49ers re-sign Ray-Ray Armstrong, tender two others


The 49ers acquired linebacker Ray-Ray Armstrong late last season and liked enough of what they saw to give him a chance to make an impression on the new coaching staff.

The team announced Tuesday that they have re-signed Armstrong to a one-year deal. Armstrong was set to become a restricted free agent, but the deal allows both sides to avoid the tender process.

Armstrong had five tackles in three games as a backup linebacker and special teamer after joining the 49ers on waivers. He played 21 games for the Raiders over the last two seasons, although his most memorable moment may have come before a game in Pittsburgh last year when his interactions with a police dog briefly drew scrutiny from law enforcement.

The 49ers also announced that they have tendered linebacker Michael Wilhoite as a restricted free agent and guard Jordan Devey as an exclusive rights free agent. Wilhoite has reportedly been tendered at the lowest level, which means the 49ers could match any outside offers but would not receive draft pick compensation if he leaves.

Defensive lineman Tony Jerod-Eddie has not been tendered as a restricted free agent, although Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee reports that’s because the 49ers are working to sign him to a long-term deal.

12 responses to “49ers re-sign Ray-Ray Armstrong, tender two others

  1. Ray Ray Armstrong is a great athlete, but he is also one of the least instinctive/ most out-of-position players that I have ever seen.

    Unless he suddenly figures it out, by mid-season I suspect that he will be 49ers fans most maddening defender (if he is still on the roster at that time).

  2. He is “Ray Ray” because his Mom always had to call his name twice to get through the attention deficit.

    Lmao I’m crying.

    Just keep him away from dogs though

  3. These are the type of moves that York covets in a stellar GM like Baalke. Retaining stand outs like Jordan “The Human Turnstile” Devey and never Pro-Bowler Ray-Ray Armstrong. This is how you stay in the basement people, watch and learn.

    With the quality of O-linemen, D-Linemen, CB and WR in this years’ free agency and draft expect Trent Baalke to select none of them as he saves money for the petulant Boy King atop his sky box in that hideous new stadium while selecting roster cast offs and players coming off multiple knee injuries.

    In classic double-speak watch how the Niners “win with class” by losing without it.

    The Yorks have deliberately ruined our once proud and great franchise.

  4. There was celebration when the Raiders got rid of this trash. Not only did he SUCK in coverage but he was also recklessly diving into piles all the time, to make it look like he was actually in the play.

    He actually injured his own player, Nate Allen, by jumping into a pile and landing on his knee.

    This guy is a clown and garbage all around.

  5. In case you haven’t noticed, Ray Ray finished last year with the 49ers. Like many others they’re not guns blazin’ (at least yet, seems they’re letting others empty their bullets so they can get who they want). This is ado about nothing. Ray Ray is a low contract number for a player who may not even make the 53. This is just turning over every stone, a glorified camp invite onto the 90 man off season roster, if you will. He has nothing on Gerald Hodges.

  6. And Jordan Deven makes 600k. He was tendered, simply meaning contracted that way the 9ers control him and will give him an off season look with a better coaching staff. He won a SB in NE as a marginal player, he’s played decent for them, it’s a matter of pulling that out for the 9ers. His salary is so small that it doesn’t even count against the cap (top 51 do). Every team does in house stuff, games aren’t win in the off season. Of the biggest acquisition spenders lastbyeat, only the Jets had a winning record. The draft, UFA, and the offseason are one giant capsule, looking at each with tunnel vision will stunt your awareness of how GMs operate.

  7. It was amazing how often he was out of position or just missed tackles. i was so glad when the Raiders let him go. have fun in SF

  8. The 49ers acquired linebacker Ray-Ray Armstrong late last season and liked enough of what they saw

    So who was left that liked what they saw?

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