Cowboys announce Romo had surgery, 6-8 weeks recovery


Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo’s surgery was a success.

The Cowboys announced this evening that Romo underwent surgery on his left clavicle and will need a recovery period of six to eight weeks before he can begin football activities. That would suggest Romo should be ready to go for minicamp.

As always, the Cowboys termed the surgery “successful.” We’ve still yet to see a team describe a player’s surgery as “unsuccessful.”

The surgical procedure shaved down the collarbone that Romo broke twice last season, in an attempt to make it less susceptible to future injuries. The Cowboys desperately want to keep Romo healthy: Over their last 36 games, the Cowboys are 17-5 with Romo and 1-13 without him.

19 responses to “Cowboys announce Romo had surgery, 6-8 weeks recovery

  1. Does anyone have a medical explanation for how shaving the collarbone makes it less susceptible to injury? That really seems counter-intuitive; you’d think that shaving the bone would make it weaker.

  2. Wow! With the exception of mongo, the rest of you post like you are in the 5th grade…..smh…
    Such comments over someone who had surgery!!!! You should be ashamed of yourselves, hiding behind that keyboard….geez

    Get healed soon, Tony 🙂

  3. joeconnor, you do not fit into the ridiculous comments, along with mongo!

  4. Should have had it weeks ago to maximize recovery and rehab time after having broken it multiple times.

    Leaving no cushion time is risking it not being fully healed and breaking yet again.

  5. @ctiggs,

    Irony at its best – a niners fan attempting to bash any other team’s QB situation. Johnny Manziel would improve your QB situation, and you are going to need all the help you can get with smoothie king Chip Kelly as your next HC.

    Talk about tour losing season – 2016 will prove the niners yet again will be the whipping boy of the NFC.

    Try again, bro, but you are going to have to try a LOT harder next time, Orville. 😂

  6. 99% of the people that commented should be on tmz, not the nfl… I wouldn’t drink a beer with with if u paid for all of them and bought me a steak… Sad That these are our “fans” saying a surgery is “bad” clueless… Maybe ‘dancing with the stars’is a better ‘sport’ for you and your wife.

  7. Tony Romo is a good dude; but for his future quality-of-life, he needs to hang it up. Dallas is NOWHERE close to Superbowl-ready and are honestly the third best team in the NFC East behind the Redskins and Giants……and I’m a Cowboys fan.

  8. Stud QB. Bum shoulder. It’s too bad really when body says…. NO. Still wish them luck.

  9. The Dallas Cowboys story is nothing but a series of B quality reruns… with ZERO changes.

    It’s like a BAD LMN. Everybody knows what’s coming next… and how it’s going to end. WHY? Because we’ve watched the same movie with a different title… over and over and over and over.

    Somebody… turn the page… start a different chapter… do SOMETHING other than the SAME… OLE… STUFF.

  10. Curious as to why he didn’t get the surgery done earlier – like after he injured it again last season. He could have taken more time to heal and not feel rushed by a timetable.

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