Bears WR Jeffery signs franchise tender

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Bears wide receiver Alshon Jeffery has signed his franchise player tender, the Bears announced Tuesday.

The franchise tag puts Jeffery’s 2016 salary of $14.599 million on the team’s cap as the league year opens Wednesday. The Bears announced a day before last week’s deadline that they’d be using the tag on Jeffery to keep him off the open market.

Jeffery and the Bears can still negotiate a long-term contract through July 15. If the sides don’t reach a new deal, he’ll play this season for $14.599 million and again be eligible for free agency next winter.

Signing the tender means Jeffery is required to attend mandatory team offseason events.

Jeffery, who just turned 26, missed seven games due to injury last season but had recorded more than 2,500 receiving yards over the previous two seasons. He has 24 touchdown catches in his four-year career.

7 responses to “Bears WR Jeffery signs franchise tender

  1. Guy is a stud. I don’t care about all that missed game stuff, if Bears had something to play for, he would be ready.

  2. If both AJ and Kevin White can be on the field this year together, they might actually show some signs of life on the offense. Still need a lot of help on the defensive side of the ball, primarily the LB positions. PLEASE, PLEASE end the Shea at LB experiment, he is awful

  3. There’s a lot of chatter that Alshon was upset when the Bears dealt Brandon Marshall, doesn’t really like Chicago and would rather play closer to home (i.e. somewhere in the Southeast). I’ve seen enough of Ryan Pace to know that he will get rid of ANYONE who is not on board – regardless of production or talent level – so I am interested to see how hard of a line Alshon and his agent will take when it comes to a long-term deal. I would say at this point it’s about 75/25 that this is Alshon’s final season as a Bear, which is a shame because they have hit on so few of their draft picks in recent years and he was one of them.

  4. With Calvin retiring, would the franchise number have gone down? Or is it set in place for the season?

  5. Solid move. Jeffery hasn’t been great yet but he has been very, very good when healthy and I think he definitely has the potential to be great. He and White could be a heck of a tandem if White is healthy, and he should be.

    If Bennet decides to get on board, and if the Bears elect to keep him, the Bears will likely have the best WR/TE combo in the NFCN.

    My oh my, how quickly things can turn in today’s NFL.

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