involved?
    Nope, just two generations of giving kids everything they want with no responsibility or discipline attached, coming home to roost. And it’s gonna get worse.

  51. As a total outsider, as hard as I try to look, I can’t see how Osweiler did ANYTHING wrong there.

    He had a lotta people invading his privacy. Scarily.

    As some bother him from the front in an intense situation, a woman comes to touch him from behind. Not with bad intention, but he doesn’t see that.

    I would’ve probably acted with survival instinct and military training, and hit her in the face before even seeing who it was.

    But Osweiler just pushed her away safely with WAY less force than he had. He was emotional, angry, but controlled his nerves waaay better than I ever could’ve.

    If there was anyone who should be criticized, it was the (drunken) fans.

    Their obsessive touching, mobbing, provoking, filming, (and selling the footage) a person is not OK.

    Can’t you tell a difference between a player performing on the gridiron for your entertainment, and when he takes off the mask, and is a real person!?

  52. What was that 49er fan doing in Denver and why didn’t he wait until he got the guy in the bathroom?

  53. Smart move on Osweiler’s part not to escalate the situation. Think about your future and make smart decisions.

  54. Let’s hope goodell doesn’t make this the entire focus of the offseason.

    He has a way of doing that

  55. The inside of that pizza box surely wasn’t a pretty sight when it was eventually opened. No doubt, it was consumed by the drunk members of the crew anyway.

  56. A nasty ugly heavy set woman picked a fight outside a restaurant with the Osweiler party. She heckled them and said horrible things about the way he plays football. She and her friends had the camera ready and then sold the video to the trash TMZ. Osweiler did nothing but stick his arm out to protect his wife from getting hit. He handled the situation like a pro and kept the people looking for a fight from actually getting what they wanted. It’s such a shame that we live in a society where people behave like this to make a buck. The man was just out with his wife and friends trying to have a nice night. On the day when they should have a great time talking about his possible contract offers, they had to deal with what these scum tried to do to him.

  57. What’s funny is he broke up the cat fight and then didn’t clobber that little dude for pushing him from behind. And all the morons who commented first didn’t watch the video. He looks like a good guy now.

  58. Manning probably sent some of his hired goons to harass Osweiler for not ordering Papa Johns.

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